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Shrek 2

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Is everyone going to watch Shrek 2 coming to theatres? I see from the daytime talk shows that Antonio Banderas is going to play a Puss in Boots http://www.shrek2.com/ hispanic cat in the sequel.
~Meow~ to that!!!
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Yes, my boyfriend and I are taking his son to see it tonight
I can't wait! I loved the first Shrek and heard that the 2nd is just as good
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i only seen the first one couple weeks ago, im sad i know , but i loved it!!!! im defo gonna see the second one
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My mom and I are taking the boys sometime in the near future..If my kids can behave long enough to be ungrounded
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My cousin and I have been planning tonight since we found out Shrek 2 was coming out. We were gonna go on Wednesday but her boyfriend had band practice and couldn't get out of it. We agreed to wait for him so tonight it is.
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