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Think of all the animals whose people won't be coming home tonight.

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I get teary thinking of all the cats and dogs (and other critters and children) whose people won't be home tonight. I hope the Humane Society in New York can rescue the animals of all the people who were killed and injured this morning.

How can these people call themselves human?
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I can't stop thinking about the kids whose parents won't be coming home tonight.

they just had a guy on the news who works at the pentagon who has a 14 year old daughter, and he was saying that a lot of her friends parents work at the pentagon are still waiting to hear if their parents were killed.

I am numb
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What AP said

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There will be people alerted that live near the victims and they will be numb and wanting to help, so how not to help better than to take in the animals that are stranded? But the kids, my heart aches for the children and my prayers go out to them and to those parents whose kids have been killed. It is all so unfathomable to even think about. Happening right here in America------
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Lotsocats.....the same thought went through my mind earlier today also....it is most horrendous that many children won't have their parents come home tonight...that is the worst of the two, but I also wondered how many cats/dogs ect....will be left homeless by this, and may starve to death before anyone finds them.
Some people may find my concern for the pets a bit meaningless and petty in light of the whole disaster.....but I still feel that way....I was thinking today about what if I were one of the ones killed.....I have so many pets who rely on me, and I don't know what would happen to them.
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But you are talking about New York City where people virtually live on top of each other. I really don't think that any animal will be stranded for to long, because this is such a momumental catastrophe. I heard Animal Planet is sending a convoy down so that they can start saving the animals that might be stuck, they send their huge semi and the vet and the whole crew in to take stock and to help. The fact that there are thousands that are dead, shows that this will not be a small feat at all.
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well that's good to know.
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I, too, have been thinking about all the animals who have lost loved ones today. Usually, we tend to think of it the other way round; but now, even if the animals are rescued, their lives are forever changed. This is a horrible day.

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lotsocats,that was very kind and thoughtful of you to start a thread about the animals that may also be suffering.

Only this morning I was telling my cat Felix and my guinea pigs,what a cruel world it can be,I know they don't really understand (its just as well)but I like to think they do a little.Animals as well as humans can be very comforting,even more so in times of worry.

Its so heartbreaking that people have lost thier loved ones,as a nation England is also in mourning
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Here is some info on the animal situation

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Sandie, thanks so much for posting this!
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I got information over the Courant's fax machine for people who want to send donations to help all the animals who have been separated from their humans.


Address to send donations is:

The ASPCA Animal Disaster Relif Fund
424 East 92nd Street
New York, NY 10128

Phone: 212-876-7700, x4516
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