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Hi, well-recovered now, and my eye hardly hurts anymore. It was not a good eye to begin with, and now is a little less than that, but the cat claw marks are fading fast into thin white lines and life is looking better until the next time -- a thought I share with New Yorkers.

By now it is ALMOST clear that this latest plane crash is just that. Like the one in the Black Sea -- the Russian airplane coming from Israel and accidently shot down during an Ukranian military exercise --

Just ordinary, run-of-the-mill disasters, and we've learned to cope with those.

Thought -- why does it seem so very much more terrible to have a plane brought down by terrorists -- I am thinking, in particular, about the Locherby plane -- than it does when a plane sort of naturally has an acciident? Often similar numbers of people are killed, and it is not at all unknown for a number of people on the ground to be hit by the crash or by falling debris from a plane that is breaking up. Earthquakes in Turkey recently killed numbers approaching the WTC atrocity. Yet we have in us to accept these things as deaths that are somehow more "natural" than terrorist deaths.

All unexpected and apparently untimely deaths are an atrocity. All victims should be wept over. The one we call "Acts of God," as if God were just standing around somewhere thinking up who and how he intends to kill that week. Do we see terrorists as something we can take vengence for -- not really feeling comfortable about declaring our own jihads against our God??

All unecessary deaths or killing should have our tears and and compassion, whether the people involved are associated with the "good guys" or the "baddies." I was deeply moved to saddness at the sight of Taliban and Pakistani volunteers to their cause shot or hung or beaten to death out of hand last night, as I was very sad about the three foreign journalists who were summarily killed yesterday by the Taliban in an ambush.

I cannot support the war against terrorism and terrorists any less than with my whole heart and intellect, but neither can I hold tears back when anyone meets these kinds of deaths. I pray for all of us to die the truly organically natural death when it is time for this great step past our present horizons -- to die quietly in our beds in our sleep, or in the comforting arms of those we love, in the certain knowledge that we have grown and matured more than we were at our births, and that we have learned to find harmony within ourselves and with our miraculous universe.

I pray that there will come a time when we shall be relatively free of gratuitous violence and the stupidities of wars.

We are perhaps the only organic species that seems wholly intent upon destroying its own young and its own future.

Peace and love,

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I'm so glad that your eye is improving and that the scars are fading!

I was remarking to my husband just this morning that isn't it amazing that we would be relieved to find out that the plane crash was an accident...in times past, we would be horrified and frightened by the thought of an airliner crashing just because...but now we're relieved that this is why it happened.
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Has anyone else seen this statement by the BBC? I found this on CNN but could not find anymore about it.

• The BBC reported that Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammed Omar is speaking of a plan in the works to destroy the United States. "The current situation in Afghanistan is related to a bigger cause -- that is the destruction of America," Omar said. "If God's help is with us this will happen within a short period of time."

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I heard this on NPR this morning. It sounds like a threat of despiration. And...it sounds to me just like the bully who gets his butt kicked by all the kids on the playground who storms off yelling "I'm gonna get you guys!" The Taliban have been kicked off the playground by all of the people who have come together to fight and so they have to show the little bit of bravado they have left as they run off to lick their wounds.
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I hate to disagree, or inject any more nervous-inducing stuff, but the Taliban never were very good at pitched battles -- you will note that the really serious fighting is being done in areas where there are large numbers of Usbek and Pakistani volunteers. The Taliban themselves have no military, strategic sense beyond their historial mythologies that teach them that their country is the graveyard for all invaders, and their firm belief in their ability to win over all odds if the simply conduct raids from hiding places in the mountains. These tactics have worked for them in the past, and they believe that it will do so now.

Historically, Afghanis have never fought prolonged battles. They just fade away to fight another day. Which is why the US sent in the special forces. They are equipped and trained to fight through even the Afghani winter, and now they have been joined by British units of special forces who are highly experienced in these kinds of fracases. There will be no final resolution of terrorism ever, and it is a war that may eventually define this new century because we will be involved in it for a very long time. Afhanistan is only the opening round.

As for the "Taliban" statement reported on CNN, BBC, and elsewhere -- I don't doubt some kind of hit will come. Because the Taliban have not spoken in their own voice since the early days of the preparation for this war. I don't know if you noticed the very sudden sophisticated propaganda-type statements that began to broadcast or used in interviews. After several weeks of the Taliban trying to cope with the international press themselves, all of a sudden they were saying things that were direct or almost direct quote from bin Ladfen's tirades. Since that time, everything they say for public consumption has that nice polish of a speech writer tied to al-Queda interests. Bin Laden enjoys warning his vicitims of coming events in terms that are as vague as possible. But we ignore his threats at our peril, and I am sure the FBI and the CIA and others have focussed a lot of interest on those statements of coming destruction.

On the other hand, there is no reason at all to be nervous before the fact. It doesn't do any good and it clouds judgement and destroys pleasure in life before anything has actually blown up. Each lifetime is too short to waste on things that might or might not happen.

Anyway, just my thoughts on the matter.

Keep praying for peace,

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This has been a long and painful thread. As there were no new posts in the last 10 days or so, I think it may be time to unstick it.

Thank you everyone for contributing to this special thread!
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For letting this be a sounding board and keeping it at the top. I learned a lot about myself since Sept. 11 and this thread helped me to know others as well. Thanks again for sticking it up there so we didn't have to go looking for it.
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Yes, thank you Anne. We have finally accepted, I think, events of the 11th, and begun to turn ourselves back to normalcy tempered by the understanding that the world has taken another quantum leap into newness and change and uncertainties. Not that these things are anything new, but only that we are now fully and globally aware of them.

For those who would like to read much deeper into the background of the news, there is an interesting website that involves a lot of things that might not be published by more conventional news services. It is apparently operated by some journalist, with a lot of help from security and political established people who perhaps want to say more than is generally permissible.

Check of www.debka.com.

I hope that I will find a few partners in an occasional exchange of articles or new information on the changes we are going through in dealing with international terrorism, now that many countries in the world have decided to prioritize it. The coming struggles about the definition of terrorism should be very interesting and revealing.

But meanwhile, I am also rather glad to get back to my cats, and aim to retire to the Behaviior, Health, and other like CAT-egories.

I wish you all much love and peace,
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This thread, begun by Buttercup 429 seemingly ages ago, has been a wonderful meeting-place. Thank you, Anne, for keeping it on top of this forum for so long! Hopefully, a similar thread will not need to be created any time soon.

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It does seem like a long time ago. It's weird how the subject of my original post cought the moments that the first then second plane hit; I was writing as it happend. Going back and reading it makes me remember all the confusion and chaos going on at the time! Love to all!!!
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Happy Independence day to Tybalt and everyone. Many of us don't think about not being free people until that freedom is threatened. I am so grateful for my freedom. And for living in a fairly safe environment where everyone of every place of origin and every gender, has opportunity for a good life.
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I was looking at the thread and was thinking it happened again or something!!! wow...it seems like it happened just yesterday to me....I still remember it all...
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i did not know any of you when this happened but i can tell you this much, i was at work that day and we have tvs in are cafe. and it had just happened when i was on break, and i never spent such a awful day in my life, i have never had anything like this affect me like this did, i couldnt even go to work the next day, i couldnt sleep for thinking about those people, i pray that nothing like this never happens again, and i also pray for the troops that are in a battle over this very thing.
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Reading over this thread makes the events of 9/11 come back to me. I was also at work, early in the morning, one of the other teachers told me about the planes. We did not dismiss our students, but many of their parents came to pick them up. I remember trying to explain why someone hates us so much to my 6th grade class. How do you explain something you can't understand yourself?

Tybalt, thanks for digging up this thread and reminding us how much we all have to be thankful for.
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That was one day to remember even though I wish I never had the opportunity to remember it.

It was the first day of my vacation and I was thrilled because my boyfriend was flying in that day to spend several days with me. I got up early that morning and just happened to turn on the TV. I watched it from the minute it began and I've never felt such anguish from watching TV. I knew my vacation was ruined, but I thanked God that my boyfriend wasn't on one of those planes. I remember watching all the coverage and thinking that this couldn't be happening. I can't imagine how it felt to be part of it or having family involved. It was too heartwrenching for me to watch, I could only imagine how it must have felt for the others.
It's really hard to believe it's almost been 2 years. Time has really flown by....but America will never forget such a tragic event.
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That was so sad.
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I heard the news, on my car radio that morning. I don't think that I've ever been so shocked and horrified, by anything.
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I found this thread while searching for something TOTALY irrelevant.

I couldn't help but to start reading it.

I have been sitting here crying for the last hour or so.

I was there. I lived it. And I can't believe that I have "forgotten" how I felt in those first hours.

I was working in Washington DC. Georgetown. Less than a mile from the Pentagon which was located across the river.

I had taken a cab into work that day. It was a BEAUTIFUL morning. We were at a stop light and the man next to me had the top down on his convertible.

He was listening to NPR and that is when I heard about "A twin engin plane hitting the WTC"

I thought to myself. "Wow. That is horrible!"

I thought nothing more.

I got to work, and the phone rang. My mother was calling, (She lived in Houston) She wanted to tell me that two planes had the WTC. I said, no mom, it was ONE TWIN ENGIN plane. Not two planes, I had already heard it on the radio just a few minutes ago. She said NO, BOTH TOWERS are on fire. It was two planes!

My co-worker and I dig out the tv and get it hooked up to the local new channel.

My boss calls the office (there are only 3 of us that worked in this office) She is stuck in traffic outside the pentagon on Washington BLVD. She will be there as soon as she can. Traffic is at a stand still. We tell her about the WTC and that we will have the news on when she gets here.

We finally get the news on, see the burning towers. Not 3 min into us having a signal on the local channels, the "Break to Washington for news of an explosion at the pentagon"

We were in shock.

We ran outside and the smoke was just billowing out of the side of the building. All we could think about was our boss, and if she was ok.

We ran back inside, unsure of what to do. 15 min goes by, and my boss calls again.

She had been trying to get a hold of us but lines were blocked. She was frantic. And this is a woman that never looses her cool. She had seen the plane. It went right over her. She saw it hit the building, shrapnel from the pentagon hit her car. She could hardly talk, she was in such shock. She was driving home and wanted to suggest that we do the same thing, but was affraid of us driving across the bridges to get back to Virginia.

That was the most surreal and sickening time of my life. All we saw for days was military, tanks, ground to air combat posted at street corners. The ONLY planes that were in the sky were fighter jets, and military helacopters. Police and fire squad sirens poluted the air.

I knew people on that flight. I knew people that were killed in the pentagon. I had many friends that were directly affected by this attack as well.

I get so upset when people get p*ssed off at President Bush for going after these animals. All I can say to them is, You weren't there. You were not there.
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I remember that I was a senior in highschool....and I worked in the front office for 1st period...I was one of the only students who saw it actually happen live because they had a tv in the office.... It was soo scary... at first we just though it was a mistake for the first plane...but then when the 2nd plane came around we were are all frightened...

I remember that I had to go let one of the students know that her father was ok...because he was suppose to be in the trade center...When I was walking the halls it was very quite every tv was on and all the students were staring with blank faces. I probably scared the poor girl to death when I asked her to step outside with me. She got a breathe of relief when I told her what her mother said....

Does everyone else remember what they were doing when 9/11 happened?
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Yarra that is a touching story. I cannot imagine the fear and heartbreak you all felt. I know how I felt and I wasn't there and don't know anybody who lost their life.
When I think about what might have happened if they had not stopped it yesterday I just wonder what this world is coming to and what kinds of attacks will be being made in 10 years time.
on September 11th, I had a driving lesson after school which finished at 5pm. The chaos had already begun when I got dropped off at my step dads office so he could take me home. We sat listening to it on the radio and then drove home to watch on the news. The whole evening was more or less spent in silence.
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i found this thread while searching for other stuff too. i remember exactly what i was doing:

i was teaching third graders at the time in a portable in southern maine, not an hour from boston. I leave early in the morning, wearing a blue shirt (still have it) and gray pants. The day is beautiful, we start teaching and I hear my email ding around 9am. it was my boyfriend (now my husband) saying a plane hit a tower. I couldn't do anything until 9:50. Throughout the class children were being dissmissed . . .no one said anything. I had a prep for the second period and spent it listening to the radio and watching tv. By the time the third class came in, it was 11am. there were so many children missing and nobody could say anything.

finally at the end of the day we had a staff meeting and were congratulated on keeping everything calm while the children had school.

i drove home, listening to the radio, cried. . .couldn't believe what they were showing on tv (people jumping) and remembered how many channels were 'off the air'. i resorted to watching some children's shows to get my eyes of the disaster.
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I can remember exactly what I was doing, as if it was yesterday. I had been working at home, it was mid-afternoon here. Hubby was in the living room with the 24 hour news channel on and he called me down to say that a plane had just gone into the WTC. They were saying it was a light aircraft like a Cessna, but we were saying it was much bigger than that. Knowing how big the buildings were and the kind of plane we had seen in the pictures we couldn't believe it was a light aircraft.

We were just glued to the news - it was awful. Then, after a little while, we left to fetch my daughter from school. While we were waiting in the car, listening to the news on the radio, we heard that the towers were falling.

I will never forget the sickening feeling of understanding what was unfolding before us. Those poor poor people and their desparate families wondering what had become of their loved ones.
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I'll be honest, I went cold when I saw this in the Lounge.

I was like, my god, this can't be happening again - it really took a second to realise 'of course it can't be happening again - they're gone.'
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I remember working in a cookie factory when the towers were hit. I was a temp worker. And I remember one of the line leads telling me and me being in disbelief at first. And when it came time for lunch the normally very loud break room was silent except for the tv. And all of us being scared. And I remember one of the girls being worried cause her daughter was just get through boot camp in the army. And her saying she hoped her daughter wouldn't have to go to war. And for days we watched and one of my favorite news reporters from fox news was on one of the planes. And my boyfriend at the time made me so mad for cussing about them showing her picture and for not caring about what had happened. He made the statement that well you gotta get rid of some of the excess population anyway and I broke up with him right then and there cause I couldn't be with someone who could see all that loss of life and be so uncaring. And me and his sister sat and watched what was happening and we were in shock
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I was at school. I was changing classes and there was virtually noone in the halls. I couldn't figure out why. No teachers were standing outside like normal. I glanced into a classroom and saw the WTC on fire. I hurried to my next class and watched the rest unfold. It was crazy. That is all we did that day. Eyes glued to the news stations. A friend of mine had just returned from a trip to NYC and gotten her pics developed the night before. She had the pics of the WTC with her. It was the most creepy thing ever when they collapsed. She was sitting there with pics of it in her hand yet those buildings didn't exist anymore.
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Ok let's see if I can get through this haha stupid pms'ing isn't helping the crying! I was a senior in highschool and I lived on Long Island. 2nd period they made an announcment that a plane had hit one of towers..we all thought how in the world could someone make that mistake but then as we switched classes and were told a second plane hit the tower we knew it deff wasn't a mistake. Everyone started calling their parents and we just spent the next few periods talking about it while parents started pouring into the school to pick up their kids. My friend lost her father who was a fire fighter, our school secretary lost her fiance. Our city's sky line wasn't the same anymore After it happened I went home watched the t.v. for a bit but frankly I couldn't sit there and see that over and over again. I couldn't even turn on the radio because they had those songs with those people saying things into it. It was all very upsetting and i just couldn't handle it.

This is why I can't go and see that movie. We didnt know the trailers were out so when we went to go see a movie it came on and we were bawling in the theater. I think it's to soon but I've found not a lot of other people feel that way. And now just yesterday we got a reminder that those people are still trying to hurt us. These things can still happen though thankfully we are more aware so hopefully this will never be able to happen again. It just still amazes me that people out there can do this to fellow human beings.
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Wow! It may be 5 years ago but it feels like yesterday.

I had just stepped out of the shower when my husband called and told me to turn on the TV. I was in shock thinking how do you make such a mistake and crash into a building.

We set up the TV at work and for the most part spent the morning glued to the TV. We live outside a huge Air Force Base and the f-15 and f-16's were taking off every 5 minutes. Our local radio said that our Base was under a threat and everyone needed to stay where they were. They wanted everyone off the roads. I think that is when I freaked out because two of my sons went to school right outside the gate of the base. Which happens to be next to their fuel holding tanks.

I immediately left work and checked two of my sons out of school. We spent the rest of the day glued to the TV hoping to see survivors pulled from the WTC.
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I was in college at the University of Delaware walking to my first class at 9:30. When I got to class, the professor said something about a plane hitting the WTC, but then he went on with class so we didn't think too much about it. After class, all of the TVs in the University buildings were showing the news and students were just staring. I went to my 2 other classes that day because the University was encouraging us to not let the horrible people who did this interfere with our lives and our learning. At night, I went to the school's candlelight vigil on the grass. I spent the night with my boyfriend at the time so I wouldn't be alone, and he offered to pray with me even though he isn't very religious. I was scared that it was only the beginning and that there would be more attacks on the U.S. the next day when I woke up.
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Originally Posted by Satai View Post
I'll be honest, I went cold when I saw this in the Lounge.

I was like, my god, this can't be happening again - it really took a second to realise 'of course it can't be happening again - they're gone.'
Me too. When I saw the thread my heart skipped a beat... then I realized it was impossible that it happen again.

I remember exactly what I was doing that day as well. I had a job interview at a lawyers office downtown. I started getting ready when I woke up that morning so I didn't have the news on as I usually do. On the way to the interview I listened to a cd, so I didn't hear any reports on the radio. I went into the office for my interview and they had the tv on the office. I heard a bit of what had happened, but was called back to the interview before I could learn more. That was the longest interview I had ever been to because I just couldn't wait to get out of there to watch the news. I got to my car as quickly as I could and left. I headed straight to my parents house instead of going to my apartment alone because I was scared and didn't know what was happening. As I was driving I noticed that there wasn't any activity. People weren't walking around in the streets as they normally do downtown. I guess they were glued to the tv as well. I got to my moms and sat down with her to watch the news reports. We didn't even greet each other, no words, we just sat and watched. I called my fiancé who was at work and let him know where I was. They were watching tv there as well. I remember watching them play the video footage over and over again and just crying as I watched everything unfold through the day. I had never before seen something impact our entire country the way it did that day I remember everything seeming so surreal, like it was a dream.
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