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Is she getting close?? - Page 2

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Just curious. what changes did you notice in her today or yesterday?
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actually I noticed nothing different.....when we went outside she was laying on the back of the couch so I didnt even think twice about going outside. I checked her backside all day and I did not see any discharge or anything to tell me she lost her mucus plug.
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That's strange..lol. Interresting at the same time too
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yeah and it was soooo cool Im guessing she is done the last one was delivered at 9:54 pm and it is now 11:05 pm and she is resting. I have pics already
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her tummy is still really tight....if this means anything. I remember after my kids were born my tummy wasnt tight so I don't know.
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I can't remember if Sherbert's (the cat I had a few years ago) tummy was still tight after she finished or not..it could just be the uterus contracting back down to it's normal size...I have no idea.lol.
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me either lol Im just glad it finally happened her tummy looked like it was gonna burst right open the poor little thing... She sure is a great mommy. I did have to help when the third one was born she was so worn out so I had to dry it off but she took care of the placenta.

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OMG!!! They are so adorable!!!!!!! I can't wait to have mine here!!! Congrats to you, and give pumpkin a tasty treat and a cuddle for me!!!!
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I certainly will......she so deserves it......I had a steak dinner after mine were born and I only gave birth to one at a time lol
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Ok small update here....I went to bed about 2 this morning and to my surprize when I got up she has 4 little babies. When I get a pic of the fourth one I will post it.
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Awesome!!!!! That is so cool! Way to go Pumpkin!
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