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Foster Home Needed (in MA) for Very Friendly FIV+ Cat

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In January of this year, I rescued this handsome boy, Thomas. He is a white and grey Maine Coon mix. He is so friendly, he had to have had a family once, but they moved on without him. He's had a hard life surviving on his own for a long time. Somewhere along the way, he contracted FIV. He is healthy and strong and will live many, many years to come. He is currently in foster care with other cats, but decided he did not want to share alpha male status with the resident (non-FIV) cat, which is why a new foster home is needed for Thomas. He now needs to be in a room by himself and he is so very unhappy being alone. He wants to be part of a family. He gets along fine with females and easy going male cats. He is one of the friendliest cats I've ever rescued. He likes to 'talk' to you too!

Thomas needs to find either a new foster home, a foster-to-adopt home, or best of all, a forever home with either no cats or at least with no alpha male cats. Thomas LOVES people and follows his foster mom around... he just loves human company so much, he likes to be in the same room as his human caregiver. Thomas is the perfect cat for either someone retired or in a work-at-home type situation as he is great company. (His foster mom works full time and he's fine with that too!) He is truly a wonderful cat and has a great purrsonality.

Here is what his foster mom has to say about him:

“My name is Tom, and I’m FIV+ and between 4-5 years old. I was rescued just before one of the Arctic freezes began, thank goodness! I had been living on my own for at least three years. When I first arrived in foster care, my long, gorgeous coat of fur was matted and dirty. I had scratches all over my nose (and my head for that matter), trying to fight for any scrap of food I could find. Now that I’ve been in foster care, my whites are getting whiter and I’m finding that I just love to play. It’s wonderful how happy you can feel when you can enjoy a warm bed and plenty of food! I’m a mellow, gentle kitty who loves to play and LOVES attention. I am a people cat! In fact, I am so gentle and mellow that I can share space with non-FIV kitties, as long as they are not alpha males. Having FIV is not as scary as it sounds. With good nutrition and lots of love (and toys, of course), kitties like me with FIV do just fine.â€

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Thomas, please contact Donna at DMHValentina@aol.com and type “Thomas†in the subject line.

Below are some updated pictures of Thomas as well as a direct link to him on Petfinder.

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Awwww he looks so sweet. I'm hoping he finds a home soon.
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