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My cat Daisy

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I am new here , so hi everyone.

Daisy is almost 2 years old and for the last 3 months has had an ear infection that will not go away for any good length of time. Two times on Clavamox
an antibiotic , ear drops 3 times, and now possibly surgery. Has anyone had this experience? I am so afraid the trauma of the operation will be too much for her. She is a very timid , sweet thing and rather fearful of almost anything new or other people.

Any advice would really be appreciated. We go to the vet again next week and I want to know how to prepare all of us , if surgery is the only option

Thanks ahead of time
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Some things you might have the vet check if he hasn't already. Thyroid levels, check for feline leukemia and FIV and also diabetis. Cats aren't that prone to chronic ear infections so you want to rule out other things that could be making the ears flare up. Also is it possible there is a tick burrowed in the ear canal?
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my older cat Pepper had surgery on her ear for infection, my vet wanted to 'hack' into her ear but I went to a local vet hospital college and got a 2nd opinion, they used a laser and went down her ear without having to make a incision. Recouperation was faster and a laser cauterizes so ther is no bleeding. It pays to get a 2nd opinion
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