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Taking a break for a bit

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Have come down with some sort of bug. High fevers, chills, and all the lovely things that come with it. Pounding headache guess it is in the flu not sure what is going on. Been sleeping most of the time, feel really weak and lousy. Not ignoring anyone, just need to sleep-
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MA Hope you feel better real soon, get some rest
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MA, go to bed now and stay there! That's an order from a concerned Canadian!

Make sure to drink your fluids. And I'm sure the trips will make wonderful bed nurses.
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Keep warm Hissy and get lots of sleep, and liquid. Hope you are better soon.
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to you . Please take some meds and lay down and sleep , your body need that right now . I hope you get to feel better soon and don't worry about TCS Love ya
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Mary Anne you just need to take care of yourself! Don't worry about here, it's covered.
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MA, you work so very, very hard at so many different things, is it any wonder you're sick. Go to bed, get some well-deserved rest and take it easy. Sending up prayers and vibes from Down Under for your recovery.
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My prescription is: chicken soup, hot tea with lemon and lots of rest. Millions of Jewish mothers can't be all wrong.
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MA, sorry to hear you are not feeling well

Get plenty of rest and fluids

Hope you are feeling better soon
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MA, just take care of yourself. We love you too much for you to be suffering like this, so do what you can to make it end as quickly as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then take some time to spend with Mike and your four-legged friends.

Get Well Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Feel Better soon. I second the chicken wonders.

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Well, I'm new to this site, and already you have come to rescue a couple of times with your invaluable advice and knowledge. Thank you! Please take care, and try to suck down as much fluid as possible. I know it's hard when you're feeling crummy, but the more you drink, the quicker you can flush that unpleasant bug outta your system! Feel better soon from all of us!
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Get your rump back into bed and rest your pretty head! I second what Cindy said, you can't go wrong with that remedy!

And if it gets worse, get thee to a doctor!
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I agree with what everyone else has posted.

Hope you feel better real soon.
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High fevers, chills, and all the lovely things that come with it. Pounding headache guess it is in the flu not sure what is going on.
Could it possibly be pneumonia??????

Well, whatever it is, take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. And if you don't start feeling better soon or if you start feeling worse, please see a doctor.
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lots of fluids, it may help with the headache, and with the fever you need fluids. I triple agree re the chicken soup (have Mike if he makes it, add lots of garlic or onions, and boil the meat off the recipe!).

Don't take too long to go visit the d-o-c if you aren't better tomorrow and if the tylenol isn't bringing the fever down.
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I hope you will feel better very soon. Take all the rest you need, rest is so important!

((((((((HEALING VIBES)))))))))
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MA.... Get some rest and get well..... We will be fine.
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with all the stress you've been under, it's no wonder you've come down with something, go to bed and relax! that's an order! come back when you feel better and not a moment sooner!
sending you get well vibes!!!!!!!
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Hope you feel better soon M.A.

Sending get better real soon vibes.

Get plenty of rest, fluids, and some chicken soup. And please don't wait too long to see a doctor, especially if it gets worse or hangs on for too long.
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And here's another vote for you to take care of yourself. Forget everything, just look after you. Hope you're feeling better soon, but don't rush it!
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Oh, MA, so sorry you're sick! Please, please take this time to only take care of you for a change. You do so much you're all worn out. Please get plenty of rest and feel better soon!
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My mum used to say sleep is the best form of medicine!.

I know if i have flu all i want to do is curl up in bed.

Get well soon!
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Hope you are feeling better today MA!
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Ohhhh somehow I missed this post! MA I am so sorry you haven't been feeling well, and I hope you have taken everyone's advice and have gotten lots of rest, fluids etc. I noticed you hadn't been around, but I thought you must have taken your new car on a road trip Please start feeling better soon We are doing just fine so please don't worry about us. Once you are feeling better I think you should also do something nice for yourself. If there's anyone out there who deserves that, it's you
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Hope you feel better soon!
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I just saw this. I had been wondering where you'd gone off to! Sorry you feel so icky. Get better soon!
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