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oh, Buffy didn't die or anything. She was just hanging there, the straps probably really tight around her belly. Jake was barking because she was crying (awwwww)
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My Stinky cat (and Tank, while he was with us) is an indoor kitty. I wanted to keep them indoors because we live in an apartment complex, it's just not safe for them out there. I do let her out onto our patio (we live on the top floor), and there's really no way for them to get down unless they fall. Stinky actually did fall down, once. I came home from work at around 1 am, and heard a cat crying up in a tree right next to our kitchen window. I felt sad for it, but there wasn't anything I could do immediately for it. So I went inside, and Stinkpot is always right at the door waiting for me when I get home. Weird, only Tank was there. I searched the apartment, and realized it was her up in that tree. I woke up my boyfriend (he was thrilled), and he ended up climbing the tree, grabbing her, and bringing her down. At the time, she didn't really like him and was a little scared of him, so I was suprised she just let him grab her and bring her down. Perhaps she knew he was rescuing her? Anyhow, when we brought her in, Tank growled and hissed at her, but then we bathed her, and he chilled out. After that, she was quite traumatized for a while and wouldn't go out on the deck. Now she loves it out there again, but is very careful!
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Oh yes, definitely have your cat microchipped if it is going to be an indoor/outdoor cat. I think that is one of the best things I've done for my kitties. Also, use a breakaway collar. Being outside and crawling through the brush, cats collars can get stuck and choke them. Definitely need to use a break away collar.
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Both of mine are mostly indoors but do go out on our semi-enclosed porch (I rent so they landlord won't let us completely enclose it) or out the front door on-leash or carrier only. They are never allowed to go anywhere unescorted due to the busy street and some people that may have a grudge against any animal. They both have collars with tags. There aren't any dogs allowed on the complex except service dogs.
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