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What do you like to see your cat do?!.

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I could watch my two sleep all day or anyones cat sleep for that matter, because they look so peaceful and i always think "who could harm them when they look so innocent?".

I love it when Rosie lies on her back where she washes one paw, then switches over and washes the other, then switches back again, doing this several times

And i've never seen Rosie do this but if i'm eating something, Sophie stares at me and licks her lips like we would do if we saw anything nice to eat, and it's not as if she's hungry either!

I love it when Sophie licks around her mouth after she's finished eating as well. I know all cats do it but her tongue seems huge for such a little thing
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i love it when i see socks suckling on his comfort blankie and when he walks round with it in his mouth i think that is soo sweet.
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I too love to watch my boys sleep, although Samwise can get into some of the weirdest positions. They just look so peaceful.

I like it when the stretch out right after sleep, first creating that humped look then stretching long.

It always makes me smile when their butts start wiggling just before they get ready to pounce.

I like it when I catch them doing something their not supposed to do and they give me that angelic look.
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I love it when Dori lays on her back with her paws sticking up in the air, she is sooo cute

I also like to see her carrying her toys arounds. I think it's cute the way she holds them and runs around.

I also like to watch her sleeping in her kitty bed.

It's hard to pick just a few things..... She's so cute at everything she does
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Yes the last one as well,catching them doing something they shouldn't be doing, like last night when i found a leaf which had been bitten of my artificial spider plant on the stairs, and both looked at me as if to say "it wasn't me!".

I think it was Sophie because she's bit all the baby spiders off the plant and Rosie never touches them!
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I love to see mine playing together and grooming each other. I also love to see them snuggling and/or playing with the puppies.

In a household as large as mine, harmony makes me happiest - discord can always break out at the drop of a hat!!
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Oh god yes! Rosie grooming Sophie, how could i forget that one
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I love watching mine try to catch a fly in the house. Its amazing how high they can jump straight in the air. Or catch the bugs on the outside of the doors.

I also like to watch Sam when hes trying to sneak around to do one of his forbidden activities--such as lay in the cabinet on the clean dishes. He slinks low to the ground looking to see if I will catch him. At any noise he jumps and runs off to play innocent.
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I love when Zoey & Saki groom each other.. it is the sweetest cutest thing I've ever seen

I also love when Zoey lays on her back and chatters with me

I love when Saki does his 'poop and run' out of the litterbox He goes CRAZY all over the house after he does his business.. running like a nut!
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I love to see Pebbles and Tara washing each others faces, and Buttons and Felix lying asleep with their arms round each other. I love to see the four of them all eating together and sometimes making a circle round something to look at it, and all four noses are on the ground. In fact I could just watch them for hours on end, if only everything else didn't get in the way.
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Although I don' t like flies in the house, I love watching him chase them!

I love it when I come home and he rolls on his back like a puppy.

I like the look of appreciation when I give him some special treat.
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I really love when some of my cats snuggle together for a nap , aaaww that looks sooooo cute . Or if they sleep on their back and show their belly I just want to give some scritches on the belly , but I know better then to do this . Mostly I love when they snuggle with me
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Buddy cracked me up, this afternoon. He was laying on the couch, with a fly buzzing around his head. Buddy just swiveled his head, watching the fly go 'round and round, making no attempt to catch it. Buddy is not a bugcatcher - he's never been able to catch one.

Bill told Buddy that he was a lazy slug. Right then, Buddy began squeaking for food. I told Bill that Buddy is smart - bugs are too much effort, for too little return. Besides, given the choice between eating a bug or eating turkey, which would YOU choose?
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Originally Posted by Cilla
sometimes making a circle round something to look at it, and all four noses are on the ground.
My cats do this four cornered prey watch thing too, poor snakes don't have a chance, bugs either... it's cute to watch them working together but kind of unnerving sometimes. LOL!
I like to watch my cats being cats. anything they do it pretty much something that makes me smile..
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Oh gosh, I have many things I love to see Sash do.

1. I love to see him do his little quick runs, since he doesn't play or move that much anymore, anytime he does I get so over joyed.

2. When he lays on his back and let's me see his furry belly.

3. When he snuggles with me at night

4. When he sits like a statue and just stares at me when I'm doing something, so beautiful.

5. When he gives me a head nod when I talk to him.

6. His little chirping/meowing.

7. When he cuddles with my boyfriend.

8. When he's waiting for me at the door.

9. When he brings me his cat charmer toy and cries real loud.

10. Just seeing him feeling so happy and contented

I know I have too many things I love to see my boy do!

Lisa & Sash
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I love it when Summer gives a head butt then proceeds to flop down and roll over for a belly scratch

I also love it when she comes up to either my boyfriend or me in our desk chairs she stands on her back feet and with one paw on our leg she'll reach with the other paw to touch our arms....begging for attention....this is SOOOOOO cute that she will always get plenty of love after doing this.

I also like it when she licks my hand when petting her.....I also LOVE hearing her purr

guess i'm biased to think tha most of what she does is cute!
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I love watching them sleep, especially when they are dreaming.

I love Sphinx's mad dash from his litter box.

I love Kuce's rolling on her back when she's awake - it's just adorable.
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Opie, cussing out the dogs. He will sit in the window, while they're outside and taunt them into jumping up and acting stupid. Then, he will yowl, hiss, growl and swat at the window, which only drives them crazier.

Rowdy, getting Bill to take off his socks, so that she can roll up in them and get a blissed-out lok on her face.
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I love to hear them snore - as long as they snore softly, as these two usually do when they snore. (My first cat snored so loud, I could hear him from 50 feet away!)

I won't say I love it when this next happens, but I am very amused by it. That is when Purdy jumps at the glass door and tries to scare off a raccoon, who has come begging for food. (This just happened again about ten minutes ago.) Since I feed the cats near the glass slider, the raccoons can see the food from there, and of course they want some, too.

I am also amused by the way Red Cat tries to tell me when it is time to go to bed. And when he thinks I should be in the sewing room instead of at the computer. (The sewing room is where his little bed is, as well as all their toys, scratching pads, etc.)
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I love the way Sierra immediately hops up on my chest to snuggle up to go to sleep as soon as I get in bed , when she greets me at the door when I get home, when she decides my hand, face, arm...needs grooming , when she reads my mind and knows what I'm getting ready to do before I do it! Everytime she poops she jumps out of the box and charges into the other other room!(Guess what I did, Mommy!) If I'm on the phone, she makes a spectacle of herself because she's not the absolute center of attention, headbutting me, jumping up as high as she can get and talking really loud! When she tells me she wants some of my lima beans by grabbing the spoon that's in my hand with her paw! When she lies on her side and streeeeches with her arms and legs as far as she can reach while she rolls over to the other side! When I'm upset she comes and loves, loves loves all over me! I love absolutely everything about my sweet Sierra!
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I like watching patches and alley snuggling together,they look so cute
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Originally Posted by GrayKittenLove
I like it when the stretch out right after sleep, first creating that humped look then stretching long.

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