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Winnie, my in-laws cat

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Have I ever shown you guys the little darling that started the naming trend for my cats? My M.I.L. picked her up from a free litter from some lady. She was the runt of the litter and had to be bottle fed for a little time. She is a little bit of a mixed thing with a snaggle tooth, who LOVES to be vacuumed, doesn't eat treats, and it totally content to just sit on you all day while you pet her. And when she was fixed, the medication mixed her up so much that for three days she did nothing but walk backwards! She is the sweetest of things, totally unlike any other cat I've seen.

I took these pics last night while I was housesitting.

See her snaggle tooth?

See all the fur I combed off of her?! Isn't that crazy? She sheds more than all my cats put together I'm sure. And I tried to give her treats here but she wouldn't have any of it.

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Hey, Tamme! You got enough hair there to knit yourself another kitten!

Winnie's a sweetie. That first picture is priceless. Thanks for sharing her.
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Winnie is beautiful and she sounds a darling. Good photos.
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What gorgeous huge eyes Winnie has!.
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Well, isn't Winnie just the sweetest little girl! Such a characteristic cute little snaggle tooth!
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she is so cute, she has lovely eyes
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OMG she's so darn cute! And she's got that little mischievious grin on her face!
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thanks guys! She's a real sweetheart. She walks kinda lopsided and has the funniest purr.

Definitely effects from being taken away from her mom to early and being the runt of the litter, you think?
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That first one cracked me up so much!!! She is cute, and wow all that fur is crazy!!!!! I thought Emmett's brushing was bad, that is nuts!!!
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