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I am new to the forum and would like to say hello. I have indoor cats and take care of a feral/stray colony. My biggest problem is that the colony is in my backyard in the suburbs. Are there any other members here that take care of cats in their backyard? I fed one stray before knowing about TNR and then I had a colony! I have neutered half of the colony and will hopefully have the rest done soon.
Anyway, Just wanted to say hello to all of you- I am looking forward to "meeting" everyone!

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Hi Jil05 welcome to TCS. You sound as if you are doing a grand job there.
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Welcome JIL05!! This is a great site and you will find there are a lot of very helpful caretakers who post on this site. I volunteer with a feral cat clinic once a month..but since I live in a condo...I don't have any feral cat colonies of my own (although I fully support TNR). I see you live in New York, have you contacted Neighborhood cats about your colony to see if they have any recommendations??


Welcome to the site and THANK YOU for caring for these ferals!!

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Welcome to the site! You can find a lot of help and support in the Caring for Strays & Ferals forum. This site definitely supports TNR and caring for feral colonies.
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How wonderful of you taking care of a colony . If you look around you will find a forum for ferals/stray and will find very helpful hints and advice there . I wish you luck on catching the rest of the colony to get them all spayed/neuter
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Welcome to TCS.
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Welcome to TCS!!
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hello jil05 welcome to the site keep up the good work
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