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Our beloved Missy

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We lost our little Kitty yesterday, she had FIP. Something we did not know when we got her and I did not even know that FIP existed. I live in Alaska and Alaska was clear of FIP until last January and then it hit and many kittens have lost their lives.

It is early but I had to get out of the house this morning and after my husband left for work I did too. Missy, our little kitty, died yesterday at 6:10 pm. My husband placed a desperate call to me just before I was getting off work yesterday telling me to hurry home as Missy was shaking all over, she must have had a seizure, so I left in a hurry to get home to see if I could do anything. By the time I got home, he said she had collapsed and wasn’t breathing and that he’d given her some small rescue breaths and that she had revived. We rushed her to the emergency pet hospital and they took some tests while they were giving her oxygen and found that she was in really bad condition. They said they could hydrate her some more and give her IV antibiotics and a blood transfusion, but even then her chances of survival would only be 10%. She was so sick that we decided to let her go before she suffered anymore. We had her only for a short time, but she will be in our hearts forever. We had named her Missy, but we said we should have named her Precious, because she was so very precious. We will not be able to have another cat for a few months and that waiting 6 months would be the best timeframe to wait. The vet said that way we would know for sure that all the traces of the virus would be dead. We will have to sanitize everything and throw out her litter box and some of her toys. We can keep some of her things to hand down to another kitten after we bleach then to disinfect them. They say sunlight also kills the virus so we can do that to some things after the disinfection process. We will try to have another kitten in our home, but will wait till we thing we are safe in doing so. Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) - is such a terrible deadly disease. Alaska did not have this virus until January. Currently there is no cure or vaccine for it, but they are working hard to find a cure or a vaccine for it. The vet said that if we had got a cat before then it would have been safe, now no cat is safe in Alaska unless they test clear of FIP and are never let out of the house. It seems FIP started in the Mat Valley area, possibly from someone bringing in a cat from outside that was infected and had a litter – then it just started to spread and many cats have had to be put down up there and in Anchorage. We wish we had known this, but we were unaware. It was just fate that drew us into the pet warehouse that day two months ago as that was not our intention when we decided to go for a ride that day. She was meant to be with us and we are very happy to have known her. We will miss her terrible. I am glad that I am off Monday. Today however I am a basket case, but at work nonetheless. I am hoping for a fast, but un-stressful day.

I love the Rainbow Bridge piece, and I cry just reading it. However crying is part of the process after a loss. Tears must be the tonic of our souls. I am hoping that the scientists get a handle on FIP and that they can develop a vacine against it, but at present there is little that can be done to prevent FIP.
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Hello, I am so sorry for your loss To lose a kitten like that is so sad. Yes, crying is good for the soul, you must give yourself time to grieve. Even though you had her for a very short time, at least your kitten knew that it had a home and was loved May your baby rest in peace now in Gods loving arms
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im so sorry to hear of your loss . it must be so hard for you, but i hope you have peace of mind knowing your baby is in kitten heaven now
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Thank you so much for your message.
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Gwenevere, so sorry about your furbabe and the broken heart you have. She will be looking down at you thanking you for your love and the way you cared for her, and you know she won't ever suffer again.
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I am so sorry for your loss. It is devestating to lose a kitty at any time and although you did not have her long she was much loved.
You and your family are in my thoughts
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FIP is swift, sly and deadly. I am sorry that you lost your kitten, sorry too in hearing that Alaska now has a small epidemic of FIP. I hope they can get it under control soon-

You did the right thing in letting her go before she suffered anymore. Now that her pain has ended, yours begins---

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I am so sorry of your loss

May "Missy" RIP
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I'm sorry to hear of your loss of your beloved Missy.

RIP Missy.

She is watching over you both now and waiting to be with you again. You did what was right for her and she is thankful for your love and kindness. When the time comes for another , both you and the new kitty will have an angel in heaven watching over you all.
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