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New and my girls prego!

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Hey everyone! I just stumbled on to this site and it seems that all of you know what your talking about! So I thought I would post to see if any of you could help me out. My cat Wilma is pregnant, I have no clue as to how far along I am was hoping someone here could give me an idea. she just started getting a belly about a a week to 2 weeks ago. She's has also been sleeping alot more lately and really cuddlely. I just want to know when I should expect these kittens to arive?? anyway thanks in advance

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Hi Mikey and welcome to TCS

This thread has some good information and links for you to read. The initial question is aobut a feral cat but the info applies to a domestic cat.

If you noticed her abdomen looking larger 1-2 weeks ago, my guess is she is probably about 5 weeks along. A normal pregnancy is 63-65 days long.

During the last 2 weeks of pregnancy, she will have a hard time finding a comfortable position to lie in and may either want to be on her own or not let you out of her sight. At about the 7th week, her nipples will enlarge and at around 60 days, milk may be present.

You'll know she has gone into the first stage of labour when she becomes restless, starts 'nesting', licks her genital area frequently and may have a loss of interest in food.

Once she has her kittens and they are weaned, please get Wilma spayed.
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Welcome to TCS, Mikey and Wilma! You've definitely come to the right place for answers!
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Well I did take a look at that thread LOTS of good info!!!! No worries about getting her spayed! I wanted to get her spayed as soon as I started suspecting she was pregnant but my Wife wouldn't let me do a "kitty abortion". so we are going to wait until they are weaned.

Just out of curiosity......Did you guys know that it was possiable for a male cat who was just recently Clipped to still beable to get a Girl Pregnant???? I had no clue!!!! Fred is our male Tabby and the Daddy of the expectant kitties. We got him a few months ago from a friend and got him snipped. But that didn't Stop him. Knowing that Wilma has only had contact with Fred and no other cat. I started doing a little research and found out that some of his little men are still active for a little while after getting neutered. So.......anyway!! Thanks for all the info! it is greatly needed and appriciated!!
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Welcome to the site Mikey! I wish you the best with Wilma's upcoming litter.
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Mikey...please check to make sure that Fred is actually "fixed". There was a situation very similiar where someone thought her male was fixed but as it turned out..he wasn' please have him checked over by your vet.

Welcome to the site.

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Thank you everyone! Katie I am pretty sure he is unless my Vet didn't do it.........Since we are the ones who took him in to get it done. Man I sure hope I didn't pay out to have him do nothing. Think I should take him to a different vet to find out??
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hello mikey and welcome to the site
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Mikey..I'd make sure that your vet got everything. Cats that are completely fixed should have no capability of creating litters. Are you sure that Fred is the father?? Has Wilma been around any other males?? Was Wilma around Fred "before" he was fixed?? Just more questions to consider.

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You can have him checked, but I understand the same thing...that male cats can successfully mate for a little while after the neuter. The reason is because there is still active sperm in the tubes, so while the testicals are removed not every portion is. If I remember right, they can stay fertile for up to a week or so??? (They give the same instructions to men who have vasectomies...that they can still be fertile for a while after the operation. )
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Some body told me that they can still make kittens for a few month , I may be wrong though . I think up to 3 month ??? As I said I may be wrong and I never ask a vet .
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That's interesting valanhb..I wasn't aware of anything along those lines. I guess because my girl was fixed before my boy...I never had to worry about that.

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In rabbits, the male is still fertile for up to six weeks after a neuter! With cats, it is up to a week as there can be still living sperm in the vas deferens.
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Welcome and good luck with the soon-to-be-new litter!
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Wow Thanks What a friendly site!!!! Fred was actually taken to the vet before he even came to our house. The one thing I didn't want was baby kitties......but now they are on the way I am getting excited and nervous. The only reason Wilma was never spayed was because I had no intention of getting any other cats but goes to show how well a master plan works anyway, Thanks again everyone for the wonderful welcome and the info!!
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welcome tot eh site
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Welcome to TCS.
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