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Long haired cats and poopy tails

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I have my first long haired cat. How do you deal with attachments (lol) after litter use. He runs if I come to help him remove the ornament he sports after litter use.

So far all we can think of is a round of jingle bells to commemorate the swinging poop that dangles like an xmas ornament.

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There are 2 things I have done in the past and they work. One is to get a LARGE litter box so that they have enough room to avoid any contact with the poop, and the other is a sanitary trim. A sanitary trim is just keeping the hair on the tail, or back of the legs short enough that they don't drag it through the poop
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I agree with Sandie. I have a semi-longhair (or medium-hair) cat, Popcorn and she gets a little trim around her 'special area' about every 2 months. It's best to get your vet to do this as you don't want to accidently cut the skin. The vet should charge a maximum of about $10 for this, if anything at all. Popcorn doesn't leave 'presents' any more and she is happy to be clean.
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I agree with the advice about keeping the bum trimmed. Willow plucked one too many poopy-balls from her butt (the last one was disgusting, as I saw her lick it up with her tongue, and then it flew forward a couple of feet). So we trim her butt now and we haven't seen a poopy on the floor (with the exception if one of the cats gets over-excited and furiously scratches at the kitty litter, sending a poo or two flying out of the box)
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Welcome to long haired cat ownership. I unfortunately had a similiar situation happen and realized I needed to get Tigger a bigger litterbox. Now he is fine.

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I was having a terrible time with Purdy leaving little presents all over the carpet until I had the vet trim him about a month ago. Haven't had one since. Whoopee!
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I have Persian and had a couple of times that problem with two of them . Now I get for 3 of my 4 Persian the sanitary trim and works wonder . I do have big plastic containers from wal-mart what you can get with a lid and use them as cat litter box . I don't need the lid of course for using it as cat litter boxes , but all my cats love them and mostly use them and not the original cat litterbox you buy for cats .
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I have 2 Ragdolls which have long hairs by their poopy hole I have the vets trim the poopy hole area This plus a very high quaility all natural pet food will help cause the poopy creator to poop less and pee more meaning less chance of seeing jingle bells hanging off the poopy area
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Having 5 medium-long haired cats I'm amazed at how seldom that happens. My ex had a term for the cat when they would bring something with them... He called them "Turd Burglers" which totally cracked me up.

But on a serious note, getting the rear area shaved is a great idea. My vet has the most silent shaver I have ever heard and somehow when we're at the vet it's perfectly ok to shave them. I don't think I could do this at home, where they are more confident, though as they'd fight that tooth and nail.
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