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Healthy weight?

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Okay, here's the thing. I don't know if Buffy and Willow weigh enough. I weighed them both last night (stood on the scale with them in my arms, and then subtracted my own weight). I wonder if they should weigh more, or at least have more of a difference between their own weights. I thought Willow was 12 pounds, but it turns out shes 8 pounds, and Buffy is 6 or 7 pounds. Both of them are "ribby," meaning I can feel their ribs under their skin, but they aren't jutting out like on a starved animal. Willow actually has more ribs than Buffy, most likely because Buffy always comes running when food is in sight, and steals whatever Willow has. So both cats have ribs that can be felt under the skin, but Buffy has a little more fat (probably explains why she's so close to Willow in weight, even though Willow is so much bigger). Both cats are free fed, and they both have a good appetite (both even steal human food, and Willow's favorite is potato chips). Is 7 and 8 pounds good enough for them? I hear so much about 20 pound cats that I feel like my own kitties are midgets! (not that its bad, lol).

You're looking at the two most unphotogenic (sp?) cats in the world (but see how crabby Willow looks, compared to Buffy's innocence? lol)

And if it matters, Buffy turned 1 year old 4 weeks ago (April 21) and Willow turned 3 years old on May 18.
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Sounds like a healthy weight to me. Most Domestics average 8-14 lbs. Females are usually at the lighter end of the spectrum, and males at the heavy. Some of the larger breeds have healthy weights into the high 20's low 30's. But the average domestic is much lighter.

The rib situation sounds fine. What I would suggest if you are worried about them being a little light, is talk with your vet regarding running a dewormer through their system. It probably won't change anything, but it would give you peace of mind that they are indeed purrfectly healthy, and parasite free.

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thanks! that makes sense. I figured the average for their size was about 15, and lighter for females, but i just wanted to be sure.

Now, if only Jake could have this 'problem'... lol
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I have heard that cats can have quite a range in weights depending on their genetics. My Russian Blue is exactly 5.05 pounds and is very healthy, but is a tiny thing. As long as they have had a healthy vet check recently and eat/play/sleep well, I wouldn't worry.

Very cute pictures by the way! I love the one where they are sitting beside each other on the desk! Cute, cute, cute!

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Sounds like a healthy weights on two middle sized females. But weight depends on size and genetics so the thing you did by searching for the ribs is the best way to get an idea about how healthy the cats weight is.
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My kitties are 5 pounds and 7.5 pounds- both a wee bit under average, but healthy for a persian and a siamese. But my persian is tiny when you give her a bath, then she dries out and poofs back up. It's so cute!
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They look very heathy. You are supposed to be able to feel the ribs, but not see them. My boy is 14 pounds, and not overweight, and I know people who have 6 pound cats that aren't underweight, so there is quite a variance - it is all about genetics!

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I think Rosie is getting a bit of a porker!.

When i took Sophie for her shots, i asked what the ideal weight was for a two year old, she said said it depends on the frame of the cat?!.

She then asked if i could feel Rosies ribs slightly if i ran my hands down her sides?, i said 'no'

I have to take her for her booster shots next month where she's going to have to step on the scales
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The rib test has me a little worried. Dori weight 10.5 pounds. She was really small until she got spayed in December. She has put on weight quickly. She looks very healthy now and for the last 2 months hasn't seemed to gain any extra weight, but I can't feel her ribs at all. There's too much cushion there I think she looks good, her body is very proportioned, there isn't any area that is too big or small. But the vet mentioned to me before that they are an ideal weight if you can feel their ribs. I think for the weight thing I will wait until her annual check up, as long as nothing come sup beforehand, to discuss it with the vet. I don't want to even attempt to put her on a diet without talking to them first. Imo she looks good, but since I can't feel her ribs at all worry she may be overweight.
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Thats me as well. I'll see what the vets says next month. The good thing is, now Sophie's here she's getting more exercise
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I need to get Dori more active, that's for sure........ so Susan, are you saying that it would be in Dori's best interests to have a new kitten Just teasing that's a whole other topic
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Brilliant!, theres your excuse

Yes without a doubt, Dori needs a pal to keep fit with
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