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6 Cats & Playing Equity

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I have 6 cats with ages ranging from 2 to 10. I have a couple of those feather on a string toys which I keep in an Armoir. The cats love these toys so much that everytime they hear the Armoir door open they all come running.

The issue I'm having is that my two youngest boys are *very* athletic and really hog the playing time with the toy. They won't even stop playing even when they are hyperventilating. This makes it impossible for me to allow my other cats to get a paw in edgewise.

The next two youngest are sisters who are 5 occassionally will get some time in, but my 8 year old Audrey always wants to play but basically gets run over by the two boys. The oldest really seems to have no interest in playing with the feather, but that doesn't terrifically bother me as she plays by herself in the Kitchen everynight and her weight is perfect. The 8 year old *really* needs the exercise though.

So I'm looking for suggestions on how to get my 5 & 8 year olds either in the game with the boys or their own time with the toys. I've tried running two separate feather toy games and what happens is that the boys split up and take over both toys. I guess I could lock the two boys up, but that might stress them out and I'm hoping to not have to do that to them.
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Hey Monica...sounds like your older cats could use some individual time with the feather toy. Your boys are much younger and such are going to "hog" the toy because they have boundless energy (as you have described). Is there a way that you can bring the older cat's into a room and give them some time with the feather toy..just you and the 2 of them?? I think that would definately help.

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I'm contemplating where in my apartment I could hide the other toy where I find Audrey by herself from time to time. It'll have to be a place where the cats can't get to it (else they will destroy it) and a place where taking the toy out won't make a recognizable noise. The problem with where the toys are now is that the cats hear the very distinctive sound of the armoir door opening and they run from a distance to come play. How they hear that door from upstairs I'll never understand since I can't even hear my door bell ringing upstairs.
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