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Have to share!

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Hey peeps,

I thought this was so funny and had to share it with you all. Okay, I am married and live with a husband that doesn't believe he snores. The worst part about his snoring is that it isn't consistant. He'll stop, it will get completely quiet and then a really loud one jars me from my sleep and it's really annoying!
So I decided to hide a voicerecorder under my pillow when I went to bed and tape him snoring. I taped about a minute of it, then rewound it and played it right back in his ear. He jumped up so high he scared the cat off the bed! I said now do you believe me? He grumbled something, then went back to sleep. When he woke up the next morning he said that he had a dream that I taped him snoring. So once again I proceeded to play back the tape for him. He couldn't believe it was actually him. Anyway this was so hilarious, and I know it has nothing to do with cats, except that my Frodo got scared, but you had to of been there. It was great!

So that is my plan whenever he starts to snore. I don't know how he doesn't wake himself up when he does it, but for some reason playing it back does. He says he's gonna get me back for doing that. We'll see.
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OMG how funny .

I can relate to that . My hubby always said that he is not snoring at all till one day he fall asleep in front of the TV . So there he is sleeping and snoring away right All of a sudden he made that big aweful snore and sure enough he woke himself up and jump of the recliner . I was laughing so hard that day , I almost wet myself laughing I am sure glad that I am not the only one suffering LOL
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Note to self: get new batteries for the tape recorder.
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That's is just priceless!!!
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I know it is funny...but it may be sleep apnea, which may be a precursor to heart disease. Have them get checked, yeah right, like they'll run to their physicians. Sorry the nurse in me couldn't help with the warning.
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That is hilarious and sounds all to much like my bedroom! Yes, I realize the dangers of sleep apnea and what that can cause, but I can't help but find the humor in all of it! Holy smokes, I'm laughing my butt off right now, writing this. I go through that every night of my life, have been for the last 14 months, and plan on going through it for the rest of my life (with pleasure, of course. When you love a man, you love every piece that he has to offer, right? ) Funny stuff! Thanks, I really needed that good chuckle!

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Originally Posted by Mom of Franz
I know it is funny...but it may be sleep apnea, which may be a precursor to heart disease. Have them get checked, yeah right, like they'll run to their physicians. Sorry the nurse in me couldn't help with the warning.
That's so ironic! As a nurse, this is the very same thing I thought of when reading this! I was intending to tell you that this is quite a funny story, but then give you exactly the same info. that Barbara just shared!
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that is hillarious, but i go through the same thing, my bf snores so loud sometimes i think hes gonna suck the house through his gob
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Originally Posted by cazx01
that is hillarious, but i go through the same thing, my bf snores so loud sometimes i think hes gonna suck the house through his gob
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Funny, but add me to the list of people who immediately thought of the serious health risk. If someone just snores all the time, its not so bad. But the stopping and then starting again, really loud, is a warning sign for sleep apnea. And it is very dangerous, also fairly straighforward to treat.
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Loved hearing those stories!!

I have one to share!!! While growing up, we had a beagle dog who started snoring a lot as she grew older so it'd bother my parents while sleeping. Well, one night, they got the BRIGHT idea to put Dee (name of dog) into my room thinking I wouldn't know cuz I'm deaf!

As I was sleeping peacefully (was in my teens at that time), the bed started shaking and continued to shake so I woke up SCARED! Thought maybe we were having an earthquake or something so I got out of bed, ran out of the room yelling for my parents to get out but to my surprise, the floor wasn't shaking!! I realized it was that DARN Dee shaking my bed with her snoring cuz she had curled up against my bed.

Told my dad to never do that again! He kept saying he thought I'd never know cuz I was deaf!!

Now, my dad snores a lot- he has sleep apnea and hmm he now has a machine that wakes him when he stops breathing and it has helped him a LOT! You guys who have snoring hubbies should check that out...
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they are soooo funny when they don't think they snore. I, on the other hand, know I snore like a buzzsaw, especially when I'm very tired. I even had a friend slug me in my sleep because I was keeping her up!!

My dad's sleep apnea was misdiagnosed for many, many years. When I was a toddler they diagnosed him with narcolepsy, because he would fall asleep all the time in the middle of the day (and the day he fell asleep while riding his motorcycle! was what sent him to the doc). Now, years later, after anecdote upon anecdote of his friends and family members talking about his stop-and-start breathing, he went to a sleep clinic a couple years ago and they discovered his ACUTE sleep apnea - so acute that he wasn't getting any restful sleep, which is why he would doze off at all hours. NOT narcolepsy!! The first night he used his C-pap machine, he called me to tell me how energized he was the next day, and we knew we'd found the source of the problem.
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I too thought of sleep apnea when I read the post. My doctor has been trying to get me to a sleep clinic to check it out, but with my schedule timing is difficult. And my HMO needs to approve it first. My brother actually had part of his palate removed because his apnea was that bad. They called my sister in law at 7AM to tell her the results.

I know I snore like a bear. I'll sit in front of the TV and start dozing, but still awake, and hear myself snoring.

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That made my day! Go girl--prove him wrong! LOL!
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Well to add to this funny story.

We were on a camping trip once. It was my two married friends in one tent, and then my husband his dad and friend and myself in the other tent.
Unfortunately I got stuck with my sleeping bag in between the three snorers. I got no sleep that night....but lets just say I wasn't afraid of any bears or wild animals near the tent because it soundind like one was sleeping inside. All the elbow nudges in the ribbs didn't work that night. Everyone was drinking by the fire before we turned into bed and lets just say when you mix alcholol and sleepyness the snores don't go away for second.

Anyway his father is the same way and my husband's mom had him tested for sleep apnea, but he's fine. My husband had a rhinoplasty in the past and that is why he claims he snores now. I told him it runs in the family, because if you sleep over at his house, all the men in the house snore so loud the walls shake! Anyway....I'll keep an eye on him.
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LOL! My friend did the same thing, her mum didn't believe she snored so one night she sneaked into her room and recorded her on the cellphone, she played it to her mum the next morning. She didn't believe it was here lol. It sounded like a chainsaw.
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