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Need some help with my cat

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Basic stuff : 1 years old, Male, Mom lives with us too (She doesn't like him to much, I thought they'd get along better, but I guess she's jealous.) Eats Deli Cat - dry food.

Problem : BacK in november he started throwing up, first time regular food, then 2 times after that blood. Had to take him to an emergency vet who didn't do nothing for him other then take my money. They even missed the fluid around the lungs on the x-rays they took. But luckily my regular vet was able to give him a shot and medicine and he got better. He said it COULD be a heart disease, but would take alot of money just to get him tested.

Well months have gone by now, with no problems from him or my two other cats. But then two weeks ago he started having problems breathing and had to take him to the vet. Again another shot and more medicine, and he seemed to be doing better. Vet said it couldve just been a cold cause he was running a fever and congested.

Now the medicine has ended and he's sleeping alot more then usual (4-5 hours in the same spot), he's not wanting to eat his food, his nose is dry and warm.

Is there anything I can do to help him? purhaps switch food? Any help is greatly appreciated
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Please take him off Deli Cat and put him on a good quality cat food. Try Royal Canin for sensitive stomach, or Science diet, but Deli Cat is so pumped full of dyes and stuff- it really is low-grade cat food.

His nose being dry and warm is no indication of anything other than his nose being dry and warm. I would take him back to the vet, ask for blood work, run a fecal and do x-rays. Monitor his temperature at home to be sure he isn't running a temp and push liquids. Feed him canned food with a little bit of broth or water mixed in, try giving him some acidolophus powder (rub it on his gums) to see if that will stimulate his appetite, or give him a little bit of catnip before giving him his canned food.
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Royal Canin for sensitive stomachs is really good stuff. They also do one for fussy eaters. Dont know if it done as canned but I have found the 'kibble' one. I think this smells a bit more appetising as well as doing good. I have a fussy eater and she loves this one.
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