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Has anyone experienced this??

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My friend and her boyfriend have gone out of town for the weekend and they asked me to look after their fur-kids. They just got a new kitten so they haven't really bonded with her yet. My problem is the kitten (Jynx) has REALLY bonded to me, so much that when I try to leave she clings onto my pants and won't let go, and this evening she ran out into the hall after me. I guess I'm just worried that this cat is getting too attached or something. What does everyone think?
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I think the kitty really likes you

They're pretty good judges of character, I personally would feel a bit special.

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maybe when the owners get back, you should sit down with the kitty and the owners and help them to show affection to it. Maybe they just don't know how....
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Do they have any other kitties? How are they with them?

That kitten sounds so cute!
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Aaww that's lovely. When they see how well you have bonded they will want to know how to do it.
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She is doing that because you bring her food! I'm sure after your friend returns and starts feeding her, the bonding will change to your friend.
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Your pictures had me cracking up! LOL!!! I especially loved the one called "Kanga sour cream! I guess we tried some sour cream....? Thanks for the laugh. I could really use it (see my posting under behavior re: cat amnesia).
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