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Pop up ads?

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I am happy with all of the ads on the site, we need to put up with this stuff, to keep the internet free or very low cost to users. However, the first time I log on to the forum, I get a pop up for arcade.com (I think). Its been going on for a week or more. And it happens on different computers, with different isp's, so its not generated from something else on my computer.

I just wanted to mention this, as I thought the intention was that we would not have popups, and I know that the adserver sometimes slips one in by mistake.
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As we now offer the option for a totally ad-free surfing , we are allowing the advertising network that we work with to deliver one pop-under (which means it's under the TCS page) every 24 hours per visitor. Apparently advertisers are willing to pay a lot more for pop-ups/unders and we sure need the money Hence the change. I did mention it when I described the new paid subscription option, saying that those who prefer not to subscribe will have to put up with one pop-under every 24 hours. Sorry if it's coming up for you more often when you use different computers with different ip's I don't see how that can be changed...
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Oh, and if it's any consolation - I'm getting them as well I've set it up so that I view the ads on the forum same as non-paying members.
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Oh, thanks, Anne, this is perfectly fine. I just wanted to be sure that things were working the way they were supposed to. I do know that on another board I visit, once in a while an "illegal" popup will slip into the ad rotation.

This one is not a problem, because it opens in a new window every time, so it doesn't affect the other windows I already have open.

Thanks for the clarification.
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Is there some way I can keep the ad and stop the pop-up? I have epilepsy and the constant flashing causes to have siezures.
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