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Hey Everyone Meet Sweetie Pie

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Sweetie Pie is a little stray kitten that we have at work. Bless her heart she is the sweetest thing. All of us at the office have decided that she is our office cat and have been feeding,taking care and espesially loving her. Isn't she gorgeous I have her scheduled to go to the vet next week for her shots and to see if she is old enough to be fixed yet. We guesstamate her to be about 4 months old

Don' t you just love her little face?

one more

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OMG , she is soooooo cute . Lily looks just like her , only in gray
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Awww she's beautiful I bet she helps in making you look forward to work
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AHHH cute kitty. Little ham.
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Hello, Sweetie Pie! Aren't you just as sweet as you can be! Sounds like you'll be well taken care of with Cathi there looking out for you!
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Hello Sweetie Pie.

What a ham. She got to make coming to work tosee her worth it.

Is anyone going to take her home to be their kitty?
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Ooooo, so cute. She looks a little big to be four months, don't you think?
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Yes I love that little face. She looks big enough to be spayed, think she may be older than 4 months Blondiecat.
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She is so cute!
Would love to have a 'work' cat.
Where I work they have sent emails around asking staff not to feed the strays!
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wow she has exactly the same markings as socks, but where she is black, socks is grey shes beautiful
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Originally Posted by Cilla
Yes I love that little face. She looks big enough to be spayed, think she may be older than 4 months Blondiecat.
Yeah she could be I tried to tell them that she was a little older than that. I told the others in the office that she is more like 6 months or so. I wish I could take her home Ken has said no more animals I really can't afford the cost of another animal here at home anyway.

The office is paying for her food. I don't know yet about her spaying and shots,but even if the office didn't do that I will find a way to take care of her because she is soooooooooo sweet. I will pay for her shots and spaying out of my Mad Money I work for great people
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Cathi, she really is a cutie. Lucky to have turned up at your office. Like her name too. I know what you mean about not being able to afford any more animals, same here.
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aww she is so beautifulllll she is just adorablee
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Awww, she's such a sweetie!!!
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Aww... Sweetie Pie is just as her name implies, a Sweetie Pie.... Kathi, You and your office mates are angels and should be comended for caring for this little one.
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What a beautiful kitty! I hope someone gives her a good home.

Lisa & Sash
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Sweetie Pie!

OMG, she is absolutely adorable! Just look at that cute wittle white mustache! I just want to kiss her!

You and your office members are angels to take care of her I hope she can find a fur-ever home
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Either My cat is a runt, because he's four months old....or your office cat is huge for a four month old. She's adorable either way!
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Cathi, she's a real little darling. I have to agree, though, I think she's pretty big for four months. Lucky little girl to have you looking out for her!
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Awww bless her she's gorgeous
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What a pretty baby
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I let Sweetie Pie down I went by the office late Saturday afternoon and left her enough food and water to last till Monday morning. When I got to work this morning she wasn't there and didn't show up all day I hope she is okay. I feel like I let this beauty down because I didn't show up on Sunday to check on her, I didn't have a way to go. Do you guys think she maybe okay? I hope so.
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I'm sure she's fine. Probably knew you were going to take her to the vet soon.

We used to have a black cat come to my deck once a day and meow at the window till I came out and gave it some attention. I would give it water, food and about 2-3 hours worth of love. And then when I finally convinced my parents to take it to the vet and keep it, it disappeared. About 2-3 months later it showed up again, and it was fat! When it used to be bony, very beautiful coat when it was shaggy and dirty. And had an ID tag on it for a house on the road behind mine. So I played with him for a little bit then took him home. And they seemed like real nice people who said he did they same thing to them
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She is adorable! I wouldn't worry too much. Maybe someone picked her up and took her in. Or maybe she was just on a little adventure!
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Hope wants this little Kitty for her own so she can play with it. They all send there love to you Granny,
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Any news Cathi? I hope she's OK. She definitly looks about 6 months old to me. She's really cute. Thanks so much for looking out for her.
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I love Sweetie Pie's sweetheart lips
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