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(2001 Thread) Plane just crashed into the world trade center

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OH MY GOSH, it just exploded a second time! A small passenger jet crashed into the north side of one of the towers. How wild is that? Now another plane just ran into it! TWO PLANES have crashed into each of the world trade center towers!!!
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Oh its so awful,British tv are showing the two towers.They seem to think its a terrorists attack.
Oh no another place has been attacked,The Pentagon,Washington DC.I,m so sorry for the people of America,my heart gose out to you
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looks like the Pentagon was attacked as well This means it's a terror act for sure. I wonder who's behind all of this? It's too weird!

I hope all of our American members are safe! We're thinking about you!
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This is so surreal. The poor people around there. Prayers are flying- what a sad state of affairs.
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A mall in WD was also bombed !!

I don't believe it, one plane more crashed in to a building in NY !

I am shocked ! I can't believe it !

Yesterday there was a terorist attack in Turkye, too. A man with explosives all over himself bombed policemen ! But it can't be compared with the tragedy in NY.

One of the buildings which was attacked has crashed down on people on the ground..

I don't know what to say !!
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So horrible! I pray for all of the people who have died today unnecessarily. I'm watching it on MSNBC right now, and saw the 1st building tumble down...... those poor people in the building and everyone around it! I really hope the U.S. does something about it. This is so horrifying & unbelievable
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All United States Airports have been closed! My dad works for a government agency that investigates these situations and my mom just said he called and doesn't know yet if he is going to be sent to investigate. This is just horrible - both the towers have collapsed and there is speculation that there is a third plane in the air in DC that has been hijacked!
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there is a plane en route to the pentagon at this time.
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I am so shocked. My heart goes to all the people living in United States.

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My heart goes out to the people all over. The military family that are now facing the first real threat of war. The people wounded, the people dying, their families, it was said on CNN that there were 4 planes unaccounted for (therefore assumed hijacked) and that three hit their mark and the fourth crashed in PA. Now there are explosions going on and speculation that there are car bombs that are going to continue to go off throughout the day. People are fleeing New York, can you imagine the chaos and the mess? Lord have Mercy on all the souls, and may retribution be swift in coming.
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Terror Attack Destroys Trade Center
The Associated Press
Sep 11 2001 11:20AM

NEW YORK (AP) - In a horrific sequence of destruction, terrorists crashed two planes into the World Trade Center, and the twin 110-story towers collapsed Tuesday morning. Explosions also rocked the Pentagon and spread fear across the nation.
``I have a sense it's a horrendous number of lives lost,'' Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said. ``I don't know yet. Right now we have to focus on saving as many lives as possible.''

Authorities had been trying to evacuate those who work in the twin towers, but many were thought to have been trapped. About 50,000 people work at the Trade Center.

``This is perhaps the most audacious terrorist attack that's ever taken place in the world,'' said Chris Yates, an aviation expert at Jane's Transport in London. ``It takes a logistics operation from the terror group involved that is second to none. Only a very small handful of terror groups is on that list. ... I would name at the top of the list Osama bin Laden.''

President Bush ordered a full-scale investigation to ``hunt down the folks who committed this act.''

Within the hour, an aircraft crashed on a helicopter landing pad near the Pentagon, and the White House, the Pentagon and the Capitol were evacuated.

In Pennsylvania, a large plane, believed to be a Boeing 747, crashed about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. The fate of those aboard was not immediately known and it was not clear if the crash was related to the disasters elsewhere.

Authorities went on alert from coast to coast, halting all air traffic, evacuating high-profile buildings and tightening security at strategic installations. The Situation Room at the White House was in full operation.

``Everyone was screaming, crying, running, cops, people, firefighters, everyone,'' said Mike Smith, a fire marshal. ``It's like a war zone.''

``I just saw the building I work in come down,'' said businessman Gabriel Ioan, shaking in shock outside City Hall, a cloud of smoke and ash from the World Trade Center behind him. ``I just saw the top of Trade Two come down.''

Nearby a crowd mobbed a man on a pay phone, screaming at him to get off the phone so that they could call relatives. Dust and dirt flew everywhere. Ash was 2 to 3 inches deep in places. People wandered dazed and terrified.

Evacuations were ordered at the United Nations in New York and at the Sears Tower in Chicago. Los Angeles mobilized its anti-terrorism division, and security was intensified around the naval facilities in Hampton Roads, Va.

One of the planes that crashed into the Trade Center was American Airlines Flight 11, hijacked after takeoff from Boston en route to Los Angeles, the airline said.

The planes blasted fiery, gaping holes in the upper floors of the twin towers. A witness said he saw bodies falling and people jumping out. About an hour later, the southern tower collapsed with a roar and a huge cloud of smoke; the other tower fell about a half-hour after that, covering lower Manhattan in heaps of gray rubble and broken glass. Firefighters trapped in the rubble radioed for help.

``Today we've had a national tragedy,'' Bush said in Sarasota, Fla. ``Two airplanes have crashed into the World Trade Center in an apparent terrorist attack on our country.'' He said he would be returning immediately to Washington.

The crashes at the World Trade Center happened minutes apart, beginning just before 9 a.m.

Heavy black smoke billowed into the sky above one of New York City's most famous landmarks, and debris rained down on the street, one of the city's busiest work areas. When the second plane hit, a fireball of flame and smoke erupted, leaving a huge hole in the glass and steel tower.

John Axisa, who was getting off a commuter train to the World Trade Center, said he saw ``bodies falling out'' of the building. He said he ran outside, and watched people jump out of the first building. Then there was a second explosion, and he felt heat on the back of neck.

WCBS-TV, citing an FBI agent, said five or six people jumped out of the windows. Witnesses on the street screamed every time another person leaped.

People ran down the stairs in panic and fled the building. Thousands of pieces of what appeared to be office paper drifted over Brooklyn, about three miles away.

Several subway lines were immediately shut down. Trading on Wall Street was suspended. New York's mayoral primary election was postponed. All bridges and tunnels into Manhattan were closed down.

David Reck was handing out literature for a candidate for public advocate a few blocks away when he saw a jet come in ``very low, and then it made a slight twist and dove into the building.''

Terrorist bombers struck the World Trade Center in February 1993, killing six people and injuring more than 1,000 others.

``A second occurrence is just beyond belief,'' said Ira Furber, former National Transportation Safety Board spokesman.

``It's just sick. It just shows how vulnerable we really are,'' Keith Meyers, 39, said in Columbus, Ohio. ``It kind of makes you want to go home and spend time with your family. It puts everything in perspective,'' Meyers said. He said he called to check in with his wife. They have two young children.

In New York, ``we heard a large boom and then we saw all this debris just falling,'' said Harriet Grimm, who was inside a bookstore on the World Trade Center's first floor when the first explosion rocked the building.

``The plane was coming in low and ... it looked like it hit at a slight angle,'' said Sean Murtagh, a CNN vice president, the network reported.

In 1945, an Army Air Corps B-25, a twin-engine bomber, crashed into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building in dense fog.

In Florida, Bush was reading to children in a classroom at 9:05 a.m. when his chief of staff, Andrew Card, whispered into his ear. The president briefly turned somber before he resumed reading. He addressed the tragedy about a half-hour later.

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Attacks Spread Terror Around U.S. Capital
Sep 11 2001 11:04AM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Sen. Chuck Grassley stood outside the U.S. Capitol amid a terrified throng of people evacuated from the building after a number of explosions in the nation's capital.
"I'm asking myself if it can happen in America," the Iowa Republican said. "Obviously it can. It looks like a coordinated effort."

"This is as bad as it gets," added Sen. Bill Frist, a Tennessee Republican. "There's already been two separate instances, there's a likelihood there could be others."

A young congressional aide asked a reporter on the street: "Where should I go? Where should I go? I just heard there was another explosion." The aide was urged to keep and walking away.

An airliner crashed into the Pentagon on Tuesday, setting off a huge explosion and fire, and prompting the immediate evacuation of the headquarters of the American military, officials said. All government buildings later were ordered evacuated as another explosion was reported near the State Department.

At midmorning, an airplane could be heard flying overhead near the Capitol, prompting scores of pedestrians to freeze in their tracks and look skyward for several seconds before the sound faded away.

A tall man in a gray suit led a group of people on the lawn outside the Capitol in prayer and bells on Capitol Hill could be heard playing "America the Beautiful."

At McClure Gerard & Neuenschwander, a lobbying firm two blocs from the Captiol, there was indecision. Some employees began to head to the basement for shelter while other headed for the doors.

"I'm going home," one employee said. "I'm headed out of here."
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Plane Crashes Into Pentagon, White House Evacuated
Sep 11 2001 11:08AM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A plane crash at the Pentagon and a fire near the White House rocked the nation's capital on Tuesday, forcing evacuation of the federal government and sending workers rushing into the streets.
President Bush was not in the city at the time and canceled his planned day in Florida to head back to the capital to take charge.

The Federal Aviation Administration ordered all airplanes across the United States to remain on the ground in the first such national action ever.

"It's clear that this is terrorist-related, we're not sure who is responsible," a U.S. official said. "There was no advance warning of this."

One eyewitness to the Pentagon crash said the plane that crashed appeared to be a commercial airliner that was accelerating as it approached.

"A plane hit the building," David Cook, director of Administration and Management at the Pentagon, the world's biggest office building and home to the Defense Department.


Gray smoke billowed from the five-sided building as the more than 20,000 civilians and military men and women who work in the building streamed into the surrounding parking lots, driven by blue and white strobe alarm lights and wailing signs.

Following direct hits by two airliners into New York's World Trade Center, one into each tower, federal buildings throughout the capital, including the Treasury Department, Congress and the Supreme Court, were evacuated. Security measures were heightened around the city.

When told to evacuate, people raced from buildings instead of casually walking away. Workers downtown left their offices and headed out of the city. Many looked skyward to see if planes were approaching.

A Treasury Department employee, Jim Wilson, said people in his building were very panicky about the incidents in New York and at the Pentagon.

"People were already nervous about the World Trade Center but when they hit the Pentagon, we got really scared," he said.

The White House ordered an evacuation of the White House complex and eyewitnesses said fire trucks surrounded the president's residence as smoke from an undetermined source billowed from outside the grounds on the south side of the complex.

Bush called the events an apparent "terrorist attack" and pledged the U.S. government will "hunt down" those responsible.

More than a dozen fire engines could be seen around the White House. There was no access to Lafayette Square across Pennsylvania Avenue, which was being guarded by officers with sub-machine guns.

The explosion at the Pentagon threw people off their feet inside the building and set off a massive fire, U.S. officials and eyewitnesses said.

Meanwhile in London, an Arab journalist with access to Osama bin Laden said Tuesday that the Saudi dissident warned three weeks ago that he and his followers would carry out an unprecedented attack on U.S. interests for its support of Israel.

Abdel-Bari Atwan, editor of the London-based al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper said Islamic fundamentalists led by bin Laden was "almost certainly" behind the attack of the World Trade Center in New York.
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Plane Crashes South of Pittsburgh
The Associated Press
Sep 11 2001 11:13AM

PITTSBURGH (AP) - A large plane crashed Tuesday morning just north of the Somerset County Airport, airport and county emergency officials said.
The plane, believed to be a 747 jumbo jet, crashed about 10 a.m. about eight miles east of Jennerstown, according to county 911 dispatchers, WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh reported.

Officials weren't saying what airline was involved. It was unclear if the crash was related to the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington.

Sean Cavanaugh, a commissioner in neighboring Fayette County, said his emergency management director, Barney Shipley, advised him that the plane originated in either Cleveland or New York and was bound for Chicago, WPXI reported.

Contrary to earlier reports of the plane being a 767, Cavanaugh said he was told the airplane was a Boeing 747, the largest passenger jet flown domestically.

The Somerset County airport, about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, in a small, rural facility that does not handle such aircraft.

Because of the attacks, the Federal Aviation Administration had ordered all departing flights canceled nationwide, and any planes already in the air were to land a the nearest airport. The plane crashed shortly after the order was issued.

It was not immediately known if the 747 might have been trying to land at the Somerset County airport when the crash occurred.

The crash came the same morning that terrorists crashed two planes into the World Trade Center in New York City and the twin 110-story towers collapsed. Explosions also rocked the Pentagon and the State Department and spread fear across the nation.

There were no other immediate details on the Pennsylvania crash.
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All airports are closed in Canada too, the entire world has been haulted. This is the most terrible and crazy thing that has ever happened. The palastines(?) have declared war on the US. I just don't know what to say...I'm in utter shock
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Oh this is such a tragedy,I,ll hope and pray that all are members are safe and well and thier family and friends.
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This is so unbelievable! If this was a movie I would say it wasn't realistic! They say 25,000 people were at the towers at the time!!! All in all there are probably tens of thousands of casualities! This is much worse the Perl Harbor!

I don't think there will be any swift retribution or any at all. There is no country to wage war upon. These are unidentified terror organizations. Even if you know which organization, there's no one place to attack. We share the frustration. These past few months Israel is trying to fight back by destroying the facilities of the terror organizations, but they just change their location. Whenever the people of these organizations are killed, we are criticized all over the world! This is not simple at all!

Our feelings are with the American people. We know what's it like to be under attack and I wish no other nation would have to be in that place. I will be praying for all those in need tonight.
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Those of you who feel so helpless, you can donate blood. It is very much needed right now. I can't donate mine, but if I could, that is where I would be right now.
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Israel is planning to send a rescue mission. We have a lot of experience in these things and I hope we can help even if only a little bit. I hope other countries will follow. I don't suppose any missions can arrive today, not until they open the US sky again.

By the way, no planes are allowed to land in Israel either. The authorities are concerned that one of the planes that are still missing will be directed towards us.
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Lord Anne, I hope the missing plane isn't headed in your direction. I hope they find it and stop it wherever it is headed. I keep thinking just what AP told me on the phone just now. I keep thinking I will wake up any second and find out I am having a nightmare. They said they have sealed the Mexico/California border as well as the borders into Canada.....
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Here in Houston they have evacuated many downtown business like the Exxon, Shell, Chase buildings and many more. The Transco Tower has also been evacuated - it's the tallest skyscraper west of the Mississippi. The office building I am in is right next to the Transco Tower and we have a voluntary evacuation of our building. I can't believe this is happening.
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Palestinians in Lebanon fire with joy at anti-US attacks
AIN AL-HELWEH, Lebanon, Sept 11 (AFP) -

Dozens of Palestinian refugees fired into the air with joy Tuesday at news of apparent anti-US terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, AFP correspondents witnessed.

Guerrillas in military fatigues from various factions fired assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades into the air in the Ain al-Helweh refugee camp at the outskirts of the southern port city of Sidon, one correspondent said.

Camp residents, some still in pajamas, interrupted afternoon rests to rush down to the streets and fire assault rifles into the air, they said.

At the Shatila refugee camp in Beirut, Palestinian fighters also went out to the streets as soon as they heard the news from their television sets to fire into the air with joy, an AFP correspondent said.
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So are Palestinians in East Jerusalem and in the territories. They are giving free candy on the streets

And we're supposed to acheive peace with these people
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This is such a travesty!! All I wanted to do this morning was cry when I heard the news. Now I am stuck here at work listening to the radio. I really wish I were home with my family at this point. The boss here thinks I'm nuts to want to go home, "There's no reason for them to attack us here in Utah... blah blah blah" It doesn't matter... this is an attack on everyone and it's such a solemn day! I just want to be home now!
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Vlinder, if you're like me, you might as well be home. I can't concentrate on anything except the attacks. I've spent the whole morning surfing the news web sites and listening to the radio.

My thoughts go out to everyone who has been impacted by these horrorific events and to Anne and others who have to face terrorism on a daily basis.

Sigh.....can't we think of a better way to settle our differences.
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There is no way that life will ever get back to normal after all of this. Not that it was normal to begin with.
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Yes lotsocats, not only have I been surfing the web constatly since coming in this morning.. but now they've cancelled all courier deliveries and that basically puts my job at a stand-still. I can get file ready to go but I can't send anything. All I can do for the next 5 hours is answer phones and keep on listening to what may happen next.

Do you think something else will happen?? Perhaps later today, tomorrow etc, by this same group? I talked with my brother and you know what has impressed me SO much about this is the one brave statement Japan came forward with by declaring that "this act on the U.S. was cowardly!" Now I know the past is the past, and times have changed, but it was just so neat to see the light in this nation who once bombed us at Pearl Harbor in almost the same fashion! I am so proud of Japan's words, it really touched my soul.
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Bush: U.S. Will Find Attackers
The Associated Press
Sep 11 2001 1:17PM

BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, La. (AP) - As chaos unhinged New York and Washington, President Bush commanded the full force of the United States government to ``hunt down and to find'' the terrorists responsible.
``Terrorism against our nation will not stand,'' he declared Tuesday.

In Florida for a pair of education speeches, the president scrapped his schedule and said, at the first reports of attacks on New York's World Trade Center, that he was hastening back to Washington.

But, with the White House evacuated under threat of attack and his wife hunkered down in an unidentified secure location, the president and Air Force One were rerouted - under escort by military fighter jets - to this Louisiana air base.

In a conference room dotted by portraits of decorated Air Force officers, the commander in chief announced that the U.S. military was on ``high-alert status.''

``Freedom itself was attacked this morning and I assure you freedom will be defended. Make no mistake. The United States will hunt down and pursue those responsible for these cowardly actions,'' Bush said.

First lady Laura Bush spoke with her husband by a secure military phone line before he took off from Sarasota, Fla.

Mrs. Bush and a handful of aides were whisked by motorcade from Capitol Hill, where she was to have testified to a Senate committee on education, to a hide-out away from the White House. There, the sequestered group huddled around a single TV in their hide-out and channel-surfed for the latest news, according to one person in the group.

Mrs. Bush also checked with her twin daughters at college to make sure they were safe.
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Apparent Terror Attacks Hit D.C.
The Associated Press
Sep 11 2001 1:34PM

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Pentagon took a direct, devastating hit from an aircraft and the enduring symbols of American power were evacuated Tuesday as an apparent terrorist attack quickly spread fear and chaos in the nation's capital.
President Bush ordered the nation's military to ``high-alert status,'' and vowed to ``hunt down and punish those responsible'' for the attacks in Washington and New York, where the World Trade Center was devastated with a heavy loss of life.

The president was in Florida at the time of the attack, and was flown at midday to the safety of a military installation, Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. The top leaders of Congress were led to the safety of an undisclosed location, and military aircraft were reported patrolling the skies above the capital.

The nerve center of the nation's military burst into flames and a portion of one side of the five-sided structure collapsed when the plane struck in midmorning. Secondary explosions were reported in the aftermath of the attack and great billows of smoke drifted skyward toward the Potomac River and the city beyond.

At midday, local hospitals reporting receiving 40 victims of the attack, with seven patients in critical condition admitted to one facility for treatment of burns.

``The whole building shook'' with the impact, said Terry Yonkers, an Air Force civilian employee at work inside the Pentagon at the time of the attack. ``There was screaming and pandemonium,'' he said, but the evacuation ordered shortly afterward was carried out smoothly.

Vice President Dick Cheney was in Washington and he and first lady Laura Bush were taken to an undisclosed secure location, officials said. Congressional leaders were hustled away from the Capitol to safety.

``The leadership of the Defense Department is OK. The secretary (Donald H. Rumsfeld) is OK,'' Pentagon spokesman Glenn Flood told reporters.

Authorities immediately began deploying troops, including a regiment of light infantry, in response to an attack for which they said there had been no advance warning.

The departments of Justice, State, Treasury and Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency were evacuated - an estimated 20,000 at the Pentagon alone. Agents with automatic weapons patrolled the White House grounds.

And the FAA ordered the entire nationwide air traffic system shut down for the first time in history.

There was no attempt to minimize the impact.

``This is the second Pearl Harbor. I don't think that I overstate it,'' said Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., referring to the attack 60 years ago that surprised the nation's intelligence apparatus and propelled the country into World War II.

With Bush away from the capital, his advisers were preparing a list of options, including closing the nation's borders, according to a senior U.S. official.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said it was premature to discuss military options because investigators were still trying to determine who was responsible for the attacks.

Away from the Pentagon, unexplained explosions were reported in the vicinity of the State Department and the Capitol.

A torrent of people rushed from their office buildings throughout the nation's capital, eager to leave a city under siege. The cell phone networks were overloaded, clusters of people sprayed on the sidewalks and at least one suburban school district announced plans to close early.

The Pentagon was hit a short while after the World Trade Center was struck. a plane, described by witnesses as a jetliner, made impact in the portion of the building on side opposite from where Rumsfeld's office are located.

Paul Begala, a Democratic consultant, said he witnessed an explosion near the Pentagon, saying it sent a huge, orange fireball skyward.

AP reporter Dave Winslow also saw the crash. He said, ``I saw the tail of a large airliner. ... It plowed right into the Pentagon.''

Gen. Richard Myers, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that prior to the crash into the Pentagon, military officials had been notified that another hijacked plane had been heading from the New York area to Washington. He said he assumed that hijacked plane was the one that hit the Pentagon, though he couldn't be sure.

One of two planes that crashed into the World Trade Center was hijacked after takeoff from Boston and headed to Los Angeles with 92 aboard, American Airlines disclosed.

The second plane may have flown out of Newark, N.J., the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Asked if there was any possibility the crashes were anything other than deliberate, a government official said it appeared not to be an accident.
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New York Primary Election Called Off
Sep 11 2001 12:31PM

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The New York City primary election was called off on Tuesday after an attack that collapsed both massive towers of the city's World Trade Center.
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani told local broadcaster NY1 that he called off the election after consulting with the governor of New York, and they will decide later when it will be rescheduled.

The mayor said that all available police and fire personnel have been deployed to Lower Manhattan to aid in rescue operations and it would be impossible to go ahead with the election in the immediate wake of the attack.

Among the key races in the poll where Democratic and Republican party primaries to elect candidates to replace Giuliani, who cannot seek re-election because of term limits.

Five candidates are vying for the Democratic nomination in a closely watched race that is likely to produce the next mayor in the predominantly Democratic city of 8 million people.

Two candidates, including media mogul Michael Bloomberg, are competing for the Republican nomination. Polls during the summer showed nearly all of the Democrats defeating either of the Republicans in a face-to-face contest.

After months of tepid campaigning among the candidates, who are promoting similar agendas to keep down crime rates and boost public education, both races heated up on Sunday during a final round of public debates.
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