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My cat attacked me

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I was walking out of the bathroom, and Jazmine and Tinkerbell were laying in the doorway. I picked up my leg, knocked my knee off of it, and somehow ended up stepping on Jazmine's tail (not too hard I don't think, I didn't even feel it - I just heard her squeal).

So then Tinkerbell absolutely attacked my leg - she grabbed it on both sides and stuck her vampire claws into the back of it - I have two puncture wounds right now. My boyfriend came over and put his foot up at her to keep her away from me (not to kick her, just to block her) and she attacked his shoe, too. She was hissing and had the "halloween kitty" look.

We think that she was doing this to protect Jazmine, which would be a good thing because Jazmine is our newest edition to the family and she and Tink have had a hard time getting along. They tolerate each other but fight. Do you think there's another reason she attacked? Maybe it was just because of everything so close to her and she just freaked out.

None of my cats have EVER done this...that's why it's so weird that it happened today. They're not abused or treated badly, and nothing has changed during the past few days.
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I suspect it was to protect Jazmine as well. Since you had originally stepped on Jazmine's tail...Tinkerbell was reacting to Jazmine being stepped on and her cry out. Cats are amazing how they care for each other. I do hope your leg is ok...I'd give it a few days to all calm down...maybe buy some Feliway spray to calm the environment.

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oh yes, my left leg is all scarred up because of the many times Buffy gets spooked by Jake and Willow steps in (and seeing as how I'm usually sheilding Jake, my leg gets the worst treatment from Willow). When you step outside of the pain of the attack, it feels nice that Willow cares enough for Buffy to actually fight Jake. Before Buffy came, Will was content to just lie as low as she could, and hope Jake didn't see her. When Buffy came, Willow became her momma and she has since tried to protect Buffy from whatever she cared to protect her from (Buffy could fall from a window for all she cares, but when she fell from the handlebars of the treadmill, Willow came running, panic in her eyes). That first time she attacked Jake because Jake was doing the Border Collie stuff on Buffy (giving the intent stare, scrambling after her when she left his view (I was holding his collar and holding him back, but he was slowly pulling me forward, thus the "scrambling"). Willow came out of nowhere and attacked us from behind (i have the scars). 2 attacks later, one when Willow used Jake's body as a scratching post to get to the front of him, and one from when she attacked his face, Jake had a bloody snout. since then, Willow seems to have gained confidence in her strength, and if Jake comes into view, she gets on the defense and even steps in front of Buffy. But after every fight, Willow shakes for quite a long time, and you have to take Jake outside so that she can roam the house, and calm down when she finally confirms that Jake is gone.

Unfortunately, I was not pleased in the last fight, when Buffy decided to join in in clawing up poor Jake (you know, you'd think Jake would learn by now that cats aren't fun... hmmm...)
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