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Originally Posted by Shell
BTW Lorie, I read that it was an F3 & I thought the mother of all tornadoes was an F5 but I'm 100% sure.
The F-Scale Explained


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Very smart thinking to think ahead so you'll be prepared just in case!
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It sounds as though you did a wonderful job taking care of all the customers. I saw video of the tornadoes on the news this evening as well. I feel terrible for all those people.

Yes, you should definitely grab your girls and head for the lowest level. Most apartment complexes have evacuation plans. Hopefully you won't have to.

We havent had any actual storms this year yet. I'm sure the luck is running out. The last storm we had that was major was last year and we were at Walmart. They wouldn't let anyone leave till it was over and boy can that store get dark when the power is out!
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Glad you are ok Shell! I couldn' view the pics because the link wasn't working for me, but I sure do hope those people find peace in some way! Get some much needed rest this week!
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At least all we have here is typhoons. Tornadoes are very scary because you can lose all your things at home: books, funiture, cats -- for typhoons, they just get soaking wet
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OMG! I feel so bad for all those people! I am just so glad you are safe!! We had bad weather here last night and a tornado touched down 20 miles south of us. The sky was so dark and it was really windy, I was scared for a bit that it might head my way, but it veered off to the East. I just feel so bad for all the people who have lost their homes.
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Debby, I'm glad to hear that you are ok! It looks like the storms passed us by, but came your direction instead. I just hope it calms down SOON!

BTW, if you go to this site you can view the link. www.journalstar.com
Sorry the link stopped working!
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whoa...those are some amazing pictures...the little girl made me cry and the last one of the puppy.....I will keep those people in my prayers!
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Shell, do you have an emergency box packed, just in case?

cat food
1 gallon of water
a couple of disposable litter boxes

Keep these near the carriers, in case you have to get out, in a hurry. If you do wind up having to take shelter, the cats will be provided for.
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