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OMG...I just had to evacuate my Walmart Store!!!

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What a night! Nebraska has been hit terribly hard tonight with severe weather. I had to work all day & evening and I wouldn't wish going through that stuff on anyone! I ended up having to call a Code Black (severe weather or tornado) because there was 3 tornadoes that touched down 15 miles away. It was a mess to get people out of the store if they wanted or have them all go back to the layaway area for cover. People were freaking out, some were crying, some were mad that they couldn't finish their shopping & some were happy that we were trying to keep them as safe as possible. We ended up pulling off several cases of water & many packages of cookies to keep them some what happy while they waited. Then we ended up pulling close to 100 pillows off the shelf to give to people to cover their heads if we got hit.

Unfortunately, this storm is not over...there is many more on it's way from Kansas. There has been close to 10 different tornadoes that have passed through the state tonight & God only knows how many more will be coming. I just heard on the news that a small town called Hallam got hit with 3 tornadoes & people are trapped in their homes. Not sure if anyone has been injured or worse at the moment.

Please keep those people in your thoughts and prayers tonight. I'm heading off to bed soon, but doubt if I get any sleep. Right now, I'm wound up tighter than a clock!
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Awww Shell...what a rough day.

Try to get some sleep, sounds like you could use it.

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Wow Shell!!..... I have been hearing about those tornados. I am glad that You are in one piece and You town will be in my thoughts.. That those mean storms will do no damage. Get Your sleep, gather Echo and Tiki and hug them tight too.
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Wow, what a horrible storm season this has been already! The tornados in Iowa and now these in Nebraska. Must have been pretty scary....
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I think we'll take the earthquakes.
Wanna Trade?
Stay safe kiddo...duck when you have to.
Our thoughts are with you.

Jeff & Sue
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That must be so frightening Shell, and you looked after those people so well. You and your town are in my prayers. Stay safe.
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Thanks Guys! We were lucky after all...the storms passed us that were brewing when I got home last night. I haven't heard anything about the small towns around us that got hit with tornadoes yet. The last I had heard was a school nearby was almost ripped apart & the auditorium (sp?) was leveled.

Thanks for the prayers & good vibes!
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So glad to hear you are safe Shell. It sounds as though a lot of damage to buildings has been done but heres praying people are safe.
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Oh Shell, I share your pain! Back when I worked for W-M, we had to evacuate the store twice. The first time, a huge thunderstorm caused part of the roof to collapse. The store was literally flooding, because after the collapse, all the water that had collected on the flat rood was pouring in. People still didn't want to leave! I remember being on a register and watching it come right up main Action Alley. I told the customers I was waiting on that I may not be the smartest person on earth, but I wasn't about to be standing in water operating an electric register.

The 2nd time, one of the a/c units on the roof fried, and it smelled like the whole store was on fire.

Those were the days. Glad you are safe.
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Oh, Shell, what a scary expeience! I'm so thankful those terrible storms passed you by unharmed and that you, Echo, and Tiki are safe and sound! I feel so sad for those individuals of have lost everything due to these storms. Sure hope you don't have to work today!
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Shell, I am so glad you are safe. How scary Being here in Florida we have to deal with the hurricanes. Here in Jacksonville, we usually don't have to worry about them. They get a little too close sometimes, but we haven't had one hit in many years. I think that tornadoes would be much scarier since there is virtually no warning. We usually have a couple of small tornadoes touch down in the stormy summer months, but nothing compared to where you guys are. Please stay safe and try not to let the not-very-understanding customers stress you out. Some people just don't like to be inconvienenced even if it is saving their life! (((((hugs)))))
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Whoa, that is scary. Glad all is okay though!

Squirtle, my hubby lived near Jax when he was young - lived in Orange Park.
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Omg Shell I am so glad to hear that you and your patrons are safe. It amazes me how some people can only think about what they want to buy when there is a near disaster. Get some sleep if you can and I am keeping your town and all the others in my thought and prayers that all will be safe
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Not too far from me at all! Just around the corner, and over a bridge
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Shell, your management skills are really being tested in this new job, aren't they?! I'm so glad that everyone was safe! Tornados really scare me and I always worry for the people who live in these areas and are affected by them.

Stay safe!
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Shell, glad to hear you are safe. I heard on the news today that there were some damaged homes in the Lincoln area

We had terrible storms here last night too, but no damge that I know of - I hate tornado season!

Get some much needed rest
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Good job handling that crisis Shell!!!!
We've been getting a lot of severe thunderstorms with heavy rain here, and the last two months have been rainy, windy, and just plain icky. This is one of the worst springs for bad weather I've ever seen.

Originally posted by Debby on another thread
FYI: Debby's post is about the tornadoes that were in Iowa a couple of days ago
Just saw on TV that the tornado is moving at 80 miles per hour right now. And they talked to a woman on the phone from Humboldt county where the tornando hit a bit ago and she said that every trailor in her town is gone, half of the school is gone, severe damage to alot of homes and propane tanks are leaking. It is a major mess.
What is going on that a tornado was moving at 80 miles per hour???????????????? That seems way too fast!!!!

I live in southern Minnesota which is right outside tornado alley (I think) and we have a lot of tornadoes here too. At least in my area, some of the teenagers who have seen the movie "Twister" think it would be really cool to be storm chasers and whenever there's a tornado warning they get in their cars and start driving around looking for the tornado. Of course, they think they're invinceable, and don't stop to think about how dangerous storm chasing really is. I hate to think about what could happen...
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Guys, I'm so pooped! I got to bed around midnight but didn't sleep too good. I guess too much excitement got the best of me. I was back up at 6:30 this morning to be back at work by 8. Normally, that wouldn't bother me a bit but last night was so much to handle mentally & physically that my body just couldn't take it all. Work was hell today since most of the surrounding towns were either destroyed or damaged somewhat, so we had people calling in & a ton of people shopping to help the people who lost everything. I felt SO bad for some of those people! They came in & said that the only clothes they had were on their backs and their homes were gone. Hell, as of right now...there are 5 HOMES missing! We donated several pallets of water, food, money & even prepaid cellphones to the Red Cross for those people. So far, only one person lost their life but many were injured and many are now with out a home. I read in the paper today that the town of Hallam which has about 300 people in it now only has one house standing. That is crazy! It's so heartbreaking to hear that these people have lost everything they own!

My poor nerves are still shot from last night. It was so hard not to panic since I was trying to get everyone else calmed down. If one person panics, it's the domino effect & that would be a mess! I did get one Associate that came up to me today & thanked me for being coolheaded last night. I guess that makes it worth it all...knowing that I helped keep those people safe & try to calm their fears to best that I could. If they only knew what was happening inside!

Thanks again everyone! I really appreciate the good thoughts, prayers & sweet comments!
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That must have been so scary! I´m glad everything turned out for the best!
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Wow, Shell, I hadn´t seen your last post when I posted. This is so sad for all the pople who lost their things or even homes. I hope they will be able to get on their feet soon again!
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Oh my God guys....you've gotta check this out. This is our local papers website & it has a story about it and a picture gallery. I couldn't help by cry along with these people...this is horrible!

Sending mega prayers their way!
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OMG! That is awful!

They are all definitely in my thoughts.
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The picture of the little girl just got to me... Seeing the hurt in those peoples eyes makes it hit home more than just seeing the damaged or destroyed home. These people lived in those homes & now they have nothing but each other. I just pray that there are not more people are hurt or worse!
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OMG!!!! Poor little girl, and I feel so sad for all those people- last september we had something like that here- Hurricane Izabelle- a lot of people lost their homes, but I am still much mmore scared of Tornados- those are really bad and scary things... I am sending you warm vibes and praying for all of you!
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OMG!!!! The damage that tornado did is incredible, and I feel so sorry for those poor people!!!!!

Because the damage looks so bad in those pictures, I'm wondering if it was an F4 tornado? (I think F4's are the strongest tornadoes.)
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The video of those tornados made our local news, this evening. I don't think that I'd want to live somewhere, that has a lot of tornados.

We've had them twice, in my lifetime: 1964 and 1974. Both times, they hit within five miles of where I lived but nobody was killed or hurt.

Shell, is your apartment building secure? I'd be worried about my pets, if one hit while I was at work.
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You know, I was thinking that last night. I live on the second floor of my complex & it's very sturdy, but what do I do in case of a tornado? Nothing was ever said to me about it when I moved here, so I never thought about asking. I guess I could just pack the girls up & head down stairs into the hallway. I don't know if that would be any safer than the closet or bathroom of my apartment.

Any suggestions?

BTW Lorie, I read that it was an F3 & I thought the mother of all tornadoes was an F5 but I'm 100% sure.
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OMg, I am glad that you made it out okay. What a scary situation! Lucky where I am, we get hurricanes and since I'm in the middle of the state, we get hit but not as hard as if we were towards the coasts of Florida (I'm 1/2 hour east from Tampa). Then where I'm originally from, Washington State, the risk up there is earthquakes-and they've had some up there that could be felt but not anything as bad as what southern California had but they're do for a major earthquake. I don't know what I'd do with a tornado, I guess what your suggestion sounded good. Grab the girls, and head immediately downstairs and stay low....
I'll be thinking of you!
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Oh, Shell, these photos are just heart-wrenching. My heart really goes out to these people. They are definitely in my prayers. It's times like these I'm reminded of how much I have to be thankful for. Glad you're OK. Please try to get some rest.
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Thanks again everyone! Looks like tonight might be round 2 of the storms. I love Nebraska, but I hate the crazy weather! It's just amazing how quickly it can change around here. I'm prepared to grab the girls & throw them in the carrier if we have to hit the deck because of another tornado. The carrier is out in the open, along with a blanket just in case. I'm praying that I NEVER have to do it.

Thanks again!
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