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Is she getting close??

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Well our story is like this...we have let a pregnant momma into our lives because a long time friend of mine was finacially unable to take care of her and of course that is why she was not fixed. I am unsure of her due date or time of conception. She has been in our kids playhouse on my deck all day, taking small eating breaks then laying right back down. She refuses to stay in the house (my carpet took the brunt of that with a 6 inch patch she shredded trying to get out) She is the most lovey thing I have ever had. I had lost our cat a few months ago after having her for 10 years. Pumpkin for the last couple days has tried to meow and either it is very faint or nothing at all. She is right around a year old and has always been a very skinny kitty. I called our vets office today and he is out of town for a family emergancy till at least Thursday and I prefer to only see him as he has been the family vet for 15 years. She will eat a bit then lay back down.

After reading all the threads I could find on the subject I was hesitant to post. YES she will be getting fixed so please there is no need to make a post about that....and so will the kittens who already have very loving homes to go to. YES I am aware she needs to be inside but it just isnt what she wants and my carpet can second that one.

Here is a picture I took of her an hour ago to show her condition at the present time.

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer at this time. She is just adorable and we have already fallen in love with her.
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That blankie is her favorite and I have made a nesting box for her with lots of blankets. I have covered all of the windows to the house with the door window open.
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Welcome to the forum. Pumpkin looks gorgeous....perhaps once she has her kittens and is fixed..we can assist you on turning her into an inside kitty.

Plus..and I know you know this already..but do not let Pumpkin back outside until she is spayed. I had a friend whose cat kept getting out once her kittens were weaned and she would get pregnant again...so plan to keep her indoors once her kittens are born.

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Here is another post I found..if you scroll down...there is a really good post about labor and delivery.


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She is a beauty- and she is safer inside then outside. If there is some way to keep her contained in the playhouse until the kittens are born, that would be the best. Otherwise, she will vanish once she is getting ready to have the kittens because she needs to find a dark safe place away from the tomcats and other dangers that threaten her kittens. It is instinct that will drive her away, and she will only return for food.

That being said, some cats do not do well in captivity. You can see my thread about The Day of the Orange Cyclone in the strays and ferals forum. So providing her with several places she can have her kittens- overturned boxes with soft padding inside, an empty stryofoam cooler, turned upside down, weighted with a hole carved in it- and other places might convince her to stick around. Start feeding her canned food and kitten food right now, even kitten glop would be good to convince her the area is a great place to stick around in. Feed her about 5-6 times a day if you can, provide her with fresh water and hope you will be fortunate enough to see the newborns. But really unless you contain her, that chance is really slim.

I am sorry you felt hesitant to post because our members are so pro spay and neuter. But you have to understand, most of us rescue or volunteer, or just have been here long enough to know that this is one problem that will not go away any time soon- I am proud to belong to such a community that has that care and committment towards this serious issue.
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Welcome to TCS

Thank you for taking that very pretty cat in , most people would not do that . I am sorry I really can not say if she is close to giving birth or not , it is hard to tell on a picture .
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oh it wasnt a peeing/pooping issue at all she shredded the carpet...there is a 6 inch area that is all the way down to the wood. My hubby and I are prepared to put a litter box in the play house and block all entrances.

Also it wasnt the pro spay or neutur that got to me...I get all of my animals fixed and I totally agree with that aspect. It was just frustrating clicking on a thread that was about the subject I am searching for and instead of finding information I found many replies that merely consisted of "get your cat fixed ASAP" and I just wanted to make sure it was clear that I am aware of this.

I took this orange little angel in knowing she was in this condition and I love her so very much. Her health is also on my mind...with the meow being "cut" off I fear that the kittens are getting too large for her little tummy to handle.
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Hey Pumpkinsmomma...I just reread your thread and I saw that she had taken a piece out of your carpet...sorry for missing that earlier. Hissy has some wonderful advice...and if you can contain this girl, I think it will be better for her and for you. And again..it is great that you care about this cat.

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if anyone else has experienced the "meow" problem please let me know what was the cause.

also I have noticed that only 4 teats are bare and full......will this cause problems??
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Here is what I found:

My cat escaped while in heat, and has stopped meowing. Is she pregnant?
From Franny Syufy,
Your Guide to Cats.

The Rest of your Question: My feline friend has just gone into heat. Well just the other day she escaped outside (she stays indoors). Before she got out she was meowing constantly which I know is expected but when she came back....there was no more meowing. Does this mean that she mated and has a high probability of being pregnant or does it occur that felines meow constantly and then just stop? My parents and I are curious so I just thought I would ask.
Yes, it is extremely likely that your kitty is pregnant, following her escape. Unspayed females, once they reach breeding age, will go into heat (or estrus, as it is also called) regularly - as often as every two weeks, until they are either spayed or mate and become pregnant. The loud meowing (also known as "calling") is intended to attract male cats.
Since she has stopped calling, I would assume her biological needs have been fulfilled and she has mated.
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thank you very much tnr1
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You're welcome....I'm trying to find you an answer on the 4 teats. I don't think that will be an issue...but I am not the kitten experts. Perhaps Hissy will drop back by with an answer.

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I am relatively new here and have been chatting with these wonderful people for a couple days now about my very pregnant Cleo. According to my dates, she is now 10 days over due, but the vet doesn't seem to think so. What your Pumpkin is doing sounds alot like what Cleo has been doing for the last week. Mainly sleeping, except to come out and eat. The last day or so she hasn't been sleeping as much, and started nesting the other night. She went into the bed I made her in the bottom of my dresser, (I took the bottom drawer out and put a few layers of receiving blankets on the floor in the space) and she has been digging in the blankets and rearranging them and making a twilling, chirping type of noise. Her teats aren't "full" but they have no more fur on them, and I am able to express a small ammount of milk from them. She has to be very close to delivering, so I bet your Pumpkin is too. But, I am not one of the experts..lol. I just thought I'd share with you what I have been going through with Cleo. If you wish, you could read my thread call New, Need help please. There are MANY wonderful replies from the kitty experts here
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awesome thank you very much!!! I have a small update...she is now in the house and she really doesnt care today. Just lying around the house...I havent noticed much nesting but she seems to be so exhausted. Of course I will get her to the vet in a minute if anyone thinks what she is doing is out of the ordinary. She also managed to let out a few meows today and her tummy looks to be "hanging" lower than yesterday. I tried to extract milk but I was unsuccessful. They are very full and are full around them if that makes sense lol.

I went outside last night and laid down on the rain soaked porch with my legs sticking out of the playhouse. She likes to love on people and her way of loving is to put her head on yours so as I laid by her she was doing that. I also laid my hand on her belly for a good hour and 1/2 and those babies are very active.
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Isn't is just amazing when you can feel the babies moving? I think it is really cool..lol. If her teats are full, then you can probably bet she'll have them withing the next few days. I agree with everyone else, for you to try to keep her in the house, if she won't destroy the place. Clipping her nails would also be a good idea, so she won't be able to shred your carpet so much
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That's a great update Pumpkinsmomma. I'm assuming by "house" you mean the playhouse.

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Hi! Certainly can't add to the fabulous advice you are already receiving! Just wanted to say WELCOME to TCS! Look forward to hearing more about Pumkin and her babies! Thanks for being so wonderful to adopt her! This might sound silly, but what a perfect name..she looks like she swallowed a little pumkin!
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I put her in our house today...she was wanting in which was totally out of character for her and she has been in that "I dont care" kinda mood and has not clawed at the carpet...so far lol

lol she does look like a pumpkin...when my friend got her I helped name her so it was only fitting that I be the one to adopt her...and I hope it helps her having known us so well I would have to be putting her thru stress that she doesnt need.

sillypup5 I just read your thread....what a time you have been going thru. Now I can kinda understand what my mother was going thru while I was in labor lol. I can totally understand your anxiety and excitement I hate to say it but I dont think I have been this excited in quite some time. I am so grateful this sweetie has come to be with us she is such a breath of fresh air...I can see myself keeping all of the kitties for myself lol. We are suckers for animals...2 dogs, 2 birds and about 12 hamsters. We breed hamsters and this is the strange part I dont sell them...I take them to the local pet store and let them have them or if I know someone I will give them away....we just love being the ones that get them used to being around humans...and I feel a deep satisfaction that the people that buy our hamsters are getting ones that wont lash out at their new momma and daddys.
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lol..I'm quite the softy when it comes to furry, feathery or even scaley things too I have the horse of a dog, two cats, two birds and a fish. lol. It will be hard for me to give up the baby kitts too
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we have a yellow lab he weighs 135lbs and a boxer and she is only about 60 lbs.

I love animals...they give me a nice "escape" from anything else that is going on... They are very forgiving and loving creatures...you can always count on them to bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling to your heart. *sigh* if I had my way we would be living on 100 acres with animals on eveyr inch of it lol
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she had a runny stool about 5 minutes ago....is this common?
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ok...small update, she is really adjusting well in the house. She got up in bed with us last night and after the hubby left this morning she laid beside me soaking up all the loves she could possibly get lol the last few days she has loved her belly rubbed but this morning she was very not interested in it. We are totally prepared for these lil sweeties to be born just waitin on momma
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Not that I'm an expert, but since my cat just gave birth this morning, I can maybe help you with some of the signs. Pumpkin will probably try to get to a place she knows is safe for the kittens. Alli cried a lot last night, not sure if it was related to the kittens being born, but it might be. And a couple days before, you should notice an increase in food intake - she's getting ready to produce milk for the babies. She'll also pull some of the hair out on her belly, to make it easier for the kittens to find food. Good luck with your kittens!
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thank you so very much AlliCat....she started the pulling out the hair thing last week and yes I have noticed a major increase in food intake today. We laid in bed this morning, I woke up at about 6 am and she had gotten back in bed with me. She put her lil head on my forehead and nestled in close on my face. She sure is a little lover. My kids think it is so cool to watch them move in her belly and are impatiently waiting for their arrival as am I lol For some reason she will lay on the kitchen floor its tile and I am guessing she is hot...it is close to 90 and I have the air on but I am worried about turning it too low so when she does have them they wont get chilled in any way.

Thank you and congrats on your kitten and my condolences on the second...
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You have received some great advice here. Your kitty looks VERY pregant. Please let the vet you go to know that you have a pregnant cat so that if you have any problems you can ring them for help. Runny stool is common for pregnant cats, yes. I didn't have time to read all the posts in this thread but has she got milk yet? That's normally a good sign if she's close or not.

Beautiful cat btw-
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she is very full....the "sacks" around the teats are very full but I tried to extract some and couldnt but then again she was not interested in letting me. She loves her belly rubbed but has been a little leary of letting me do even that the past day or so.

I called the vet we go to and asked but since he wasnt there and has yet to get back in town I am not sure if his assistant has spoke to him about it. They are extra sweet in that office and we are lucky to have a vet that treats us so nice and who is very reasonable in pricing.
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ok ya'll we have 3 so far.....I had to take a break for a second I needed a drink lol this gramma work is hard
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YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you, and for Pumpkin! Woohoo! Hopefully it will be my turn soon! lol
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she started while I was outside in my daughters popup tent .... we went out to plant some flowers and I came in the house saw my daughters door open and just knew she went in there since she had been trying to get in there all day ... my daughter was supposed to keep that door closed but of course she didnt. My next question is how can I tell she is done so I can take the top icky sheet off?
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Your turn will be soon
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