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How did you find "the cat site"??

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I think I did a random search for feral cats and one of the posts came up. I love this site and recommmend it to sooo many people on a daily basis.

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I don't remember now what the cat question was that I had, but I googled it, and one of the hits was TCS, and the rest is history. Why would anybody ever leave this place once they found it?
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I was a member of another cat site, but looking for 'the right one'. I did a search on Ask Jeeves and found The Cat Site.
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i was doing a search on cat care, when i came across this site now id never leave this place, it is the best by far and i love it here
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I was looking for articles on hand-raising orphaned kittens and one of the ask Jeeves results was for TCS.
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It's sad...I don't remember...and it was less than 2 months ago.

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I found it surfing around on the net looking for Information on geriatric cats.

Glad I did too. Sue and I both enjoy this place immensely.

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I Googled: Dieting for fat cats!.....still working on that problem, but we love TCS!!
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It was a referral by another board completely different from cats. I was a member of a wedding board just before I got married and then haunted it for a little while after but felt silly since I was already married.

Anywho, Oscar had surgery on May 28th last year latter on then next day he had popped a stitch and was bleeding. It was kind of late at night and I was frantic I didn't know what to do. Somone on that wedding board suggested that I come here to get answers for my baby boy. Everyone was so helpful and didn't make fun or flame me cause I didn't know what to do for him. They got me calmed down and made me feel very welcome here so I have been haunting this board ever since
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I clicked a "Pets and Animals - Cats" link, in my ISP's directory and this was the first site listed. 2 1/2 years, later - here I still be! I DID go check out a dog site but, I didn't like it.
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I googled a cat question and TCS was the most imformative site that I found. I will never leave this place, I love it!
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I searched in Yahoo "Cat Forums", and the first listing was www.thecatsite.com. I haven't yet left.
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A number of years ago, when this site was very young, Anne was writing a 'cat tip of the day' for a service that I received in my email each day. I followed the link to TCS from there, and I have been here ever since.
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A friend of mine, who knows how much I love cats, sent me a cyber greeting card from here. That's how I found this site.
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I put "introducing a new cat" into a search and this was the most useful site I found. I recommend it to everyone now.
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Although i'm a member of a really small one in the UK, i was also on another in the USA, which was a good site but no where near as good as TCS.

The reason i left was because there was too many callous people coming on to the site saying what they wanted to do with cats just to wind the members up .

I used to tell the members to ignore them and to not reply as this is what they wanted. I also sent e-mails asking a moderator to stop the idiots in question because it was really upsetting a lot of people but nothing came of it, so i'd had enough and started tapping the keyboard at random and found TCS

Then i got an e-mail from one of the mods a few weeks ago saying they had missed me and hoped i would be back- Yeah when hell freezes over!!!
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I found it threw google .....I typed in cats ...it was the frist one listed...and I decided this was the site for me
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I was searching for something on feral cats. Googled feral cats and kidney problems, I think. I was happy to find other people who are as "weird" as I am.
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Another one that found the site through Google.
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I wish I could give you an original story but I found TCS through.......... Google!!!!!
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Thank you everyone for sharing this!

Please help us by sending more people our way! If you have a website than a link would be appreciated!
Or maybe you can print out our leaflet (thanks again Kim for designing it!)
http://www.kittybytes.com/Catflyer3.pdf and post it wherever you think cat lovers might see it - your vet's office, the library or a local pet shop (please don't forget to ask for permission first).

Thank you!!!
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Thanks for the link Anne , I just print one copy out
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I was on the other board. Someone mentioned about this and I came here.
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I really am not sure how I found this site. it's been so long and my memory is really bad.( and I'm only 35! ) But suffice it to say, I'll be here for as long as Anne has it up and running! it's a fantastic site! the best one I've ever been on.
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Huh, funny, I figured that more people would say they found the site like I had -- when guest expert Becky Robinson was online here, I heard about it from the Alley Cat Allies (ACA) site, came to visit, and couldn't stand to leave! :-)

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I did a GIS on cat tips, and it came up. I've been addicted to the forums for the past couple of days, and have even purchased a few products last night based on the reviews.

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Anne...I always shamelessly plug this site....I have it linked on my site and I always refer people here from Petfinder, Craigslist, Fancy Cats, Best Friends.

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I think I was just searching for 'cat forums' and this one came up.. looked very cool so I decided to try it out
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