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Caught ya!

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Everytime we come home from anywhere, we've been finding a stuffed Elmo in our livingroom. Now, Elmo ususally stays upstairs in one of the guest bedrooms, but since we have 3 furbabies, no one would fess up. Well, here is the culprit in the act, Petals dragging Elmo towards the top of the steps! Caught ya!

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I know.....isn't that too funny!
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That is so cute. I have a huge Felix The Cat sitting on the top of my computer desk. Someone always knocks it off. I never see who does it.
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Well, I just happened to be upstairs with camera, and walked out of one of the bedrooms and caught her in the act. Otherwise, I'm sure it would have remained a mystery. She just loves having that and this one rag doll I have downstairs. I don't mind really. None of them ever hurt anything. Just like to carry them around.
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Too cute and Elmo looks happy
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OMG that Elmo is as big as she is heheheheheheh
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That's too cute!!
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Too cute!
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Well at least she's picking on someone her own size!
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