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Hi I'm new tonight!

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I posted a long piece about my newly found cat's change in personality and it's all very sad, but after reading lots of postings tonight, I thought I'd share some happy cat news!
A couple of months ago I was walking by a dumpster when I heard tiny crying. My friend and I stopped and called to the kitty who came running right out from behind the locked dumspter gates. She was really young and very skinny. As it turns out she was also newly pregnant, so I guess a little oder than I thought (I would have guessed her at 4-5 months). Since I believe in spaying and neutering my cats, I've never had the excitement of having kittens. I used to even ask at shelters if they had any pregnant kitties for adoption.
Anyway, I named her April (my friend's name who was with me at the time), and brough her home. I didn't know she was pregnant at first, but she was so sweet, soaking up the love and increasing amounts of food. She is black and white short hair and has the cutest little "facie". I was loving on her and she seemed to be very comfortable from the minute we brought her home, very happy to have a home. She start plumping up (I though it was just the food since she was young), and then it because apparent she was pregnant. My son and I were so excited we could barely contain ourselves. She seemed very content. I held her, kissed her, rubbed her, loved her and constantly told her I was falling in love and I would make sure she had a wonderful pregnancy unlike what it would have been if she was a stray. We totally bonded over the next several weeks, by leaps and bounds. My vet told me I should get over wanting to share her big moment except lookin in on her a couple of times, and I said, "No way! I've waited for 30 years of cat ownership to experience this and I've never seen anything born (including a baby anything). So the night that the Friend's finale was on and the girl who was having a baby for Chandler and Monica had delivered the first of two, April jumped up on the couch, buried her head in my chest and delivered a loud "m-e-O-WWW" I told my husband I thought she might be in labor. She did it a couple more times and then we were sure when I touched between her legs and she was wet. I gently picked her up and told my husband it was TIME. We ran upstairs with her and I had just set the big soft-sided suitcase in place the day before. We hadn't stock the clean towels and the little sucker thing in case one of the babies needed it. As soon as I put her in her clean box she jumped right back out and laid between my outstretched legs on the floor and got as close to me as she could, giving me those meows. So I said, What wuold I want if I were having painful contractions? I could give her pain killers, so I just started cooing to her and petting her constantly, rubbing her back, etc. Within a minute of laying in front of me she was puching her legs and out popped a baby! I picked the baby and placenta up (armed with knowledge of what to do in case she didnt' know because she was young) and place it right in front of her. She did everything just right. I petted her for about 45-60 minutes wondering if she was having trouble. Finally #2 kitty arrived and immediately #3 appeared. After an hour or so we thought we was done and went to bed. But, being a nervous Mom as I am, I got back up to peek in on her and I counted. There were 4! I tolf my husband to get back up, that she wasn't done yet. A little while later she had #5. I fell asleep with her. I put her and the babies in the little suitcase bed and when my husband found me the next morning, I had fallen asleep with my head on the edge of the suitcase and my arm in the waterbowl! All babies lookedhealthy and I took them to the vet because I had concerns about two of them, which turned out to be just fine. They are all varying shades of gray, pretty unlike any I've ever seen before, They are 90% gray, one with a small white streak on his nose, the runt who is the lightest and ALL gray, one the little chubby baby with a dark gray head who thrusts his tongue out most of the time and two others with slightly darker heads. Most of them have some white on their bellies and all but the darkest headed one have white paws! I want to keep one or two, but I am re-intriducing a traumatized cat into out household and am not sure it will work,BUT.... I am keeping the momma. Our relationship has risen to a whole new level. I like lots of attention from my kitties and don't always get it, but this one is the sweetest little thing EVER!!! She buts heads and kisses and lets me hold and pet her for hours! She is one of two of the most affectionate cats I've ever had! She is wonderful and I am so glad I found her! She even jumps on the back of my chair when I'm trying to type on the computer, so much that I have to stop and give loves, like right now!
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Welcome to TCS, Lorie and April! April sounds like such a sweet, affectionate baby! You were so wonderful to rescue her, and it's sounds as if the two of you have a very close relationship! I bet her kittens are just adorable! I'm sure that now you will have April spayed since you are such a responsible, loving meowmy. Would love to see pictures! Look forward to seeing you around!
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Welcome to the site!! Congratulations Grand-meow! April sounds like a wonderful companion, how wonderful that you brought her in off the streets into such a loving home.
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Awww Lorie what a wonderful story Welcome to the site How wonderful it was of you to bring April home and take care of her and her babies. I bet they are just precious. We can't wait to see pictures!
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Welcome to TCS.

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welcome to TCS
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Welcome to TCS, can't wait to see pictures!
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Welcome to the site.
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Welcome to TCS.
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Oh wow! I love that story Lorie! April sounds like a godsend!
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Welcome to TCS. Loved to read your story.
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Welcome to the site Lorie and April! Hope you enjoy your stay here.

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welcome tot he site she sounds very sweet
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What a wonderful story. How lucky you and April are to have found each other. I had one cat like that many years ago, and I haven't stop missing her to this day. I love our current baby, but no fur baby has even come close to duplicating the bond we had.

Enjoy each other!
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