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OMG!! I hope all the Iowa members are safe!!!

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I know we have a few Iowa members, and Barb (Jugan), I know you are one of them but can't recall exactly where you live...but please everyone send up prayers/good thoughts for the people here, we had a bad tornado touch down in North Central Iowa...Humbolt county just a bit ago...I have the news on and they said that there was alot of damage and several injuries. I live in Southern Iowa and it isn't even storming here. I hope all of you are alright!!!
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Originally Posted by Debby
...I have the news on and they said that there was alot of damage and several injuries. I live in Southern Iowa and it isn't even storming here. I hope all of you are alright!!!
Sending out many positive vibes to all affected. Report in when you can jugen so we know you are safe!
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OMG! Is everyone ok? I'm originally from Iowa, ya know. I've only lived in FL since 2001.
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Wow...I'm Iowa's neighbor & didn't even know it was storming either! I just turned on the weather channel & heard them say several injuries!

Many prayers are being sent my direction to the state of Iowa!

Debby, you better be safe never know if it's heading your direction!
Jugen...please let us know if you're ok!
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Sending positive thoughts to all of our Iowa friends!
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Shell, you are is scary because you never know where it will could come this direction in a few hours. A few years ago we had a really bad one in my area...about 10 miles from me and it totally wiped out one home on the highway...we drove by it a couple hours later and there was debris(sp?) strung all over and the house was leveled. Luckily the people were not home at the time, but if you could have seen what it did....their stuff was strewn all over for miles.
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Just heard on the news they think another tornado may be forming near Clarion (sp?) Iowa. This storm is definately on the move.
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Those types of storms are always so scary because they are so unpredictable. I hope everyone is okay
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Just saw on TV that the tornado is moving at 80 miles per hour right now. And they talked to a woman on the phone from Humboldt county where the tornando hit a bit ago and she said that every trailor in her town is gone, half of the school is gone, severe damage to alot of homes and propane tanks are leaking. It is a major mess.
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The buses didn't run during our bad weather. I got home about one hour later then I usually do.
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Oh no!!! I turned the Weather Channel on when I saw this thread! I'm sending major vibes to all the Iowa members, and I really hope everyone will be ok!!!! I can't remember exactly where Humboldt county is located, but that name is extremely familiar. (I'm in SE MN)

FYI: I'm also worried about my parents' safety. They live in a different town from me, and it's located about 20 miles north of the Iowa boarder. My parent's town gets hit by tornadoes about once every ten years or so, and last time the tornado came within 3 blocks of their house!
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OMG , I just now read this . I do hope every body in Iowa will be ok .

Sending prayer up to heaven right now
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Oh no I am just reading this myself. I am saying a prayer for everyone right now. I hope all the members and their babies are ok.
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I'm sending out all of my prayers and good vibes for everyone in the area.

My sister lives in Cedar Rapids Iowa, is that anywhere near where the Tornado's are hitting?
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I don't know how close that is, Hope, I think that is in the Western area. So far things seem to have calmed least I haven't heard anymore warnings.
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I live in Cedar Rapids, it is in the east central part of the state. It did rain hard but no winds. At least not where I was. The city of Marion just to the north, had trees blown down.
The weather report said severe thunderstorms all night long.
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sending lots of thoughts from the other side of the world to those members in Iowa

I found a map of Iowa - not sure if its detailed enough for everyone - but it at least gives you some idea of where towns are located and where the tornado is hitting (hopefully it works - never done this before)

Map of Iowa
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Thank you Huggles!!! And were the other person I knew lived here that I couldn't think of! I am embarrassed that I thought Cedar Rapids was in Western Iowa, and you said it is Eastern Central...I have no idea why I thought it was in the Western area...I must have gotten it confused with another town there. Anyway...I am so glad you are safe! I haven't heard anymore warnings, so the storms must have passed.
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Hope you are all safe in Iowa. Sending loads of prayers and good vibes.
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Just now seeing this, and I'm looking forward to hearing from all of our Iowa members so we know everyone is OK.
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The storms here are past, and luckily I missed them, but there are alot of others who live here who weren't so lucky...please send up a prayer for them.
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omg hope everyone is ok
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I hope everyone is staying safe.
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I"m here and ok. We had horrible thunderstorms last night and more to come tonight. I was worried about everyone round here also. I ahad to work all night so I called Brad told him to get home and stay with the cats and if there WAS a tornado to get in the basement with the cats and stay there until I could get home. I'd be fine at work, we have 3 inch think metal coolers and freezers (stocked with yummy pies mmmm pies....) and there'd be nothing that hurt those babies. So he promised he would. I guess the sirens went off here around 6 ish but we didn't hear them because they took alot of them down when they tore down the unused schools. it was really pretty cool to watch. the sky went black and the rain came and went as quick and a flash then the clouds were moving really strangly, I've never seen anything like that before, it was exciting and scary all in one.
I'm glad everyone is safe, and that nothing bad happened to anyone or their relation..this weather is creepy.
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