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Kitty Cold?

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Just a few questions:

1) Can a cat overcome a cold, as can a human? (My cat seems to have begun sneezing every now and then--when he normally does not.)

2) What are the chances of a single, indoor-only cat catching a cold, if the FVRCP vaccine isn't given/ updated?

3) My cat is 21-months-old and was exposed to the Coronavirus at 12 months (it turned into FIP for the new kitten, his half-sister, who originally had it). Is there a chance that any cold symptoms could be indicating FIP activity? (I know... People will say, "There could always be a chance."

Thank you,

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FIP is a nasty thing...and if you've had one cat it is definately possible. But the diagnosis is extremely hard sometimes.

He could have allergies, he could have something else going on too.

I would call your vet and ask him what he suspects, besides FIP. And what you should look for, and if he/she wants to take a look at the kitty.

I wouldn't dwell on FIP...but since you have the past occurrance and the primary exposure already...it is sadly not an extremely remote possibility.

Check the simple stuff first...don't over complicate matters.

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Simon was at the vet this past Sat. to get final FIP-related bloodwork. (We're still waiting on the Coronavirus titre and heartworm results, but everything else came back just fine.) I heard him sneeze once last night and twice tonight. I'm keeping close tabs on him. (No watery eyes, runny/stuffy nose, etc. at this time; his appetite is still good.)

My understanding of FIP is that very few cats (ultimately, 2-5% of the feline population) develop it. Just because a cat is exposed to the Coronavirus does not mean that s/he will develop FIP (just as not everyone exposed a cold virus will develop a cold). Granted, some strains of the virus are said to be much more invasive. All I can do is keep close tabs on his health, continue giving him goldenseal (to keep his immune system at its peak), and pray that he makes it to age 2 without developing any FIP symptoms.
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