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2 cats living in bedroom - ok?

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Hi! I have 2 cats of my own, and my parents have a total of 9 (4 being ones I got when I lived there), and even though 9 is a lot, they take very good care of them. 2 of the cats in that house (that were mine) are now living in a bedroom 24/7. Jackie (male, 7 yrs) has been in that bedroom for 3 years now, and Yoshi (male, 6 yrs) has now just joined him (both were neutered at 6 months). Jackie had been very agressive towards one other cat (that is living with me now) and would spray ALL OVER the house. I took him to the vet, tried medication, didn't work, so my parents couldn't take everything being ruined, so they put him in the bedroom. Now Yoshi is spraying all over, too, so he's in there with Jackie. Those are the only 2 males in the house, and I'm sure they were being territorial because of the addition of more cats.

Neither Jackie nor Yoshi sprays in the bedroom, and they both actually seem very happy (Yoshi was always kinda shy and liked to be by himself), and they get along. My parents visit them all the time, and they each have their own food (which Jackie is eating more of now that Yoshi is there, cat beds, toys, etc.

Ok, I'm rambling My question is....I do feel bad that they are living in only a bedroom, so should I just go with it since they seem happy and healthy, or should I somehow try to give them to a non-kill shelter or try very hard to find a home for each of them? I'm leaning towards letting them stay in the bedroom, but I want to know other's opinions. Of course now I realize not to keep adding cats (although my parents ended up adding them, especially if there are boy cats involved I also tend to think that it'd be hard to place them, since they're older and they might start spraying again if there is another cat around, or maybe even if there isn't. I would also still like to see them I know I sound like I'm trying to feel ok about this, and I probably am, but I want to do the good thing, or at least the best thing to do in this situation (other than not to get in this situation again I'm not sure my parents would be willing to try to let them lose again (especially Jackie) considering what they did to the house. I've read the other thread about 'peeing problems' and it all makes sense to me, but unfortunately I think it might be past that. I think they seem happy in the room, and are visited and played with frequently, but....I just want to know what you guys think Thanks!

I appreciate any comments! Thank you, and take care Kim
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Kim...just wanted to say "welcome"...I'm Katie..the one who recommended this site to you. Hopefully some of our more experienced cat owners will be on to provide you with some suggestions.

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Hi Katie! Thanks again for recommending this website...I'm definitely going to be reading these forums and checking out the site Thanks again!
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Your are in a real catch 22 with the cats in the bedroom. I had almost the same situation. I moved back home with my cat and although my parents only had one cat, they had never gotten along when I lived at home before. My parents were in a new house and my cat was peeing all around the house. My parents asked me to keep her in my room. I spent a lot of time in there, but I don't think she was happy. She didn't really complain, but she lived in there with me for a year. I think it killed her spirit. Although she was 15, she started losing weight. I had her checked out, but in retrospect I think she died of cancer. I had given her a sedative for my move to another state and she died on the way. I blame myself. The irony was that I was finally moving to a place where she would have had her own yard and a whole house. I uprooted myself to make this change, in large part for her, leaving a great job and freinds behind, and arrived in a place where I only knew two people, and my best baby was gone. I don't know what else I could have done though. I wish you better luck.
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Thanks for writing. I'm sorry that happened to you...but you did a great thing in finding a place where she would be happy. I'm sure she knew and appreciated it. I hope you're happy in your new home, as I'm sure she would want you to be! Thanks for sharing, and wish you luck in everything!
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