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Sat thread

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Today is the blow off the wedding jitters and have some fun! We are going to see David Bowie tonight at the Mark of the Quad Cities. The only thing I'll be worried about tonight is the thunderstorms and my kitties being home alone.
I really need to not think about the wedding for one night. it'll be good for me I think and then you guys wont' have to put up with my whining anymore! LOL! (for a day at least! )
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Barb I am SO jealous!!!! I saw David Bowie on the NIN/Bowie tour and he is so amazing! We wanted to go see him so bad when he came through this year but weren't able to.

A couple of Earl's friends are coming by. One of them is flying in from Boston, and will be staying with the other one in Cheyenne. But today they are coming by so we're all going out for lunch and then I'm going to bail on them and let them have their male bondage, erm..I mean BONDING time! Freudian slip, there. :tongue:

I need to work on the websites anyway, so it works out OK for him to be gone. Seems like the weekend is already flying by so I better take advantage of the time I will have.
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Gosh I havent been to a concert in ages. David Bowie sounds like a great time though! Have fun and RELAX!!!!!!!

My oldest has baseball practice then we are back home to finish laundry (yuk) and I am going to start on the fishy cat beds I can't wait to get them done and I just bought the pattern for them yesterday. I was gonna get the grass mowed today but its almost 90 and majorly humid.
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Bill and I went to WalMart for catfood and to Fry's for groceries. He's got his work clothes all washed, I vacuumed the living room and hallway. Bill did the family room and cleaned the miniblinds. I'm done for this weekend.

I'm saving the heavy housecleaning, for next weekend. My parents are coming over, on Memorial Day and that way I can make sure that things are clean enough.
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