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Rosie & Sophie - Friends at Last

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Lots of pics in this one, be forewarned....but they are SO cute it is definitely worth the download time!!! (Captions directly by Susan)

Friends at Last

Sophie waiting for Animal Planet to start!

Play time!

Sophie with the mouse nearly as big as herself!

Sophie exercising! LOL

Playtime again

After all the hissing and growling?!

Please be my friend!

Playtime again

Playing 'bats' together

Gentle bats again

Snuggle time

Sophie dead to the world. Rosie 'just' managing to open her sleepy eyes


Never did i think they would be like this so soon!

Sophie chasing after Rosie
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That last picture is awesome!

Such great news...

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Awwwwww thanks Heidi!

I like how you put my captions with them

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OH MY GOSH!!!!!!
They are soooooo cute I can't even pick a favorite picture. Susan, it looks like they are the best of friends.
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I'm with Squirtle! Just can't pick a favorite! The're so cute together! Oh how we've been looking forward to these pics! I'm so excited to see them playing together! They're just so sweet sleeping together! and aaaww, bathtime! You must be so elated!
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that last pikky is a cracker
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ohhhhhhhhhhh best budds
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They are so cute together! It looks like Rosie is really looking after Sophie now! Those are great pictures.
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Susan they are absolutely beautiful. I love them all. The last one is fantastic. The look on Rosie's face in the one you have captioned 'Gentle bats again' is out of this world, it's so full of love. They are gorgeous kitties. You know Susan your Sophie is not unlike my Felix, but Sophie's black mark on her nose is bigger than Felix's. (I must get some photo's done this weekend). You couldn't pick a 'best' out of them, they are all super. You have 2 beautiful kitties that for sure.

Thanks Susan, I love them and I am going back now to have another long look.
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They are so cute. My favorite is the last photo of Sophie in midair.

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Bravo!!! Excellent pictures Susan..... I just love Rosie's color and little Sophie is a cutie patootie. Thanks also to Heidi for posting the pictures and the captions also. Excellent work Heidi.
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Those are all great photos of Sophie and Rosie.

Love the last one.

Thanks for sharing.
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Great photos! They are both adorable. Sophie is hilarious!
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Such wonderful photos- great to see then getting along so well.
Went through cat introductions a year ago- the first time my older one stopped hissing and started grooming and playing with my young one was really special- but they've never been as close as your pair seem to be.
looking forward to seeing many more photos
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Awww they are gorgeous Great photos! That last shot is excellant Both of them are so beautiful. Give them both scratches from me
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Awwwww!! Great pictures
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OMG they are soo adorableee!!!! Bathtime is my fave pic its SOO DAMN CUTEE!!
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Aaaawww how cute they both are . Those pictures are awesome pictures of your two beauty baby's
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Oh they are adorable together. You can tell that Sophie is one mischevious little kitten. I'm so happy for you, that they are best friends.
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I am so happy they are getting along well! They look so dang cute together!

Great pictures They are both adorable!
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Awwww thanks everyone, i couldn't be without her now, and more to the point i don't think Rosie could either!
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Great pics.

I love the Sophie exercising one.LMAO.

Glad they are getting along so well.
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I just love the last pic with Sophie's tail sticking straight up in the air and all her legs stiff. Too Cute!
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Two beautiful critters. And so lovely to see them getting along so well. Great pics! I'll be a while wiping the grin off my face. Thanks for sharing.
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Awesome pictures! I too really like the last one!
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OMG- What awesome pictures. I absolutely love the one of Sophie excersising and the one at the end got me LMAO. Your a fantastic photographer!! Well done and thanks to Heidi for posting them as well.
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love the favorite is the little kitty doing chin lifts... They are truly friends for life now....
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Susan--They are just so cute together!! Rosie really takes care of her! I love how they have matching marks on their noses!! How adorable!!!!!!
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