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Fun and Volunteering

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Just a bit of fun page. http://www.bleakholt.org/bhkids.html

If you look around this site, tell me what you think of the place. I have been looking for somewhere to volunteer, and I think this may be it. I can't reach a lot of places because I am on public transport. Please let me know how you think it seems.
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Cilla, Bleakholt sounds like quite a worthy, well established sanctuary. I really appreciate their strict guidlines about the homes to which they will allow to adopt their cats and dogs, although I find it interesting that they won't allow a household with a child under five. All of those kitties have such touching stories. I just want to go there and bring every one of them home with me! So how close are you to this place, and what are you considering doing there? It's so wonderful that you feel the need to volunteer!
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Dawn, I want to help with the cats, looking after them that is, especially the poorly ones. I have had loads of experience with looking after sick cats but never in a rescue centre, just in my home and other peoples. I have been making enquiries and they take in abandoned cats and ferals that have become ill. I am used to wildish cats, that would be no problem at all, I know to respect them.I would probably have to prove myself to them before they let me look after the sick ones, I don't know yet. But it is the cats I will be working with. Yes, I was a bit surprised about the fact they would not let them be rehomed to a family with children under five, perhaps they have come into contact with something bad that has happened, but seeing that they are so particular about who has the cats you would think they would recognise a family who would teach their children how to love and take care of kitties. It would be two bus rides and then nearly a mile walk, but it is not uphill so I would not mind that, walking is my only exercise.
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p.s. I also want to learn how to care for orphaned kittens.
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Sounds like such a worthwhile volunteer opportunity, and what a wonderful learning experience! Yes, I wonder if you have to prove you capabilites and dedication before they'll allow you to care for the sickly kitties. Is there a particular application process in order to help? You have quite a journey to get there, but it seems that it will be worth every minute! Thanks for sharing the site!
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I don't know all the details yet Dawn, I am going up there tomorrow. I am so excited.
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I bet you are! Please let me know how it goes, what it's like and what you learn!
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Thanks Dawn, will do.
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Cilla good for you . If i had more time it's something i would do because i know a few who do volunteer and get great joy from it.
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