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Sad story with a happy ending

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My brother drives a truck and on his way home yesterday he stopped at a truck stop to rest.well when he was getting ready to leave he kept hearing a faint meow so he got nosy and started searching.He found a cat laying on the side of the road dead.He figured it got hit by a car but he kept hearing a faint meow and kept looking. He found a tiny little kitten under a bush but he didnt find anymore. the kitten is so tiny it doesnt even have its eyes open yet.Its a little girl and she is gray. He thinks that the mother cat had just had it cause her belly was bulged still and he said he could feel lumps on her belly like babys were still in their but their was nothing he could do but he did call a cop to come get her off the road. He doesnt know how to care for a tiny kitten like that so now shes in my care.I called a vet and they made a house call yesterday and said im doing everything to take care of it and it seems to be in very good health.She gave me a thumbs up for the kitten.My three cats are all females and their fixed but my siamese thinks she can still nurse so thats a plus for the kitty so she cares for her and i just feed her so hopefully the kitten will survive.So far so good.please help me and send the kitten some good vibes for a happy ending start in life.Thanks Kittens
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Kittens, you can be the first to really make use of Hissy and Kumbulu's new website, http://www.kitten-rescue.com It is a comprehensive site about caring for orphaned kittens.

That is a very sad story but I'm sure glad that at least one kitten could be saved. Good luck with the little one!!
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Kittens, thank you for taking in this precious little one. Hopefully you can honour the mother-cat's memory by raising this little one. That web site is very helpful, though some of it won't apply as you have your Siamese being foster-mom. If you have any questions or worries, don't hesitate to ask.

Also, it's not unknown for a female, spayed cat to begin lactating when fostering a kitten. Watch for this so that if the kitten is refusing to feed when you go to feed her, you can check to see if she's getting milk from your Siamese. Also check to see if your Siamese is stimulating the kitten to eliminate by licking the kittens abdomen and anal area. If not, you need to stimulate the kitten to eliminate using a cotton ball or gauze. The web site explains how to do this. Good luck with the little one and please keep us posted.
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good for you for taking the little one in
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Shes doing great so far Cocoa my siamese decided that a great place to sleep with the kitten just happens to be with me in my bed. Ok i think its cute but im so afraid that im gonna roll of on the kitty while im sleeping.Although she seems to snuggle right under my neck and it wakes me up when shes does.I guess cocoa didnt like the spot she was in and she seems to wait til im asleep before she does it as if shes watching my every move lol. Well anyway everything is going great so far and the kitty is doing wonderful. Cocoa does help her to go potty so no worrys their.Im still trying to decide on a name for the little one so any suggestions sure would be helpful cause right now all i call her is < my little baby > All is great so far and i will keep you updated often and thankyou all for replying kittens
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thanks for taking care of the little one!
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Awwwww bless the poor little baby , and thank you for taking care of the little one
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Hello everyone and sorry its been so long. My computer had to be worked on so i was kinda stuck without one so sorry to keep everyone wondering. I named the kitten socks and she is all over the place. She is an amazing little baby.her fur coat is really starting to come out now and she is definately a long haired kitty. Cocoa still thinks shes mom so thats good but my other 2 cats dont like her very well, but rest assured that any trouble and cocoa is on the case lol! Anyway she is doing great and i was gonna keep her but my neighbor had asked me if she could have her when she is old enough to go and i agreed. My neighbor is an older lady and she just lost her dog to old age which was the only companion she had and she would like a kitty to snuggle with so i think im gonna do that. Shes very sweet and i know she will take good care of her.Its also convenient for me cause she lives next door so i can visit all the time.My neighbor has already bought all kinds of goodies for her including a bed lol! So everything is great.Socks is a very wonderful kitty.Oh and before i forget my cats are doing great to.I figured i should mention that or they might haunt me in the night lol! I will keep everyone posted on updates. Kittens
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so glad to hear that socks is doing great
way to go socks and of course to you

what a great idea to give socks to your neighbour - i think thats a beautiful thing to do
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