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2 Questions

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My cat's kittens are now 2 1/2 weeks old and they're starting to move around. The mother cat, Rosie, had them in my laundry room under a table. My laundry room only has one rather small window in it, so when the door is closed (which is almost all of the time because I also have a little dog in the house and I don't want him to get the kittens), it's almost completely dark. Now that the kittens have their eyes open and everything, I'm not sure if it's completely healthy for them to be in darkness most of the day. I'd like to move them into my bedroom, but I'm afraid that Rosie will move her babies somewhere else in the house where Scout (my dog) will get to them.
Also, why is it that when the kittens go to sleep they always pile on top of the smallest one?
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Can you install a night light in the room? I would be afraid after you mentioned that your dog might get them that this is what will happen. I would remove the little one from the bottom of the pile, and place her/him on the top. It's an intimidation factor for the most part. The alpha kittens will be on the top usually-
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I would leave the laundry light on in the daylight hours so the kits are exposed to some light. Also, you could set up a lamp (bedside or desk) with a reduced watt bulb (40w) that you can safely leave on all day in the room.

hissy's right about the smallest kitten. Another reason is that because he's the smallest, he needs the most warmth and the bottom of the pile is the warmest place. He should wriggle out and lay on top if he's getting squashed or too hot.
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