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Oh..maybe you misunderstood

My bed is right up against a wall at the head of the bed, and on one side of the bed. The box is in the corner of the two walls, it's not like hanging off the edge of the bed or anything..lol. And I have a blanket tacked to the wall over the box, creating a kind of "tent" over the box so it's dark in it. She's been sleeping in it the past couple nights, as I lock her in my room with me over night, just incase..so I think she likes it
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Ok..I'm not too excited anymore. Ever since her 1/2 hour belly rub all she's done is sleep. She's sleeping right through the contractions again. I have a feeling we'll be making a trip to the vet's tomorrow...
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Try not to be too anxious as, if Cleo picks up on this and becomes anxious herself, it may delay the labour. Perhaps do what you'd normally do around the house, keep things calm and see what happens. Remember, the contractions come in waves and she might be going through a wave of weaker contractions before the strong ones come on.
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Thanks I am so glad you're here I hope I'm not bugging you too much. She has been drinking alot the past few hours...Is this a bad thing?
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LOL Megan, you're not bugging me at all, that's what I'm here for. Drinking is a good thing as she won't want to eat or drink much during and for a couple of days after, the delivery. What State are you in? (apart from anxious lol)
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D'oh, I see you already said you were in Alberta, Canada.
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I'm in Alberta Canada. She is now twitching her tail almost constantly, and is licking her front paws alot. She is also starting to breath a bit faster with the contractions!! So, ok..Now I'm getting excited again..rofl. I think I am going to have a smoke to calm my nerves a bit, and then we will head into my room, and Cleo can lay in her maternity box You have no idea how happy I will be if this does turn out to be actual labor! Still not getting my hopes up too high, but it's hard not to! lol
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Oh, forgot to mention, the uterine contractions are coming really close together now...Although she's still not acting like they're very strong.
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LOL Megan, she is certainly keeping you in suspense. If it doesn't cause Cleo to be too anxious, can you take her temperature? Another thing is to check if she's producing milk by gently squeezing a nipple.
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Ok, you guys have me in suspense now! I can't wait until she has the babies

Tania- you an expert kitty mid wife Long distance at that!
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LOL, I try!
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I have been taking her temp for the last 2 weeks. Since Saturday afternoon, it's been between 99.3 and 99.8. I have been able to express some milk out of her nipples for about a week now. Just a little update, we were sitting in my room, and she went into the other bed I made for her under my dresser, and started scratching at the blankets. She stayed in there doing that for maybe a minute or two and then went up on my bed to sleep. I took a peek under there after she came out, and the top two blankets are in a little pile on one end of the "nest". That is the first sign of nesting behavior I've seen with her. She doesn't want me touching her tummy at all now. I am just leaving her completely alone, aside from the occasional scratch behind the ears, or if she comes up to me. I jut had to come out for a smoke break..lol. Looks like I'm in for the long haul. Good thing I took a few books in there with me! lol. I am very much hoping she atleast goes into labor tonight. If she's in labor tomorrow, we won't go to the vet....But if she's still doing what she's doing now, we will..lol. Let's hope she decides to be nice and save mommy some money!
PS You are a VERY good midwife BTW, where do you live?
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Right..forgot something again. She still hasn't lost her plug yet either...When/if she does that, THEN I'll be excited!!! lol. But the nesting thing kinda lifted my spirits a bit. Would have done it more if she had stayed in there longer..lol. Oh, I did put her in the box that I have on my bd, but she just jumped right out again, and I don't want to stress her out by making her stay in there. Right now, I wouldn't care if she had them in the middle of my bed...just as long as she delivers and they're all alive!
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LOL Megan, the middle of the bed on the expensive blanket is often the chosen place! Her temp should be right down to around 97.. Good news with the scratching, sounds like she's getting close. With the plug, you may have missed it. It could be in the litter box or anywhere. You're right not to MAKE her do anything, she'll find her own spot. Just something to consider, if it's hot where you are, make sure the air-conditioning isn't blowing anywhere near th nest.
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Well...I just checked her temp, and it's back up to 100.5. So now I'm all discouraged again... It is a little warm and stuffy in my room, but I don't have an air conditioner. Holy, I've been on a rollercoaster today. First it looks good, then something comes up to screw it up again. Her temp being back up to her average isn't really sitting too well with me right now..
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Just breathe, deep breath.
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lol..thanks. I'm just finishing this smoke and then I'm going back in there...Hopefully she does something else that's "new" before it's time for another smoke break What do you think about her temp going back up? Maybe she wasn't laying down long enough to be totally relaxed so I didn't get an accurate read? I've been checking it while she's sleeping so it's not elevated from her runnig around and stuff. She hadn't been lying down for too long when I just checked it htough. LOL...It's amazing how an intended one sentance post turns into a paragraph
Trying to see the light..lol
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Oh, I'm in Perth, Western Australia.
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I'm thinking it'd be hard to take her temp accurately at this stage. Remember, nice and calm, Cleo will pick up on anything you're feeling.
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Something else, if it doesn't upset her too much, you might want to take some pics of the process.
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Lol..I've been calm From the time I came out here last time, until a few minutes ago she was sleeping on my bed. Just before I came back out for another smoke break, she went back into the spot at the bottom of my dresser and was digging at the blankets a bit more, then settled down in there and went to sleep. Oh, and as far as her maybe losing her plug, but I missed it, I don't think that's possible. She's so fat she hasn't been able to clean herself for a couple weeks, so there would be mucous on the fur surrounding the vagina, wouldn't there? Atleats there was with the cat I had a couple years ago who had a litter. Her whole back end was covered in mucous...That's the only reason I know she was in labor. But even if she hasn't lost her plug yet, this nesting behavior is very promising to me But from all of the info I can find online, it all says they start nesting about 24 hours before they go into labor...But it also says the temperature drop will occur around the same time as nesting. And it happened on Saturday. So, I don't know..lol. She's still not panting, shaking or anything. She hasn't eaten in a few hours, eventhough I put the kitten chow down for her when I locked us both in there. (I don't leave the kitten chow down all the time because my other cat pigs out on it...But there's adult dry cat food out constantly) I should open up a can of food and see if she refuses that..if she does, I'll be happy! Anyway, going back to the maternity ward now! I'll let you know if she eats the can of food.
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Thanks for the update.
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Megan, welcome to TCS! You've certainly come to the right place seeking answers! Your learning from the very best! I'm just now reading this. What an exciting day you're having! Sure am looking forward to these babies! Thanks for keeping us updated!
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Since the last update, she's done absolutely nothing other than sleep, and she ate once. She hasn't gone back into her nest or anything. I think I give up. We'll be going to the vet tomorrow morning.. I am just eating a sandwich, and then I am going to bed. It's 11:00pm now, and I have a 3 year old son to tend to tomorrow. Don't worry, I will be locking Cleo in my room with me, incase anything happens, which right now I highly doubt...Thanks for the advice and well wishes everyone I'll post again in the morning to advise you if there are any changes.
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Megan, I hope you get a good rest, you deserve it. Please keep us updated and I'm sending healthy vibes to Cleo.
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It's now about 7:30am, and there's still no change. Onlt 1.5 hours until the vet opens. I'll let you know what happens there.
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I hope everything is ok, please let us know what the vet said, and good luck.
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Thanks. I hope everything's ok too. I will let you know for sure.
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Well, we're back. All the vet did was look at her, feel her belly and told me to wait. He doesn't think she's over due. But I really don't know how she could have gone back into heat 2 weeks after they mated without me knowing it. I just don't know. So, I'm going to be in panic mode until she does have them.
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