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Does she know she is too big?

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Dori climbs up on the top of the bathroom door every morning when I take a shower. She has done this since she was about 9 months old. I don't think she has realized yet, that she has gottenbigger since she got spayed and can barely fit up there now. She jumps up and then after a couple of minutes falls off. Silly cat!
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Its a little tough to see that picture, I think it will show up larger here:
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OMG, look at her. Dori, get down, you're making me nervous!!

Little stinker.
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Never have i seen a cat on top of a door like that!, thats brilliant
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hehehe - I think she'll get the hint eventually!!
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Here's a side view, all though it's a little dark.

I used to run over and get her down everytime she went up there I was sooo scared she would get hurt. But then I got used to it. Oh, and I forgot to tell about why she is too big to do it! When she jumps up there she does it from the bathroom counter top. She jumps up and her weight pushes the door closed. When the door closes, there's no more room for Dori and she either falls, or ends up hanging on by her paws until I save her. So I always put a towel in front of the door to prevent it from closing on her. She thinks she is on top of the world up there sometimes when I try to get her down she stands up on her 2 feet
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it's so funny i still can't believe it!
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Cute. Funny what cats and dogs will do. My late cat Gizmo was a bit on the heavy-ish side. I'd say he was at least 12 pounds...maybe 15. We came home one day and found Gizzy balancing/sitting on my mom's bicycle seat with both of his sides dangling on the side of the seat.
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Maybe Gizmo was trying to exercise on the bike! LOL
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So now we have a cat with a voyeur problem, trying to see you in the shower. Hmmmmm. You say it is a "she," though. Are you male or female?
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I am female But now that you mention it, whenever I take a bath , you know you how push the shower curtain all to one side so it's open, she sneaks up through there and peeks around the edge so I can barely see her. She will sneak attack my toes if I put them up there
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omg squirtle she is gorgeous
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She is a lovely cat I notice she took her blanket up there with her for added comfort
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That's my towel hanging up there I started putting it up there so that she would have something to grip on. I felt more comfortable with something up there to hold onto. It's hard to tell by the pic, but she holds onto it real tight.
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That is so funny Squirtle. Dorie looks really intrigued and intent in watching what you are doing, as if she is trying to figure it all out.
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that is one brave tell ya cats are so cool......I am glad they are in our world....
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Dori is just like my kid Patches when she climbs on top of our kitchen cabinets.
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ooooh what a cute pic!!!!!
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