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4 weeks ago I moved into an old colonial house with an even older barn. It's been unused for sometime now-excluding the MANY cats that are living there. I adopted my own cat, Phish, and now I have found too many cats wandering around my house. Apparently, they are making use out of the barn. So far I have seen a large orange cat, some smaller tabby kinds and a creamy-colored tiny kitten. I know there's plenty more. So what should I do? I was not expecting this invasion when I moved in.
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Hey Phish....your barn is probably now the residence of ferals or stray cats. If you are not bothered by these cats presence...I would highly recommend you get them fixed. You may want to contact a group who is experienced in working with feral/stray cats to help you with trapping these cats in order to get them fixed and then returned to your barn. If you tell us what state you live in..we can look to see what groups are in your state who could help you. Please also visit the caring for ferals/strays forum to read up on what a feral cat is and how Trapping/Neutering and Returning feral cats helps both the cats and the community.

Welcome to the site.

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Welcome to TCS. Phish is beautiful. Are you going to keep the cats in the barn. If so you have got a lovely family you didn't know about. Hope all goes well, you will get plenty of help from here.
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Phish is gorgeous!

It sure sounds to me like the cats are living in the barn and using it for shelter. If you don't want the cats euthanized, please do not call animal control! If you tell us where you live - State works, but including your city is even better - we can help you search for resources - local groups to help. You can also search on your own, using the links in my signature line (below). Rescue Resources will help you locate either trap-neuter-return groups that can help, or a local no-kill shelter.

Just beware that most no-kill shelters are full, especially now during kitten season. Many will take in feral cats, but if they are not social, the ferals will be euthanized, even though they call themselves a no-kill shelter.

If you love cats as much as we do, you may want to become their caretaker. Unfortunately, if all you do is feed them, they will multiply, and rapidly. In order for them to live out their natural lives without the group of cats growing, you must have them all spayed and neutered.

Kittens are usually easily adopted out, either through a local vet or shelter. But it is safe to spay and neuter cats as young as seven weeks old.

If you decide to take on the project yourself, you can learn a lot about "trap-neuter-return" and how it works at www.alleycat.org, www.bestfriends.org, and www.straypetadvocacy.org

We can help you each step along the way. It may take some time to trap and have all the cats sterilized, but they can become wonderful "outdoor" pets over time, and without the ability to reproduce, the colony will gradually diminish as the cats live out their lives.

With a barn, it may not hurt to have a few cats as "mousers." We've been able to place many ferals from unwanted properties on properties with barns specifically because of that. We were able to trap and have spayed/neutered 28 cats on the property here two years ago. All the kittens were adopted out (save those we adopted ourselves ), and since then all the feral adults have been placed in area barns.

If you need help searching for resources or with information on how to find a trap and have them fixed on your own, just let us know!
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Thanks for all your help. I have a friend's daughter coming over who is crazy about cats and says she knows a thing or two about wild ones. Hopefully, she'll take a few of them home with her . I'm in Massachusetts right next to the connecticut border. I have no problem with the cats now, but when the house get remodled I'd like to clean the barn out. There has been many thunderstorms and rain recently, so I put out food for the cats. I guess I was thinking the extra calories would keep them warm, not that I'd be increading their population. Phish has not seen any of the cats yet, because he's been living inside. I'm sure he's eager to get out and explore, but I'm worried the colony might steal him . I'd like to get some pictures of the cats because their is a huge variety. I didn't realize how many cream kittens there were, I've counted 4 so far. Anyway, I'll wait to see what this young lady has to say, and go from there.
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Hey there...here are some organizations that could help you:




Moving a feral cat colony is not a desirable solution. I understand you would like to clean out the barn..but maybe there is a way that you can work with this colony. Getting all the cats fixed is a good start...the kittens may be able to be placed..but if the older ones are indeed feral cats..then they really won't place well.

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