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What's a reasonable amount of money to spend on a cat per month?

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Over the past few weeks I've developed this desire to find another cat to bring into my family. As research into this possibility, I went over my financial records for the past year to find out how much I've been spending on my cats, and whether I could afford another. I was pretty shocked when my figuring was done. It seems I've been averaging about $30 a month per cat... not including vet costs. I don't want to mention what happens when I add those on. With this in mind, it doesn't look like I can afford another furbaby, but it got me curious.
I'm wondering if anybody is willing to share what they spend monthly on their cats, or at least what they think is reasonable? I'm wondering if I need to cut back on spoiling my babies or not.
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Gosh, I'm not sure how much I spend on my kitties. If I just figured for food and litter it would probably be around $25/month total for all three kitties. I buy an 8 lb bag of food and a dozen cans of wet food and that lasts about a month. The dry might last a little longer. I also buy approx. one 29 lb box of litter a month. Now if I included toys, grooming supplies etc., that would bring it up a bit. You've made me think though. Maybe I ought to start keeping better track. Or maybe I don't want to know!
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Hey Jeamy....you know...I've always had 2 cats and in all honesty....I don't add up my expenses...but I don't think having 2 cats is so much more than one. Just my opinion.

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Ok... the food I buy is around 8 dollars per 20 lb. Bag and the litter is 6 dollars per 20lb. bag

Each one of these last around a month, so we can multiply them by 12 months and it sums up US $160.

To that we add the vaccinations and annual checkups which my vet charges US $60 per cat on that. We multiply that by four cats, and it comes up with US $240. Of course, we may add if we wish the one time costs of spay/neuter, which the vet charges US $100 per female cat and US $60 per male cat. $100 X three female cats + 1 male cat = US $360

Adding the annual vet care with the annual food/litter costs we have US $400, plus US $360 for spaying and neutering them.

We are not counting there any emergency trips to the vet, and toys you may buy and such.

So much love and joy they bring for so little money...

PS: These figures may vary for everyone depending on where you live... prices vary from place to place. Here in PR animal/pet supplies are very cheap compared to some places I've seen in the states.
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OMG....I just did a rough estimate and I figure that I spend about $35-$40 per cat per month (on the average). I have 14 cats - do the math (yikes). I'm sure I have left something out. My vet does give me discounted services, and I do get some items donated, otherwise my cost would be much higher.

I go thru in a week (just for the indoor cats):
20 pounds dry food
28 cans of food
80 pounds litter
and a vet visit at least every other week

If you add the cost for the ferals and puppies, don't want to think about it!

Guess I'll keep my job a while longer! LOL
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I only have the one cat, Nakita and probably spend $30-$40 per month:

Dry food - $16 ($8 per month)
Wet Food - $4
Litter - $8
Treats/Toys/Extras - $10 - $20

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I just have Dori and she is spoiled, I have never calculated, so let's see: (Oops let me make sure my b/f isn't looking )

Dry Food- $14.00/ month
Wet Food $7.00/month
Litter- $10.00/month
Treats- $9.00/month
Toys/Extras- $20/month

ACK $60/month....... ACK BF saw!

I think Dori needs a part time job
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For our two 1-1/2 year-old cats, their ready-made raw food is about US$60-80 a month; litter probably around $5 a month or less. So a total of about $65-85/month for the major stuff for two cats, or about $33-$43/month per cat.

Because our vet recommended that the cats be fed ready-made raw diets, their food costs more than the dry/canned food that we used to feed them. But a nice side benefit is that the cats produce less stool, so we're able to buy less litter. Also, because they're healthier than when they were on dry/canned food, they're less likely to see the vet often, thereby furthering reducing overall cat costs.
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Well, My brother and his wife average about $300 a year for three dogs and 8 cats. This is mostly a food bill. They don't bring their animals to vets.

I averaged over $1,000 in one year due to high vet exams/bills for all three of my cats.
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I spend around $45-50 on food and litter a month. I never really thought about how much till now.
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Food....80 a month.
Litter.... 15-20 a month.
Vet bills.....vary.

Having the kitties.....


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Dry cat food per mth . . . . . . $40
Wet cat food per mth . . . . . . 50
Litter per mth . . . . . . . . . . . 35
Annual Vet visits . . . . . . . . . 500

Purrs & love from 6 cats . . . PRICELESS
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Jamie, I guess it seems a lot but is only $1 a day. It doesn't seem to double when you get two cats, maybe just half again so around $45 for two cats.

Having said that, I don't want to know what I spend on my four, plus 50 something kittens a year, LOL.
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2 minds with a single great thought.
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Not including any vet fees my monthly bill comes to approx £30 per month for my two(Approx $60?)
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For food, litter, treats and extras, not including any vet fees, I spend at least $75-100 a month for Sierra. I've never really thought about it before! She is my child, the love of my life and quite spoiled! I must echo the well stated sentiments...she's absolutely priceless!
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i spend about £40 on socks a month
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When I was contemplating getting a second cat, I worked it out, and I was spending about $30 a month on food, plus another $15 every two months for litter. Now its more, probably about $45 each, because they eat more expensive wet food twice a day. But I know that they can still eat well for $30 each / month, if I cut down on the wet food, and substitute kibble. When I buy my month's supply of wet food, often the clerk will ask how many cats do I have, and how long will that amount of food last. And they often say, that's not bad! when I tell them its a months supply for two cats.

And it was interesting, because on the adoption application for the second cat, they asked what I thought I would have to spend every month for food and litter, and what I thought annual vet bills would be. Thank goodness I had worked that out.
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Originally Posted by grampngram
Food....80 a month.
Litter.... 15-20 a month.
Vet bills.....vary.

Having the kitties.....


The same goes here. My bf decided not to even give me a hard time after seeing my post about how much I spend. Dori is my baby I enjoy spoiling her and that's just the way it is. I am actually thinking this weekend of going to the pet bakery and getting her some special treats

Don't tell him I said that
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Gosh, I don't know why I seem to spend so much less for my three. It's perplexing me! And I buy what is considered premium food and litter.
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For the two boys, I spend between $45 - $60 a month. But their both really spoiled. A lot of that is food and cat litter but I do like to buy them toys and such.
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Originally Posted by mzjazz2u
Gosh, I don't know why I seem to spend so much less for my three. It's perplexing me! And I buy what is considered premium food and litter.
I buy so many toys, take them home, she won't play with them and so I go out and buy more. Also, I buy Dori at least 1 collar a month. She has quite an assortment
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Tanya thats me as well with the toys!.

Theres at least two in every room but most of them are in their room and the kitchen
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I do that with toys too, so much so to the point that I turned a shoe box into a cat toy box for the smaller toys. I have a real problem turning away from anytoy that I think the boys might like.

Ocassionally I'll buy the more expensive toys like the Cat Spa (they didn't like it at all.), electronic mice that are radio controlled that Samwise loves and such but I think I'm finally running out of those. At one point my friends call my apartment Cat-topia because of all the toys.
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I have three cats, and figure my expenses look something like this:
1 15 lb bag of Chicken Soup =21.99/month
3 Nutro NCC pouches a day at .53 a pouch=1.59*30=47.70/month
2 40 lb bags of Swheat Scoop at 21.99=43.98/month
4 gallons of Poland Spring water= 6.00 a month
toys=approx 10-20 a month
treats=approx 5 a month
So that is a total of 144.67, or approx 48.22 per cat per month. It can vary a little up or down, and a lot with vet bills, but that seems to be about average. The bag of CS does last a bit longer then a month, but I don't quite know how long, so I figured it in as a monthly expense.
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That's right, I forgot about the daily spring water!
Traci, I also frequently find the more expensive and fancy the toy, the less Sierra is impressed! Her favorite toy is still her simple cat dancer!
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Sam likes playing with quarters, scraps of paper, grapes and elastic bands. All of which I pick up when he's done.

Nutro pouches are $.79 each here. Cans of the gourmet food are $.69. They each get two servings a day. I give them Royal Canin kibble, a small bag lasts about a month, that costs $14.00. So not even the most expensive food, its fairly pricey.

I think that it would be a lot less expensive to feed them kibble, but I am still trying to get their weights down, so its wet food twice a day for the forseeable future.

And my estimate of $45 a month each does not account for toys. That's just basic necessities. But that is in Canadian dollars, and at Canadian prices.
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Wow, this has been enlightening. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one moving towards debt for my pets.

As some of you pointed out, the cost is worth it, which I heartily agree with. The benefits of living with these creatures far outweigh the costs.

Maybe I'll get another cat anyway. I'll have to think on it a little more.

In the mean time, I think I'm going out and buy some of those little sponge balls my cats love to play with so much.
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Buying the toys is the fun part for us.

Then we bring them home...place them all over the house for the Cats to find...and give the cats the paper bag the toys came home in to play with.
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I never really thought about it. I have 3 cats. I know that I buy at least 3 bags of litter a month. I usually buy about 2 bags of dry Iams a month, and then each cat gets a can of wet food a day. The wet food usually costs about $1 for 3 cans, so I spend at least $7 a week on wet food. I would imagine I spend about $50 a month all totalled on all 3 cats.
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