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Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!

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As if they weren't already spoiled, my neighbor has been slipping doggy biscuits through the fence to Ike and Pearl. Patty is grateful that they keep an eye on her house. I don't mind but, they are getting to be awful mooches. As soon as they see Patty, out in her yard, they run to the fence, whimper and do the "poor neglected doggy" routine. She promptly slips the bikkies to them.

Last night, I heard Patty out there and hollered a "hi" across the fence. The next thing that I knew, Pearl came trotting up, with a new toy in her mouth. A few minutes later, she appeared with a plastic boomerang.

I think that, since her granddaughter moved out and Patty half-retired, she's getting lonely and has adopted my dogs as surrogates. Oh, well I guess that Ike and Pearl can use an extra grandma. Its kind of a reciprocal thing, though - during the weeks that she doesn't work, Patty keeps an eye on our house. Between her and the dogs, I don't worry about daytime burglaries.
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Awww! That's so sweet of Patty!
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Cindy, that's lovely. Perhaps you and the dogs could pay her a visit or maybe include her when you walk them. I'm sure Patty would love that.
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Cindy that is so sweet. Lucky doggies, having Grandma living next door.
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What spoiled doggies you have! That's so considerate of Patty!
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Sounds like your dogs have a very good grandma! And look at it this way...if you and hubby want to sneak away for a few days, you know who to call to watch them and the furbabies!
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i think that is really swwet your dogs are very lucky
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What...spoiled dogs No way! Sounds like my babies with the next door neighbors kids. I have asked them not to feed them though unless it is only dog cookies. I told them please no people food especially bones. I found out when the owner of the house was having it remodled that the guy doing the work was giving Nemo bones and I just about blew a fuse
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Patty asked, before she started giving them the biscuits. I told her that they just can't haves bones, any longer - they make Ike barf and we can't give them just to Pearl. She buys the same kind of biscuits that I do and she only gives them two apiece.
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aw, I wish my neighbors were as nice. I dont' even know my neighbors. congrats to your puppies on their step grandma.
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