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Best Harness for Cats?

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Hi there,

I would like to build an enclosure for george, but we have some other things that have to get done around the house- so we may have to wait a bit on building the enclosure, however he just wants to be outside so bad!!! I am considering trying a harness for the backyard and see if that makes him a little happier.

What do people consider the best harness to be? How much lead should you give them? Any and all tips are very much appreciated!

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There is another thread about with a great harness called Safkat. This is the link http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...ghlight=safkat
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I'm probably an overprotective mom, but even with a harness I would not let our fur baby out unsupervised, especially if he was tied up to something to prevent him from straying. I worry that some fool would have their dog unleashed and our kitten wouldn't have a chance if the dog attacked. He's so small he wouldn't be more than a mouthful.

He's also so very curious I'm concerned a squirrel or wild rabbit (we have both in our yard) could get close enough to bite him and possibly cause a serious infection or even something worse. I do let him out on a lead but only if I'm out with him. I put his blanket on the deck and he can come up to lay on it when he wants a break from exploring.

I was also advised not to let him outside until after he had received all his shots.
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I have a harnass for Charlie and on nice days he gets at least 30 minutes outside time with me. I have a long rope, so he can check out the whole yard, but I always have an eye on where he is and what he's up to. I also have a harnass for Tristan so the two can be outside together, but it's going to take some time for Tristan to adjust to the harnass (throws him off balance - he's missing a leg). Charlie adjusted pretty quickly though - we started with just a regular leash, so he coudln't go far without being reminded that he's not free to do as he pleases, and so now on the rope, though he has LOTS of length, he never forgets himself and runs after a bird or another cat. And he knows if he's scared by something, to run back to me.

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One of our members found that a harness designed for ferrets and rabbits was perfect for her cat.
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I have heard that the figure eight harnesses designed for cats aren't much good, and that a cat can easily escape from one. The "H" style harnesses made for dogs seem to work better, with less chance of escape. I have also seen a 'walking jacket' made for cats, which works exactly like it sounds it would. No matter what you use, I wouldn't think leaving a cat outside unsupervised wearing a harness would be wise.
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The are "H" style harnasses made for cats - I got one from my vet for my kitten (who is missing a front leg and definitley didn't work well with a figrue 8 harnass - which my older cat is best with)

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