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What is really scary

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Is that our strategists (most of them anyway) are in Montery CA at some sort of meeting. So the FBI and the CIA are basically chasing their tails because there leaders are incommunicado....
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I heard that they are in Monterey for field exercises.
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have they had a press conference yet? I haven't heard anything from these guys at this time. Has anyone else? Did I just miss it?
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The latest word I heard on this is that the FBI and CIA are "Accessing" and "Regrouping". That is scary because it is this infernal characteristic they have for over analizing instead of acting that will screw around and loose us any early strike advantage we may have. . . .

To H__L with being "Politically Correct" all the time, also!! That is part of what is at fault for how come Sadim Hassein (sp/but you know who I mean) is still breathing!
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Here it is, after ten o'clock in the evening; and although it's been more than 32 years since I worked in military intelligence I can vividly imagine the maximum effort now taking place on the part of every analyst, cryptologist and linguist at the National Security Agency and its subordinate military commands: the Air Intelligence Agency, the Army Security Agency and the Naval Security Group.

Politicians (and hence the journalistic media who don't know any better) love to blame "failure of intelligence" for anything which goes wrong as the result of failed political policies. What better scapegoat can be imagined? After all, nobody in the intelligence community can reveal what was known! One takes an oath to keep secret everything one does in that line of work; and violating that oath brings the Federal Bureau of Investigation to one's door — not to mention the military (if one is in military service).

The policy-makers decide whats politic, but "failure of intelligence" is such a red herring as to be almost laughable — almost, but not quite. No, today's events at New York and environs were incomprehensible tragedies. My comrades in the intelligence community work too damned hard and produce way too much excellent spot-on intelligence to be blamed for the failure of politicians to enact legislation which could have prevented this awful loss of life. (Think: skyscrapers, airline security, foreign policy.)

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I think McCain and Stormin Norman said it best..

We've been so caught up with spying from on high with our space gear, tech stuff that we have gotten away from the human intelligence gathering that may have given a warning about this..
( I paraphrased rather liberally)

What gets me is that at least one of the terrorist was on the "watch list".. how did he get into the country in the first place?

Okay.. they "probably" got in through New brunswick.. a very open border.. but, how is it that he was able to actually buy a ticket? Heck, they were at one airport, couldn't get all of them on the same flight to boston, so a couple of them went to another and flew from there.... there's something wrong with that, especially in this day and age immagration computers to look first to see if you exist, and then tell you where you lived ten years ago...

In fact, the first bombing of the WTC, most of the terrorists wer also on the "watch list", and had someone been actually watching in either case, we might have been able to stop it. Somebody stumbled somewhere....

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