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Tiki's new hairdo!

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Miss Tiki got a new do today! She was really matted up & since she refuses to get combed out, I had no other choice but to have her shaved. I hated to see her beautiful coat gone, but I'm hoping that while it is growing out I can get her used to being combed & bathed.

Anyway, I dropped her off this morning before work & picked her up right afterward. I really didn't look too much at her while we were at the office. I just wanted to get her home soon since she doesn't like being away from her safe haven. Well, I just about laughed my butt off when I got home! She walked out of her carrier & the only thing I could say was "Oh my God Tiki...you're naked!" She looks so silly & she knows it! She didn't want her picture taken for anything tonight & that's unusual for her. Poor baby...I'm sure she's embarrassed!

Well...here's a few shots that I got of her tonight. They didn't turn out very well, but it's the best I've got right now. I noticed that her skin is a little red from being shaved....hopefully it won't turn into a rash or anything.

Here's Tiki...zonked out for the night after such a hard day!

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Does the phrase "PI$$ED OFF" ring a bell?

Miss Tiki will get over it.
She may not let YOU forget it for 10 years or so, but she'll get over it.


Looks like they got a little "close" (A.K.A might be a burn) with the clippers. (Looked a little red to me.)

Neosporin on the site, and If this is a burn like I suspect it is......time to talk to the groomer.....ie;

Might be time to find a new groomer.
A Thought.

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Oh, poor Tiki. We won't tell her you posted her pics, wouldn't want to embarrass her! Hope you'll show us pictures as her beautiful hair grows back! Stephanie
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Tiki looks so mad, and Echo looks like he doesn't reconize her!! What a poor cat, but it should be nice and cool for the summer.
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She looks well ticked off!

She's curled up so tight as if she's in a huff with your big style

And i love the last one " Do i look thrilled? "

Ouch, the redness look like me after a bikini wax!
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Oh Shell she looks gorgeous!! I wouldn't worry about the reddning, our cats always have that after a shave. More pics!
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OMG! Shell...she is just so loveable looking still....that last pic you should submit for Caption This!!
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poor baby...she is curled up so tight as if she is trying to stay warm.......you gotta do what ya gotta do to help your kitty with her grooming.
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Tiki looks so cute!!!
It's funny that you should post this picture, my cat Crystal had a mat in her fur the other day and I was threatening her I was gonna get her the lion cut!

(Crystal is a silver persian too!)
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Shell , Tiki looks so cute in that Lion cut . I love it Don't worry , she will get over it and feel better too
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OOH...I think this is called a "lion cut"? I actually think Tiki looks gorgeous...it emphasizes her lovely face and makes her tail look even more magnificent.

I frankly have a Curl with a coat like a sheep (Rachel the amazing "peeping" curl) who I think is destined for a similar shave job!
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Tiki is a beauty even without her coat.

Shell, I hope you don't mind if I give you a couple suggestions. I have a little bit of experience with cats who don't like to be combed! Hallie is one of them. I think because of the PKD that maybe she's more sensitive or something. Anyway.... maybe try just combing the non-matted areas for just a few seconds and gradually build up the amount of time you spend combing her over the months her fur is growing back out. When she does get a mat, pick it apart with your fingers before pulling a comb through it. I either hold Hallie or set her on the bed and kind of cradle her in my arms while I'm doing this. It takes her awhile to figure out I'm pulling mats apart and not only giving her love (although I'm loving her too!) Most times, gently pulling the mats apart gets them completely out. Then I just comb through quickly to get out any loose hair left behind. But the real trick to combing a cat that hates it is to not spend a lot of time doing it. Just a minute or two every day can be sufficient and not stress them. Then I also use a soft bristle brush and gently brush them for a minute or two every day. Or for as long as she tolerates it. I sure know how frustrating it is to have a long haired kitty that doesn't want to be groomed though!

I've been thinking about having Hallie's belly shaved. If it's done right, you don't notice it and it sure would make things easier. She's to the point where she'll let me comb/brush and pick mats most places but her belly. I think it's just too sensitive, especially around the kidneys (because of her condition).
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Shell- She's beautiful, but boy does she look mad It looks like she is doing everything she can to keep her face buried, as though she thinks 'if you can't see my face, you can't prove it's me'
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