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Describe Your Cat(s) Physical Traits And Personality

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1. Angel. Angel is completely black from head to foot, including her nose. She has beautiful amber eyes with a scar in right eye that goes right across her pupil. We are sure that she is blind in this eye. Her back claws don't retract because her legs were once broken and the person who "owned" her before didn't take her to the vet to have them fixed. She has a very sleek body and has the facial structure of a typical Siamese.

Angel is a very sweet cat and loves children but takes a long time to warm up to people. This is probably because she was neglected in her previous home. The owner wasn't a bad person (he's a friend) but he simply couldn't care for her and his roomates were purposely throwing her outside so that she would get hurt and pregnant (and that's how we got the other three kitties!) It reflects well on him that he knew he couldn't care for Angel and brought her to us.

Angel seems to prefer men to women, and will actually let Zach pick her up and hold her like a baby...she won't let me do this. Angel loves to climb up and sit on my shoulder. Loud noises and toys that make noise scare her, but she will play with strings...sometimes. She isn't big on play so I sometimes wonder if she even knows how. She loves to sleep with her paw over her eyes, like she has a hangover!

2. Sagwa. Simply put, Sagwa is adorable. She has soft white fur with points on her face, paws, ears, and tail. She has beautiful blue eyes. Sagwa is what is most often referred to as an "Apple Headed" Siamese. I have been told that this trait makes her ineligible for CFA shows. How sad, because she's so pretty I want to show her off!

Sagwa is very friendly and playful. One of her favorite games is to run into the hallway of our apartment complex and then make a chirping sound and run upstairs. Once up there she will meow until Zach or I come to get her. She loves to have her tummy rubbed and loves to sit beside you with just her paws resting on your lap.

3. Cringer. Cringer is a Brindle. She inherited Angel's amber eyes and the typical Siamese facial structure. Her fur is just like Angel's in that they both have short coats. Cringer always walks very proudly.

Cringer is probably the friendliest cat you'll ever meet. She loves everyone and once you come into my home she will never let you forget it! She rubs against everyone and will roll over and let you pet her tummy. She doesn't meow but gives more of a "yell" that sounds like she has a bad cold! Cringer is so friendly she even likes cats she has never met before and dogs!

4. Sarobi. Sarobi is also a Brindle. She's Cringer's identical twin. She too has Angel's eyes and facial structure, but her fur is fluffier. She always has a sweet expression on her face.

Sarobi is a very shy, gentle cat who is scared of everyone but me. She will let you pet her but if you try to pick her up she'll just cry...she'd never attack anyone though. She only lets me pick her up and she lays her head on my chest everytime. She is very attached to me and gets upset if I'm not home. She will groom the other cats but they usually dominate her and I think that is her way of asking them to be nicer to her.
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What a great thread!!!

1. Simon - Simon is all black except for a small patch of white on his chest and one on his belly. He has "yellow" eyes. I got him because my friend found him as a kitten wandering in her yard. He's 11 pounds. He is my baby. He really is a one person cat. He loves me beyond words and is stressed out if I am gone for too long. He is just the most sweetnatured thing. He loves when I give him belly rubs and he will just stay with me a purr forever. I wonder if he was abused as a kitten because with everyone else he's very shy.

2. Max - It's funny because Max is all grey and has the same two white spts that Simon has! He has green eyes. He's also 11 pounds. We got Max from the humane society. I often wonder if he is part Nebelung because that's exactly what he looks like. Medium-long extremely soft fur (like an angora, so we wonder about Turkish Angora too). He's gorgeous and he knows it. He is the opposite of Simon. He's outgoing and wants to be involved in everything but he is very laid back. I alway's call him a little whore for attention because if you rub his belly you can be his best friend! He loves my husband to death and sleeps by the front door when he goes on business trips. He sleeps on my pillow every night. Since he takes up so much of it, I guess maybe I should say I sleep on HIS pillow.
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ROSIE: Is a two year old "Tortie", and her trade mark that everyone comments on is the black smudge on her nose. She weighs approx 12lb , has a loving nature, and gives head butts to show how much she loves me! .
She was my rock when my boyfriend and i split and she made coming home all worthwhile

SOPHIE: Is 9 weeks old, she's black and white, and like Rosie her trade mark is a black smudge on her nose. She now weighs approx 2.5lb.
Hopefully she's going to grow in to an affectionate cat like Rosie, and i think she will because if she's not snuggling with Rosie upstairs in the spare room, she's stretched out on me purring herself to sleep!

I love them both to bits
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Let's see Miss Kitty protects Sam and loves tummy rubs and back scratches. Plus she has to hang out with Sam outside on a tie out with all of us or she will cry. She loves playing with my 3 year old son and is always carefull not to claw him. She has caught 12 mouses since we got her a year ago. She will only sleep with me and my hubby or on the rug in the kitchen. She will not sleep with my little one. She will so her moster check before Ricky goes to sleep (Mouse check). I thought that was rather cool.
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SOCKS socks is a grey kitten, with 4 white paws and white belly, he also has a white smudge on his nose
he is 11 weeks old, and has such a funny personality, hes very boystrus when he plays(which is about 23 hours a day ) but when he goes to sleep he will sleep in my arms like a baby...which i love he also purrs all of the tome, he even purrs when we feed/give him a treat, i think thats so cute, and he sleeps on my head at night
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Sam is a black and brown tabby with a black stripe that runs from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. He has bright green eyes and bushy hair on his ears He weighs almost 15 pounds. His complains alot, makes a gripey meow and flips his ears out to the sides (his annoyed look is what I call it) when he wants something. He refuses to have anything to do with a stranger and snarls at the neighbors in their yards.

Sally is white. Half of the top of her head is grey, the other half peach. She has two peach ovals on her back and one oval of dark grey and her tail is a mixture of all three colors. She has yellow eyes. She is very dainty and weighs 7.5 pounds. Her back leg sticks out from a dislocation when she was a kitten that was never fixed. Her personality is similar to Sam, however she doesn't stalk the neighbors. She pretty much takes to her own but loves to be pet on her time.
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Samwise is a little solid grey kitty from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail including his whiskers. With golden eyes...he weights 11 pounds. He's the smaller of my two cats and the most everything. He eats like a trucker, poor little thing turned up on my cousin's porch one morning obviously starving. He plays a little rough but that doesn't seem to upset my other cat. But he is definately my little boy. He loves cuddling and purrs really loud.

Gandalf is grey with white boots on this back paws and white tips on his front paws (we used to call him prissy when he was a kitten cause he looked like he had nail polish on ), he has a white chin and a few large white spots on his belly and he sports white whiskers. Like Samwise, he has golden eyes. He probably weights about 14 or 15 pounds, he's quite a bit larger than Samwise at any rate. He's the more laid back of the two. And also the most talkative. (Unless Samwise has decided to hold a conversation with the shower curtain or washer and dryer ). He's not a lot for being cuddled but once every couple of days or so he'll climb into my lap and settle in for a nap and some loving. He's loves having his belly rubbed.
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Loki is a 4 yr old tri color marble bengal. He is active, smart, loving and a Yenta. I love him to bits -he is my baby !!!! I only wish he would be accepting of another cat - but alas he is not and I have to respect his wishes. boy
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Trent is a big black fluffy cat with amber eyes. Well, maybe he's not really that big, but he is compared to Ophelia. He's about 12 pounds. He is such a lover. Just loves to be loved and will demand it. I don't think Trent does anything half-heartedly - he loves as big as he can, he plays as hard as he can. He's a big ol' Mama's Boy, which certainly doesn't bother this Mama at all!

Ophelia is a petite black and white kitty with very pretty light green eyes. She's only 7.5 pounds. She is definitely a prissy little thing, but she loves snuggling with Trent, even if he doesn't want to. She is VERY demanding about whatever she wants. She's Daddy's Girl, and has him wrapped around her little dewclaw. Lately she's gotten a lot more affectionate, but will also use being affectionate to get what she wants (usually treats at bedtime from me....).
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My Soloman is a big wild bear!! Except when he wants his mama, then he's a mama's boy. He's a big fluffy white boy with a big head and yellow eyes.

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Buttons Is tabby and white female, nearly 8 months old, she is pretty and has green eyes. She is as quick as a flash and the Alpha cat in this house. She is the smallest and very feminine. Buttons tears about the house and then rushes into me collapses on my lap and loves me to death before falling asleep. She likes to be nursed like a baby. She is very jealous of the other cats with me. She follows me about and 'helps' me with whatever I am doing. She is the joy of my life. She pats my face and loves me. You can hear her purrs all over the house.

Felix Is black and white and is brother to Buttons. He is absolutely adorable. He is attractive with green eyes. Very laid back, and wanders about the house with a piece of paper for ages and ages, it is his 'kill' and if any of the others go near it he growls at them. When he sits on my lap he is the most relaxed cat I have ever felt. Very affectionate. Squeezes on my lap with Buttons. He is the biggest of the four and likes to prowl about like a tiger, but he is a big baby.

Tara Is black with a tiny white fleck on her chest, she is 13 months old and has lovely gold eyes. She is very comical likes sitting in buckets, boxes and the like and popping her head over the top. She is very patient and is my princess. Affectionate and goes into rapture when she is combed.

Pebbles She is Tara's sister. Black and white with gold eyes. She is the quietest of the four. She also eats for Britain. I am the only person who is allowed to touch her. Pebbles is the clever one. She can open all the doors in the house and find the best hiding places. She loves to play 'peek a boo' behind the curtains.

They all tear around the house after each other and the place is complete chaos.
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Snowball's pictures can be seen in my signature and also in the link to his cat page. He is part Siamese and has those beautiful blue eyes that Siamese cats always have. He has short thick fur that is slightly off-white in color, and is slightly darker on his face and back, his ears are light brown and he has a brown and white striped tail.

He basically has the same personality now that he had as a young kitten, except after he was neutered he became less demanding. He is very cuddly and loves sitting on laps or just snuggling up to someone. He also loves it when we have company, and greets visitors by rubbing against legs and etc. He is a vocal cat, and if you talk directly to him, he meows in response.
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Originally Posted by Lorie D.
Snowball's pictures can be seen in my signature and also in the link to his cat page. He is part Siamese and has those beautiful blue eyes that Siamese cats always have. He has short thick fur that is slightly off-white in color, and is slightly darker on his face and back, his ears are light brown and he has a brown and white striped tail.

He basically has the same personality now that he had as a young kitten, except after he was neutered he became less demanding. He is very cuddly and loves sitting on laps or just snuggling up to someone. He also loves it when we have company, and greets visitors by rubbing against legs and etc. He is a vocal cat, and if you talk directly to him, he meows in response.
Sagwa's tail is brown and white striped too!

I think Snowball is such a pretty cat!
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Nakita is a perfect, slender, silver princess with the most amazing emerald green eyes. She has a very petite frame, similar to a Siamese, and weighs in at 5.05 pounds.

She loves to be around people and her curiousity always wins over any fear that she may have in a new situation. If you don't give her enough attention, she will moan at you until you do! Her ultimate goal in life is to play, play, play and bask in the warm summer light.

She is the shimmering silver princess that rules this house with a gentle paw.

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Originally posted by vinceneilsgirl
I think Snowball is such a pretty cat!
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I love this, but am not going to do everyone, here are some of the special kitties in my life:

1: Alix P. Curl - a warm brown mackeral tabby, she is semi-cobby with a shorter fur than many longhair American Curls. Her eyes are bit round, very owl-ish, and green-gold, her ears have a lovely graceful curling arc to them with delightful interior ear furnishings that sweep out and around the edge of her ears. She even has tiny lynx tips in black that highlight the tip of each curled ear. She is a bit plump....her warm orangey beige tummy fur accents the multiple bellies. She deserves the "P is for Princess" middle initial, she's mouthy, self-assured, confident and doesn't do discomfort of any kind. Hold her in a way that's not to her liking, and she will mouth a comment to let you know to straighten up! She loves to stand on her back legs, patting my thigh with one paw, gazing up at me and let me know she'd like up please. She knows if I am sad and comes running if I am crying...and in those times especially, climbs up onto my chest, gazes into my eyes, licks at my eyes, my chin (and heaven help me, she french-kisses...often when you least see it coming). She then makes gentle, loving biscuits..kneading away until she thinks all is better...then settles down on my lap.
She is a force in the house, very distinctive.

Patrick - my big cream lynx point american curl and the multi-great-grandpa of Alix. He has huge deep blue eyes, and a lovely graceful curl to his ears. He is tall and long, with a semi-longhair coat. Everyone who has ever seen him has loved him. He is full of confidence and charisma, and was a very compliant show cat even as a whole young adult. He is now 17, and has had chronic renal failure for the past 2 years, and a diagnosis of lymphoma 5 months ago. He's becoming a bit senile...needing to be near me at all times now, he cries, even if dh is in the room and I am not. I wake up to see him gazing at me purring and/or talking, and dh tells me during the night, he sleeps on me (until I roll or brush him off), and that before I wake, he tries to wake me by talking to me. Picking him up, he begins to purr...every day is a delight, we just have our routines (re food, re his sub-q tx's, re his meds given twice a day) and we just love each other up every day. I cherish every day with him, he has been such a gift.

Tyler - the nickname of my most shown amercian curl...panther black, he actually has a classic tabby pattern only visible if the light strikes just right...long and lean, with striking gold eyes, his ears while a good tight degree of curl are unusual because they also have a 'fault' called vertical crimp...unusual to see a cat with this in both ears who still have evenly curled and this tightly curled ears. So...his ear edges roll in as well as the ear tip curling back.
He adores me...cares not a whit for any other cat, and only now at 15 is he becoming chummy with dh (and we've been married 8 years). When showing him, his favorite position was standing with one set of feet on one shoulder, and the back feet on the other, swishing his tail in my was if he was saying, "she's my person!" proudly. He has always made me proud....including the day he earned his best cat at the age of 8+ (as an alter). All the years of 1 1/2 hour show baths, being blow dried, riding long hours to shows...he never complained, and to this day, all he wants, is to be next to me. I don't know what I did to deserve this from him, but I cherish the gift of his love.

Ophelia - alix p. curl's sister, is a cold brown mackeral tabby. Very long and lean, with a wolfish dark face and more green than green-gold eyes, her ears are my favorite for shape, though not the tallest/largest of curl ears. She earned in her short show career the nickname the "armadillo curl" by one judge, for how she'd curl up in a ball, peer up at the judge and seem to say "please don't hurt me?" Very dramatic she likes to pretend you are chasing her if you even walk towards her...somedays...sometimes..and dashes off, watching to be sure you notice.

As a kitten she slept on my shoulder every night, and when I was single and still doing 12 hour night shift while a practising RN, she would wait until she saw I was waking and begin to pat my cheek with her paw. I'll never forget the time she accidentally extended one nail and it went into one nostril ! Now she sleeps next to my pillow. She has games she loves to play with me, she talks with a drawl, she acts kittenish, she pleads starvation then walks away if it's not her 'flavor of the day" and she is a miracle story. Over a year ago she developped a bone lesion...despite two bone biopsies a firm diagnosis could not be obtained, and in all the discussions and testings and consultations, it got to a point of, take off the leg, or try to graft the lesion, which they didn't think would work due to how large it was, or figure if it was cancer, it was already spreading and leave the leg. We left the leg..the lesion closed as bone cancer seen to date

that's some of my crew,
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Snoopy- He's the senior here. He's a 19 year old Blue Point Siamese. He used to be a BIG boy, but he's slimmed down a lot in the years. He was the most beautiful boy I've ever seen when he was younger. I think he's still pretty handsome for an elderly gentleman. He's not a true wedge faced Siamese, but he's not an Apple head either. He's right in the middle. Snoopy is the sweetest, most laid back cat I've ever seen. He is just LOVE.

Shane- age 6 1/2. Shane is a Seal point Siamese, and an Applehead. He's high strung and even a bit crotchety. He's a grouch, but he loves his Mama. Shane is HUGE which is very rare for a Siamese. He's as large as any Maine Coon cat. He weighs close to 30 lb's, and he's not fat. Just extremely large.

Simba-age 1 year. Simba is a Bengel with tabby stripes as well as spots. He's a little sweetheart, but he's very energetic. Sometime's I just sit and stare at him, and can't get over how beautiful he is. His fur is as soft as mink. He's on the small side, I'd say for a Bengal, but he's adorable in both looks and actions.
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SCUFFY - He is two months old, I just got him a week ago, my friend gave it to me. He is a Turkish Van Cat, his eyes are blue and the other side is green. He is white, and there is a grey color on top of his head.

He likes to play a lot, he likes to play with me. He likes to be on my lap and play with my hand til he fall asleep, but I have to rub his belly while he is sleeping on my lap, when I stop rubbing him, he will wake up and says "meow" and I will start rubbing him again and he will go back to sleep. Before, when I was playing with him with my hand, he always bit me, I always says, "Stop! No biting!" And he will stop, when he do bad things, I will just say "No" and he won't do it anymore. When I am on the phone, he get jealous he will scratch me, so I have to talk on the phone and play with him at the same time. When I am doing my cross stitch, he will play with my thread, when I am sitting in front of the computer he always bug me, so I have to wear socks and keep moving my feet so he can play with my feet. He likes to go to my bed room and look on the mirror, he likes to play on my bed. During the night when I turned off all the lights, he will go to his bed and sleep (he knows it's bed time)

He is really smart cat, he always use his litter box but he is a picky eater though, he does not like to eat when he is not hungry, he does not like dry food, so I have to mix wet and dry food. He keeps drinking water which is good
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