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rofl..well, yesterday we were gone fishing for about 5 hours, and tonight I was gone for 4 hours at a friend's for supper..She was supposed to go into labor while we weregone..lol...Didn't happen! You should see her sides moving though! It is sooooo freaky! Those kitts are just going nuts in there! I've never seen them like this before...Should I make a pot of coffee?! lol
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Yep, a very strong one.
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lol..you really think so? She's not acting strange or anything? I just don't want to get my hopes up again..
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No mate, go to bed and get a good night's sleep.
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ROFL...make up yer mind OK then. I'll go to bed soon :P
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I was just kidding about the coffee, the last thing you need is to stay up all night waiting. After all, the watched cat never pops.
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Right...forgot that..rofl.
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Got an update. Cleo is definately breathing faster than normal, and is being super duper clingy and lovey this morning. Not to get my hopes up again, but I"m kinda thinking today might be it. BUT, I'm not holding my breath! lol
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Now Cleo is trying to have a nap on my bed, but can't seen to get comfy, as she's flipping over and moving around every couple minutes or so. Those contractions she's been having are about 2 mins apart now, and she breathes quite fast through them. So that's the update for now! If anything else changes, I'll let you all know!
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SHE LOST HER PLUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:d::d:d::d:d::d:d::d:d::d:d::d
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!!!!! That's what I meant to say!
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We've got 2 sofar! One dark, and the other looks like it's doing to be a light red tabby! Gotta go back in now! bbiab!
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Wonderful news!
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3! Another dark tabby it looks like!
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Ah, how sweet!
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Yay! Congraulations!
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4...dark orange tabby stillborn...
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Awwww, I'm sorry about the little one. Did you rub him vigorously with a towel and dip him in a bowl of warm water just to see if he's alive but may be unconscious?
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Yup. I tried the swinging technique too. His tongue is pale white. He didn't move at all. That sucks
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Oh mate, I'm sorry. It's wonderful that the others are alive and well though. You can change your signature now!
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lol..I will later. We just had #5. Looks like a tortie or a black and white. It is alive and healthy.
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Woo Hoo!
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lol..we're still at 5, but I can feel atleast one more in there. They are so tiny, So I'm not surprised there's atleast 6...Cleo was HUGE! These kitts are about 3/4 the size of the ones my cat had a few years ago..They're sooooo small! So, I guess she wasn't overdue afterall..lol
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If you can find a set of scales that measures in parts of ounces or grams, you can always weight them to see if they're of normal weight.
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Thanks I'm not worried though. They're all nursing and active. Poor Cleo's so pooped she can't even meow...lol. We're still only at 5, but I can still feel atleast one more..and that's only on the one side..lol. I don't want to miss it though, because I have had to take the sacs off their faces for all the deliveries. Cleo just ignores them until I take the sac off and it starts squeeking. I'm checking on her every couple minutes now, but she's trying to sleep so I'm giving her a little space right now too.
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Great work Megan! What you are feeling may be just her uterus that hasn't contracted down yet, though of course, it may be another kitten. It's great that you're watching Cleo so closely as, if what you can feel is another kitten, she may have trouble delivering as she's so tired.
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It's a hard bump in the middle of where her uterus is...I'm sure it's another kitten It is still pretty high, so it could be a while...lol
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Do you mind me asking, what did it look like when she lost her plug? What color is it supposed to be?

Thank you,

Steph & Stitch
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At first it was a big glop of clear stuff running out, and following that was a thick cloudy greenish tinged goop. Kinda gross..rofl
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I am soooo excited and happy for you! What a battle these last few days have been for your patience! Woo hoo, she did it! I am so glad for you all. All sorts of babies, that's so cool. Good luck with the remaining lump...no doubt she's totally exhausted! Hard enough having just one, can you imagine FIVE???!
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