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Well, since Marshy passed on to Rainbow Bridge Josh and I have decided that Graham needed a playmate. We were going to go to the humane society and pick out a cat during the next few weeks, but another stray came into our lives.

Cirrus (like the cloud) is a one year old, all white, blue eyed (but hearing), domestic short hair... with maybe a touch of Siamese in him. We trapped him today and he's home with us tonight.

He behaves like Marshy... whines like Graham. I can't help but think that Marshy had his paw in on this. It makes me uncontrolably happy and sad at the same time.

I'll post pics as soon as my sister comes up with her digital camera.
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aww.... Jillian good luck with Cirrius cool name by the way. Would like to see pics of the little guy when you can. No hurry though.
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Jillian, you guys just have hearts of gold! I think you're right, Marshy guided this little guy to you, and you to him.
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Glad to hear there's a new member of your fur family. Neat name! And he sounds lovely. He'll never be Marshy, but he'll help heal the hole in your hearts. Looking forward to pics. Congratulations.
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Cirrus is such a nice name. I can't wait to see him.
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Awwwww thats so sweet. No fur baby will ever take Marshy's place, but little Cirrus will give you just as much pleasure i'm sure.

Look forward to seeing pics of him
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Can't wait to see pics!! WOohoo!
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thats so good of you to take him in. i cant wait to see pics
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I am so happy for you Jill . I can't wait to see him .
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Ahhhhh - I know Marshy had something to do with it - he knows the value of a good home!!

Cirrus is such a lucky kitty to have found you!!! Looking forward to many and I mean many pics of the little guy!
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Oh congratulations! Yep... I'm sure Marshy sent Cirrus to you from Heaven. Please make sure to post pictures asap!!
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Congratulations on your new addition! So how's Cirrus adjusting to his new environment? How about Graham? Look forward to seeing pics!
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Cirrus is adorable.... I just got to see him tonight. I'll have to crop the pictures of him (and Graham as his photos were never really put up either) so Jillian can post them. He's a little sweetie. So far, he reminds me a lot of Marshy.
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Cirrus is doing really well. He is such a little lovebug!!! He has the run of the two bedrooms, while Graham has the run of the rest of the apartment. Cirrus seems to be really, really happy to be part of a family that loves him.

Graham is still lonely. We haven't gotten very far into the introduction process yet, which is good, since it has only been two days since we got Cirrus... but, that means that the two of them are alone most of the day. When Josh and I are home we alternate between the two of them.

Josh always gets angry with me because the cats like to cuddle up with me and not him. This time I told him that he should stay with Cirrus at night while the boys are seperated (usually I would because new kitties tend to keep one awake at night). Although he hasn't slept too well the past two night, Josh is really happy because Cirrus will snuggle up right next to him and stay there for the entire night (or he did all night last night anyway). Graham and I have been sleeping on the couch. I can't wait until we can all sleep together in one, not so big, bed.

As a side note, Jennifer (jgaruba), made Josh and me a picture collage of Marshmallow. It makes me happy and it makes me sad. It really is wonderful though... I wish Josh and I could decide on where to hang it up already.

Thanks for all of the replies (=

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So, I guess that answers my question...LOL...I posted in another thread in Feedback if you and Jen were sisters or related in someway! Are you two sisters?
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Yuppers... she's my big sister. (=
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Congratulations on your newest family member.
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Originally Posted by Jillian
Yuppers... she's my big sister. (=

That's so neat! I wish my sister was into cats more like I am...I can see the resemblance in the pics you have in the member's gallery!
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Your picture collage must be priceless and so special for you. You will certainly find the perfect location to place it.
Sorry Graham is still feeling a bit lonely. Sounds like you are doing such a good job continuing to give him special love.

(I don't have a sister. Maybe that's why I feel everyone here at TCS is so much like family! )
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