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fun download kitty

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I am relatively new to this site. I wanted to share something that I thought was cute and I thought it might appeal to other cat lovers. While reading my email the other day, I saw a link that made me curious, so I clicked on it, just to see what it was about.

What I found was a link to the Meow Mix website, where there was a free, downloadable desktop cat called a meow pal. I followed the instructions and downloaded it. The cat is so cute and you can interact with it.

I have a cat who is about six years old (this is a very rough estimate of her age as the shelter wasn't positive how old she was when we got her) who doesn't play well with others, so I didn't think I could ever get another cat. Now I have one on my desktop that she can't hurt and I can enjoy.

If anyone else is interested in the site, the address is


hope you enjoy this as much as I did!
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Thanks for the tip Judi!

I have had one of those before. They're cute but don't come close to the real thing
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Nothing is quite like the real thing, they are so unique and have ways to make you feel loved. But this way I can have another "cat" in the house without my real cat going ballistic (she doesn't play well with others). The kids think it's cool and want to download their own.
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I will have to download that when I have more time! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for joining us!!
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I downloaded the cat. Now I have 3 different cats to play with on my computer. Splat the Cat, Catz, and the Meowmix kitty. My daughter is always playing with these. She loves cats as much as I do.
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Where did you find Splat the cat and Catz? Adding cats to my computer is the only way I'll be able to get more cats for a while (maybe Kitty will change someday) and my daughter is also really in love with cats. She likes to see mine on the computer, and wants to download her own.
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That is an absolutely adorable site--thanks VERY MUCH for sharing it. What fun it will be!
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I got Splat the Cat from a friend of mine and Catz from Staples, a store where they sell computers, games and office supplies. I've seen Catz III advertised somewhere on the Internet but can't remember where. I'll see if I can find it again and let you know. I will also ask my friend where she found Splat the Cat.
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still a working site, cool
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That was great, I wish the cat would stay on top at all times, and the need a black one!!!
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