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Mute cat!?!

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Well, I know he's not fully mute cause when he wants in he'll let you know. But alot of times i'll notice my cat will try to meow and nothing comes out. It happens ALOT. It happened with his mom alot when she was a kitten but got over it fast.

I really like for my cats to talk to me and I know he's trying! Just nothing comes out! Is there any reason for this? Anyway to help him out?

Like I said, if he gets left outside when everyone goes to work, he'll come to my window and go at it, talking loud and clear till I wake up :P just when he's inside and i'm petting him, or he wants food, etc.
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It could be anything, he could just be genetically disposed to have a lost meow. He could have eaten something that rasped his throat, he could have the beginnings of a URI- it is hard to say-
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I think that is really cute on a cat . I had a cat like that and did the same thing , no meow what so ever . But if he needet to ,he could meow . Some cats are just like that and is nothing wrong with him at all . He is just not a talker .
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Willow is a "mute" too, but she doesn't actually try to meow. The only time she'll make a sound is if she's annoyed. Poke her too long, and she'll growl. Try to clip her nails, and she starts up with a sound that sounds like a turkey gobble (seriously). Sometimes she sounds like she's giving me a meow, like when I'm trying to clip her back feet, and she suddenly kicks out with the foot and gives a "aaaaoooooowwwww" (but its kind of high pitched and also quiet, hard to explain) that sounds sort of complainy.

So... She'll only make sounds when she's mad or upset, and she never makes a sound when she's happy. I've never heard her purr in her life, and the only time she meowed was when she was outside (and it was mom who heard it). I have heard her do that warbling sound when she sees birds outside (you know, when their whiskers perk up and they start gargling)
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So it's probably nothing serious? it's been going on for a little while. I meant to ask the vet about it last time we went, but totally slipped my mind. I hope he gets over it like his mom.

I guess if somebody has a cat that meows like my oldest, they'd say I was lucky :P
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If that cat did meow in the bginning and is not now then I would go to the vet to make sure it is ok . But if the cat really never did meow it can be very norman for the cat .
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